The Steward Demonic Emperor

Night Owl - 夜枭

Chapter 831: Wiping the Shame

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Chapter 831: Wiping the Shame

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Xie Wuyue’s hand went through gestures with bloodshot eyes. He was in a crazed state, obsessed with beating his enemy just to prove himself right, that he was the best Sect Leader the Demon Scheming Sect could ever have, that his master was wrong all along.

By contrast, Zhuo Fan was standing there, waiting for him to finish without even paying him any attention.

It was complete disregard.

Xie Wuyue, as he was now, was nothing more than a bug to him.

The condescending look only worked to drive Xie Wuyue’s rage to new heights. Finally done with wiggling his fingers around, a deep roaring came from the sharp winds exploding into existence. The flood dragons wound around each other before shooting for Zhuo Fan with their claws and maws ready to maul him. 

“Quasi earth ranked martial art, Dragon Crus.h.i.+ng Flood!”


The three flood dragons slammed into the dull Zhuo Fan, enveloping into a tri-colored tornado that covered the entire Main Hall. 

The storm was so savage that it pulverized the Main Hall’s ceiling as it touched it.

Anything that got near it would be turned to dust.

Xie Wuyue panted, then snickered, “Ha-ha-ha, against my quasi earth ranked martial art, not even a Soul Harmony expert could come out alive. Especially not you who didn’t even defend, overconfident in your strength. You’re suicidal taking it on like that. One more reason you’re unfit to be a sect leader…”


His gloating was cut short as the tri-colored storm vanished.

Zhuo Fan eased down his hand, standing there like it hardly was worth the effort.

“Going by that skill alone, nothing you do can harm me. I have an unbreakable body, not something a dog’s bite can even scratch.”

Brus.h.i.+ng the dust off his shoulder, Zhuo Fan’s clothes were broken in places, revealing his perfect and unmarred build. His skin even had a golden hue to it.

It was obvious Zhuo Fan didn’t use Yuan Qi to s.h.i.+eld himself from the storm, evident by his shabby clothes. This only made it even more scary, proving he really had one obscenely tough body that not even a peak Ethereal Stage expert’s quasi earth ranked martial art could break.

This outrageous fact had never appeared in the entire world, least of all the western lands.


Xie Wuyue was still in denial, but more so helpless. That was his strongest skill but Zhuo Fan just shrugged it off.

Next was a battle of souls.

Xie Wuyue’s eyes shook and a flood dragon came from his body in a gray light.

“Tear the sky, Flood Dragon Claw!”


The flood dragon bared its claws at Zhuo Fan’s chest.

“Humph, I know you have the heaven dragon soul, but you only formed it five years ago. My soul has…”


Xie Wuyue’s eyes had a savage glint as he raved, only to see his flood dragon getting smacked away before even reaching Zhuo Fan.

Xie Wuyue shook and spat blood. Looking ahead, he saw a scarlet dragon claw in front of Zhuo Fan.

With a look of scorn, Zhuo Fan said, “When it comes to souls, power isn’t determined by just time. Strong is strong and weak is weak. My dragon soul needn’t even come out to finish off your flood dragon. Xie Wuyue, you are nothing to me!”

“Zhuo Fan!”

Roaring at the top of his lungs, Xie Wuyue had lost his mind, throwing himself at Zhuo Fan. His hand flashed and revealed a b.l.o.o.d.y spear in the 10th grade..

“Your body can be invincible for all I care, but you still can’t defeat me…”


The spear was smashed in his very hands and turned into red motes as they flew away.

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Startled, Xie Wuyue was in disbelief. 

Zhuo Fan was far from finished however, dragging Xie Wuyue around on the ground for a thousand miles.

“Xie Wuyue, I have brought the ten thousand sacred stones to the sect on my own merit. Now I am using my power to drag you around like a ragdoll. I had also gathered the respect of most of the sect. You lack in merit, a mere paper tiger in strength and are utterly useless when it comes to leading. So why can’t you just accept it, instead of insisting on fighting me for a seat? As well as…”

Zhuo Fan held Xie Wuyue’s hand into the dirt, speaking with red eyes and a ruthless tone. There were even some tears mixed in as well as he roared, “Going as far as killing your own master. I’d have failed master’s spirit watching us if I don’t rip you limb from limb!”


Zhuo Fan s.n.a.t.c.hed Xie Wuyue out of the dirt and flung him into the air.

Xie Wuyue was looking mangled, his face beyond recognition and barely any teeth left. Alas, the glow around his body protected him from taking his meager life.

Zhuo Fan looked up, noticing the glow as well, coming from the 10th grade spiritual armor he gave Xie Wuyue before.

“Sect Leader, we came to help!”

Venerable s.h.i.+ was back with reinforcements, all the elders and venerables in the sect, to surround Zhuo Fan.

Xie Wuyue showed a crazed smile, feeble as he was, “Zhuo Fan, you came very close to killing me, but too bad, you can’t now. This is all thanks to the spiritual armor you gave me. Ha-ha-ha, what a shame. With the other Ethereal Stage experts here, you have no chance at all. Providence is by my side all the way. I’ll live while you’ll die! The Demon Scheming Sect will be mine still, ha-ha-ha…”

“Moron, there’s no way a spiritual armor I made would protect someone who killed their own master.” Zhuo Fan’s left eye flashed with the black thunderflame. 

Xie Wuyue’s spiritual armor exploded then and there in a gush of black thunderflame, searing his body. “W-what the h.e.l.l is this! The armor…” 

Zhuo Fan’s cruel smile said it all.

He never trusted Xie Wuyue, ever. So he laid a few tricks just in case. When they were still on friendly terms, he thought it best to place a spatial array inside the spiritual armor that connected to his Divine Eye of the Void. 

Thanks to that neat trick, Zhuo Fan could use the power of Void Annihilation through the spiritual armor Xie Wuyue was wearing and take his life.

But since he had something much better, like the thunderflame, it was a shame not to use it.

Xie Wuyue’s squeals of pain soon died out, his figure burned wholly by the black thunderflame until there was nothing left. Zhuo Fan took a deep breath, looking at the sky.

[Master, I’ve wiped away the shame….]

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