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Chapter 2732 - Green East Sea God

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Chapter 2732: Green East Sea G.o.d

Apas listened to Mo Fan. She jumped out and turned around. Mo Fan had casually told her that her waist was fattening but Apas was horrified. She lifted her clothes and looked at her waist.

Her slender waist was obviously still slender. She was perfect enough to make other women jealous and men obsessed. But Apas wouldn’t have any of it. She disliked flaws in her appearance.

Mo Fan cleared his throat at Apas. “We still have things to take care of,” he said, stopping her from raising her clothes any higher.

Apas was very energetic now. She was determined to move around and abandon her hibernation.

With Apas there, the Bewitching Female Spider became more forthcoming. It told them everything it had seen and even instructed its little spiders to scan the perimeter inside and outside of Mingwu Ancient City to help Mo Fan track the statues and the young women from Lichen Afterglow Island.

Those Crimson Cloud-Eyed Spiders were the informers of the Bewitching Female Spider. They were very good at finding things out.

“You don’t have to follow us,” said Apas in disgust. “Just instruct your little spiders to lead the way.”

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“By the way, tell your little spiders to keep an eye out for a sea lion.”

The Bewitching Female Spider had instructed the Cloud-Eyed Spiders to fan out and scan the area. When Mo Fan and Apas made their way towards the Coconut Forest Sea, a few spiders appeared occasionally to point the way.

“They took the statues and the girls. How are they able to move so fast? Don’t tell me…” Mo Fan realized something was wrong.


Even after they walked for quite a while, they could see so many spiders in every direction. Mo Fan admired the Bewitching Female Spider for covering a wide area with her spiders.

“Do you think that’s them?” Apas had good eyesight. She saw a group of people standing on top of a sea cliff that looked like a long tongue.

“I think so.”

Mo Fan and Apas speeded up and reached the sea cliff. The people looked at him with hostility.

‘I knew it…’Mo Fan’s face was stiff. He looked at the people gathered there.

He easily recognized the girls from Lichen Afterglow Island. Big Sister Ruan, Le Nan, Shu Xiaohua, Big Sister Ying, Du Mei, and Pu Ling were all here.

He had been worried about them. He had expected the girls to be tied up. He could have beaten the bad guys, rescued them and restored the statues so that Mingwu Ancient City could enjoy the tranquility it had enjoyed before all this. Besides, he had

Most of the time, Mo Fan wanted to think about everything positively from the bottom of his heart.

He also hoped the girls from Licheng Afterglow Island would be tied up and coerced when he arrived on this sea cliff. It allowed him to beat the bad guys who bullied them, rescue them, and return the ancient statues to restore the tranquility Mingwu Ancient City once had. Besides, he had hoped that this would allow him entry to the Lichen Afterglow island to find the totem and to improve his cultivation.

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way he wanted.

He was glad that they were safe and there wasn’t anyone around who could harm them. He saw two unfamiliar people with the same unique attire standing by the girls. One of them was clad in dark-green clothes and the other in dark-blue.

The woman in dark-green was donned in a hat, turban, necklace, and trousers that were all the same color. Even the jewelry on her chest and waist was dark-green in color.

Another woman was donned entirely in dark-blue. He looked regal and cold. Her turban did not cover her forehead, the bridge of her nose and her chin. She wasn’t as young as the others.

“Who is he?” the elder in dark-green asked sternly.

“H-He is the hunter we hired.”

“Didn’t I tell you not to have contact with outsiders?” The elder in dark-green looked very strict. The girls from Licheng Afterglow Island were scared of her.

“Let’s leave quickly and not cause any more trouble,” said the elder in dark-blue.

She uttered a long chant while facing the turbulent ocean. In the thick dark clouds, a black shadow appeared with flas.h.i.+ng lightning. It hovered over the women from Licheng Afterglow Island.

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The figure in the was East Sea G.o.d. It was a huge black figure with white head and a white tail. The silver chains shone on its body. Those chains constantly flashed with electric light.

“What about G.o.d’s condemnation?” Mo Fan asked.

He looked up at the sky and saw that the dense cloud had begun to s.h.i.+mmer and crackle with lightning. Although they looked weak and far away for now, he still could feel their intent and their terrifying aura.

G.o.d’s condemnation did exist.

He had never seen a Lightning Element this strong. It was as if a demonic dragon imprisoned in the sea for tens of thousands of years had awakened and occupied this vast wetland.

“That’s why we’re running away…,” said Shu Xiaohua.

“There are still many living people in the Northguard Fortress.”

“It’s up to you, Master. Will you go back and inform them to defend themselves, or will you come after us to get your revenge? Hahaha…” Shu Xiaohua’s laughter became weaker and weaker until it trailed off.

Mo Fan looked at the Green East Sea G.o.d that still hovered in the sky. Those silver chains protected them from being attacked by the flying lightning bolts.

Mo Fan did not chase after them. If he did not return to the Northguard Fortress to warn the people there, G.o.d’s condemnation would kill them all.

Mo Fan remembered getting injured by those lightning bolts a little while back. If it could hurt him that badly, many people at the Fortress did not have a chance to survive.

These girls from Licheng Afterglow Island were evil!

“Little Loach, I have delicious food for you,” Mo Fan said.

The spiritual land of cultivation of Licheng Afterglow Island definitely existed, and Mo Fan could not stop thinking about it.

Mayne he would not get to cultivate on that island to have a profound effect on his abilities, but Mo Fan could not let this go.

If they were going to be this heartless, they should not expect him to stay loyal, either.

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