The Steward Demonic Emperor

Night Owl - 夜枭

Chapter 700: Vaulting Dragon King

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Chapter 700: Vaulting Dragon King

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“A dragon is the strongest and toughest creature. Your demonic dragon is very weird and can handle my flames, but it’s still too soft. Let me show you how a true dragon should be!”

With a shout, Ye Lin’s signs came to an end. “Reveal your brutality, Decimating Golden Heaven Dragon King, Scale Shedding!”


A brutal roar came from his dragon and it released a blinding golden light. As it shook, it threw off the demonic dragon.

The demonic dragon had no chance to latch on again as the golden dragon’s scales bristled and shot like tiny blades at the demonic dragon. Those scales contained scorching flames that could burn anything.

Zhuo Fan’s eyes narrowed and he had a very bad feeling. Without any hesitation, based on his double lives’ intuition, he had his soul move away.

It proved to be too late as the scales fell from the golden dragon like rain, hitting the demonic dragon fully and sending its golden flames right into its body. The demonic dragon had no time to absorb them as they instantly detonated.

The violent power and the searing flames left the demonic dragon to jerk from pain and torment.

Zhuo Fan was also a.s.saulted by the pain in his mind. 

Ye Lin snickered, getting his dragon free from the demonic dragon and ordering it to claw the other’s skull, to attack it from two fronts.  

The pitch-black aura on the demonic dragon scattered from the explosions and its ears were deafened by it, making the claw that came take it by surprise.

Grinning, Ye Lin saw his dragon clawing the demonic dragon’s face as if he was slapping Zhuo Fan’s. “Ha-ha-ha, even if your dragon can handle my golden flames, it’s too soft. A dragon should be strong and tough. That dragon you got by mes.h.i.+ng up all kinds of sundries are no match for pure perfection! My dragon has you beat in power alone! You’re no match to me, even in soul!”

Ye Lin had a crazed look in his eyes as he cackled. The audience saw Zhuo Fan just make a comeback yet was being pushed back the next second, burning his last hope. 

Exalted Double Dragons shook their heads. They were shocked by Zhuo Fan’s tactic, but they had to admit Ye Lin’s dragon soul was far more complete in its adaptation, simply perfect. 

Zhuo Fan’s scarlet dragon and demonic dragon each had their strong suit, but it had heaps of weaknesses as well. It was very easy for them to be routed and pushed back, unless… 

The exalted seemed to recall something and quickly denied it.

[Like that will ever happen. A twice altered soul is already miraculous enough, so how can two different forces… Moreover, they just don’t fit. It’s impossible…]

Zhuo Fan had given his all in this fight but it still was not enough…

“If he could fuse those two variants…” Sword G.o.d Sect’s Xie Tianshang said.

Wen Tao shook his head on the spot, “That’s downright impossible. I have no idea how that demonic dragon even came to be, but what is certain is that it is an extreme yin. Yin is soft, and virtue can restrain the golden flames just how our soft sword can handle attacks. However, that scarlet dragon is extremely brutal and hard. While yin and yang can engender each other, they can also repel one another. If these two dragons are united, it will become unlike anything in this world. Nothing could stop it. But if they clash, the result will only harm oneself.”

“That’s why brother Zhuo’s dragon soul can take both yin and yang forms. This is truly amazing in itself. If he were to fuse them, their engendering is still not enough. Even if he does, it might not be Ye Lin’s match because he is still lacking?”

“Still?” Xie Tianshang raised an eyebrow.

Wen Tao spoke with a stern face, “A dragon’s brutality. A dragon is extremely strong and hard, but Ye Lin’s dragon soul is also a flame dragon. Fire is very explosive and once attacked it would rain havoc. Brother Zhuo’s dragon soul lacked in this department on both accounts. His attacks just don’t make the cut while his defenses are still too weak to take those blows. As you saw from the Scale Shedding…”

However, as he was commenting on the fight, a roar came from within the screen that startled everyone. Zhuo Fan’s dragon soul was s.h.i.+fting again, back to his scarlet form. It flashed its claws and stopped the golden dragon’s attacks. With a roar of fury, it then smashed the other’s head with a claw and threw it to the ground.

Almighty Scarlet Dragon King was truly a king in terms of raw power. Not even the golden dragon could match it. As for hardness, he was among the best.

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The audience once again clamored in excitement. Zhuo Fan used the two variations to fight back.

“Proceed at your own risk. You might collapse the heavens, by burning them but I will hold them up, ha-ha-ha…” Zhuo Fan had a creepy grin.

Ye Lin’s brow twitched, finding it odd. 

[What’s got this punk so confident when his two dragon souls are useless?]

He didn’t get to find an answer as Zhuo Fan’s dragon soul turned into Almighty Scarlet Dragon King as it soared higher and higher.

Ye Lin mocked, “You’re going up even as you’re about to lose? This time you won’t get to change your dragon soul. I won’t let you. Scale Shedding!”

His dragon sent golden scales like rain upon the scarlet dragon.

Only this time, the scarlet dragon did not dodge and it was not releasing black energy to stop it either.

Everyone was stunned. Was Zhuo Fan going to make the scarlet dragon face the scales head on? 

[That’s suicide!]

[It won’t help you at all!]

But as the golden scales approached, the red glow on the scarlet dragon dimmed and its body was see-through.

The huge dragon then lit up in an azure flame, engulfing its body. It went on like this, like an azure fire dragon.

“Dragon soul variant, Vaulting Dragon King!” Zhuo Fan’s hand made some new signs as he shouted…

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