The Steward Demonic Emperor

Night Owl - 夜枭

Chapter 698: Decimating Golden Heaven Dragon King

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Chapter 698: Decimating Golden Heaven Dragon King

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[Soul Battle?]

Raising an eyebrow, Ye Lin heard the biggest joke in his life as he cracked up, “You’ve already compared your heaven dragon soul with mine, haven’t you? Yet you still want to fight the heaven dragon soul of a dragon ancestor’s disciple? Ha-ha-ha, how can you get?”

“If you still aren’t clear on the five great sacred beasts’ unique powers, I can enlighten you. Qilin has the best raw power but is the worst when it comes to anything else. The fact that you lost in melee means you lost it all. There’s no hope for you to turn it around. So listen to my advice and give up!”

Holding his head high, Ye Lin shouted with resolution.

Zhuo Fan knew it very clearly as well, but he was even more sure that his inheritance did not limit itself to Qilin. It was a jumbled-up array of skills from many great experts. 

While not a master in either of them, victory lay in their amount. Now that he fused them all, he could mold them any way he wanted. Maybe one such variation was the answer to this battle. 

Just like how Danqing Shen put it. His second-rate dragon soul might win against the orthodox one.

While having no hope of winning, Zhuo Fan was far from losing also. He would have to see where this action took him, be it defeat or victory.

Therefore, Zhuo Fan no longer wasted words, “Sacred beasts are sacred beasts. We are humans. You’re too naive if you think you can compare their fights with ours. Wraith Style’s 2nd move, Ghostly Dragon Claw!”


With the roar, Zhuo Fan’s Qilin arm flashed red, and a claw ripped through the air as it grabbed for Ye Lin.

“Humph, pigheaded! Since one is a sacred beast inheritor, a master’s power determines a disciple’s power. The master’s skill is the disciple’s skill. No one in this world can surpa.s.s the five great sacred beasts. Your only hope of winning is by using the inherited Qilin’s power. But now you no longer have that chance!” 

Ye Lin’s eyes flashed coldly. He jumped straight ahead as he coated his dragon claw in golden flames. “Nine Revolving Golden Dragon Claw, s.p.a.ce Ripper!”


A loud blast resulted from the impact, and they entered a deadlock. Then came the two dragons’ roars.

Two hundred meters tall dragon souls came out of their bodies as they traced the skies. They glowed in a prismatic light, and their tail flicked at the s.p.a.ce, almost cracking it before going against each other.


Another explosion came. The two dragons set against each other, the noise covering the little valley’s every corner and the mountain range around. Its ripple sent dust flying. 

As for the disciples of the two sects, the ripple sent them into the air, filling them with shock.

They knew Zhuo Fan had a heaven dragon soul, but not that Ye Lin had one too. 

Wu Qingqiu’s side was stunned. They had never seen Ye Lin’s soul, and now that they did, they were stumped.

Everyone knew that in the thousands of years of western lands, only the Exalted Double Dragons had such a soul. Since then, no one had gotten such a powerful soul.

Now, however, it not only reappeared, but it came twice. Everyone looked shocked and more excited than ever.

A clash between heaven dragon souls meant a clash between western lands’ strongest exalted. Not even they could imagine how it would look. However, today they would witness such a great fight. 

The delegates and even the Exalted Double Dragons were eager to see this exciting fight.

“How come Ye Lin also has a heaven dragon soul?” Blinking hard, Exalted Hei Ran found it incredulous.

Giving a stiff nod, Exalted Bai Mei sighed, “This is a truly rare soul. Seeing how a demonic and a righteous cultivator have the same heaven dragon soul is like I’m seeing us in the olden days.”

“They’re really like us back in the day.”

Exalted Hei Ran recovered from his shock and laughed, “It’s like these two were sent by providence. They’re like identical molds!”

Exalted Bai Mei smiled and nodded.

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[Western lands will have a successor…]

Widening his eyes, Ye Lin’s eyes had a crazed look as he shouted.

Ye Lin’s body and his dragon soul stopped. Golden flames rose from around the dragon soul, they pierced its body, and the prismatic glow soon died against the flames. Now the old dragon had turned into a brilliant golden and burning divine dragon.

Its talons grew from within the scorching flames like a pyre, their sharpness glinting in the sun’s rays.

All could practically see anything turning to ribbons the instant they met those claws.

Zhuo Fan stopped and stared at the golden dragon. He could feel it from there, the blistering heat coming from that huge dragon’s flames.

He knew the might of this creature, but after pondering, he made up his mind, making Almighty Scarlet Dragon King charge head-on.

In the end, knowing both sides’ features was what got you victory. He had to figure out everything with the other hand up his sleeves.

Seeing through Zhuo Fan’s tactic, Ye Lin grinned and laughed, “You want to see the Decimating Golden Heaven Dragon King’s power that much? Suit yourself. Not like you have a choice in the matter, ha-ha-ha…”


As if to agree with Ye Lin, the golden dragon roared, surging up as it charged at the scarlet dragon.

The clash was unlike the previous one, but one of life and death. This was Zhuo Fan’s most dangerous moment of his second life…


The Almighty Scarlet Dragon King swished its tail and flung the golden dragon back. However, the golden dragon used its claw to sink it into the scarlet dragon at the same time, right under Zhuo Fan’s incredulous eyes.

The searing flames entered the scarlet dragon, and it roared in pain. Its heavy bulk shook under pain.

Zhuo Fan’s face went red, and his mind was in pain as he spat sizzling blood…

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