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Chapter 3124 - 3124: The Eye of Spacetime

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Chapter 3124 - 3124: The Eye of s.p.a.cetime

Chapter 3124: The Eye of s.p.a.cetime

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Half of Orange Sand City had turned into dead, silent sand. Thousands of people in the houses had become one with the yellow sand.

Meanwhile, those who had not been petrified were so shocked that they had turned into frozen sculptures upon being greeted by the sight. That power was extremely terrifying!

Professor Tong Zhouzheng ran frantically toward the street. His eyes were filled with shock.

He walked toward the petrified street and saw several drunkards. They held their beers with their hands around each other’s shoulders. They did not escape the scope of the mother of Medusa’s gaze. They were only a few steps awav from her deadlv gaze…

The drunkards looked like artistic statues in European squares. They were motionless. They looked very real. A while ago, they were living human beings!

“Are they dead?” Lingling followed behind the professor and asked in a low voice.

‘i l think they’re still alive…,” said Tong Zhouzheng.

“Are the others still alive too?” asked Lingling.

“Hard to say. Even though the petrification power is like freezing and can preserve life for a short time, no one can guarantee that they can continue surviving under the petrification magic,” said Tong Zhouzheng.

“Look around and see if there are any survivors. I am going to look for someone,” said Lingling.

The people gradually showed up on the street. They could not believe the sight they saw.

The people in the Egyptian desert city, who accidentally survived the Stares of Destruction, were terrified.

They wanted to flee, but where else could they go?

Even the capital of Egypt, Cairo, was petrified. The capital was an urban area that spanned thousands of square kilometers, and still, no part of it could escape the gaze.

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The incident happened suddenly. Even the Cape of Good Hope Magic Castle had not reacted to the situation. The Forbidden Mages who learned the news immediately flew to the petrified city..

The modern city with concrete buildings, cars, highways, and railway tracks had turned into sand sculptures. Its people had turned into statues…

More mages appeared in the sky above Cairo. They could not do anything. They dared not perform any magic for fear that the frozen people would be blown away by the sandstorm.

Fear spread across Egypt. Countless people knelt on the ground in the direction of Khufu’s pyramid, like a group of mortal beings praying to G.o.d for forgiveness.

However, it was meaningless. The Undead army continued to trample living cities and spilled their underworld light to the golden world. The Undead had gone through h.e.l.l. The king of the underworld’s greatest ambition was to drag all living beings into the underworld so that it could rule over them!

Khufu had never abandoned its plans for the past thousands of years!

A ray of blazing red light arched across the Sunset Slope and illuminated the silent night sky. The lengthy blazing red tail resembled a red meteor star!

The light fell fifty kilometers away from Orange Sand City and descended on top of a Gobi Desert cliff.

The man was intertwined in sacred blazing flames. His eyes alternately gave off silver and grayish-white l.u.s.ter. It was the fusion of the s.p.a.ce Element and the Chaos Element.

The beautiful snake demon, Apas, was dressed in a red robe and stood at the cliff. Her figure was graceful. When she saw the man who was ablaze in sacred blazing flames, Apas smiled radiantly and gave him a long-awaited hug.

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The man returned her hug perfunctorily. “How did it become like this?”

“Divine Eye?”

MO Fan recalled that the Cold Moon Demon Lord seemed to have two large Divine Eyes—The Eye of the Tide and The Eye of the Ocean. MO Fan had read about the world having six Divine Eyes in the ancient chamber of the Holy City. The Eye of Boundless was recorded in China’s Helan Mountain…

“The ancient eye has the power of time and can reverse everything. It can turn a broken object back to its original state and restore a ruined place to its former glory. It can even remove curses and obsolescence. But it can only reverse objects, not living beings,” Apas explained.

The highest level of the Chaos Element was to control the order. The order included the order of time. If he combined it with the essence of the magic of the s.p.a.ce Element, he could perform the reversal of s.p.a.cetime!

MO Fan had to surpa.s.s the level of the Forbidden Curse to restore the petrified Cairo to its original state. At that moment, he did not have such divine power.

However, Apas’ words reminded him of something.

‘Restoring the ruined place to its former glory…’

MO Fan remembered that he once accidentally barged into a mysterious town in the middle of a storm. The small town was probably from the ancient Indiana civilization. When they fought with Mu Xumian, they almost destroyed all the mysterious small towns.

But MO Fan remembered an eye appeared during the fight. The eye swept its glance across the small town, and the small town was restored. It looked like a movie rewinding itself. The streets, buildings, fountains, and statues had flawlessly returned to their original state.

For a long time, MO Fan had thought it was a ma.s.sive illusion. Those images had looked very real!

‘Could that have been the Eye of s.p.a.cetime?

The Eye of s.p.a.cetime could not reverse living things, but everyone in Cairo had been petrified.. Since the Eye of s.p.a.cetime could restore the ruined town to its original state, did it have the power to restore Cairo to its original state, too?


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