The Steward Demonic Emperor

Night Owl - 夜枭

Chapter 762: High Venerable Yuan Xinggang

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Chapter 762: High Venerable Yuan Xinggang

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Biting winds came upon Elder Yuan’s frail body, fluttering his beard. Even so, he just stood there with an indifferent gaze. It was as if he was not attacked by an Ethereal Stage expert, but by a breeze.

Venerable s.h.i.+ squinted, watching filled with suspicions.

Since Elder Yuan faced the Ethereal Stage expert with such poise, Venerable s.h.i.+ could tell he wasn’t average. The odd thing was, when did the sect have someone like him?

Zhuo Fan watched with no intent of helping. He knew Elder Yuan was something else, maybe one that could hold down all of Demon Scheming Sect.

He was about to kill off the Demon Scheming Sect’s leader, thus forcing Elder Yuan to come out. Rather than ignore him for later, it was better to face this trouble…

“Humph, a lowly laborer should stick to his duty and not meddle in other’s affairs!”

The savage palm reached Elder Yuan as the elder mocked, “The last time I asked you for a few laborers for my training, you came up with all sorts of excuses and even put the Labor Office venerables on me. Filthy parasite, using other’s power, you should stick to your errands. Now no one can save you, ha-ha-ha…”

The people figured it out. This elder had some bad blood with Elder Yuan. No wonder he would lower himself to kill someone so weak.

Since the Labor Office gained power, he couldn’t touch him. Now that the inner sect oldies saw Sect Leader about to lose, they decided to flee, yet this old thing came out and exposed their nasty plans.

Elder Yuan was respected because of Zhuo Fan, when the Labor Office’s elders never actually gave him a second thought. Since Zhuo Fan now stood still while he was in danger, the others of course would not interfere either.

The elder saw this and grew more rampant…

Elder Yuan simply chuckled despite it all, “Funny you should mention duty. With the sect on the brink of civil war, you don’t care about settling the party’s clashes, but pursue your vendetta. Is this how you plan on carrying out your duties when you seize power? Ha-ha-ha, never mind, my sect does not need an elder like you.”

Elder Yuan’s eyes widened.


With a thunderous sound, the elder found himself flying, losing his life before he hit the ground.


He showed no wound as he landed, nor was there blood spilled. He died as if from natural causes.

The only way for that to happen was through one means only…

“Soul impact!”

Venerable s.h.i.+’s eyes shook, his face a mask of shock as he watched Elder Yuan and stammered, “W-who the h.e.l.l are you?”


The others gasped, looking at Elder Yuan with unprecedented amazement. 

Soul impact was a perk all Ethereal Stage cultivators had. It meant using one’s soul power to destroy the other’s spirit and soul. But this usually only worked against cultivators below the Ethereal Stage.

Using it in the same stage, since both had formed their souls, would never actually kill the other, at most just heavily injure him. 

Yet now, an Ethereal Stage expert died from a soul impact before everyone. The fact the other did not reveal his soul to do that only proved how huge the gap in. None thought this unknown elder would be such a great expert, stronger than most people here.

Even Zhuo Fan’s eyelid shook, sweat gathering on his brow.

“Venerable Qi, get ready to have young Sanzi come in.” Unsure yet on what stance Elder Yuan took, Zhuo Fan would rather play it safe and call for young Sanzi.

Venerable Qi nodded, feeling the same way. He sent some elders messages to open the barrier…


Elder Yuan took casual steps under the eyes of everyone. Now no one looked at him with scorn, but fear.

Finally, Elder Yuan arrived between the two sides. Xie Wuyue eyed Elder Yuan then bent his waist in greeting, “High Venerable!”

[He’s the High Venerable?]

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Venerable s.h.i.+ and his party shook and stared at Elder Yuan.

Everyone stood stunned. 

[He truly is worthy to be our next Sect Leader. Facing the sect’s best expert, he uses such blunt words.]

Though they all knew that Zhuo Fan talked big like this was because he had a backup, his monstrous son.

[Not even High Venerable can take a hit from that brat…]

They held High Venerable in respect, but they weren’t blinded by it, clear of his strength and theirs.

It was something Venerable s.h.i.+’s side had no clue about, still sneering at them, “Zhuo Fan, you dare think with higher numbers you can take the seat of Sect Leader? What do you take High Venerable for? He would not let your impudent act go unpunished!”

“Shut your mouth! I speak for myself, not you!”

Elder Yuan glared at him, “Venerable s.h.i.+, you’ve caused a lot of disturbances over the years. Wait there in silence.”


Startled, Venerable s.h.i.+’s fiery pa.s.sion was snuffed out by Elder Yuan being a wet blanket. He lowered his head and withdrew, his heart filled with anger. 

[d.a.m.n old coot, I’m not the rebel here. What are you doing coming at me for?]

Ignoring his displeasure, Elder Yuan turned to Zhuo Fan with a smile, “Steward Zhuo, we’re both friends here. For G.o.d’s sake, I was the one who told you to get that wife of yours. What, now you’re going to burn bridges?”

Zhuo Fan faltered at the sudden casual att.i.tude the great High Venerable still took. Being ridiculed like that, Zhuo Fan blushed in embarra.s.sment. Despite that, he felt happy inside.

At the very least, even as the High Venerable, this old man was the same as ever, the Elder Yuan he expounded on Dao with for all these years.

“Now, let’s talk. It’s not something that can’t be resolved with words. There’s no need to always go around fighting and killing. Demon Scheming Sect didn’t hold your woman either. Come with me.”

Smiling, Elder Yuan walked towards the Main Hall, then stopped as he pointed at Chu Qingcheng and Xie Wuyue. “You two as well, come along. Since it involves three people, only you three can solve this.”

High Venerable then entered the Main Hall…

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