Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School


Chapter 3441 - 3441 To Start up Businesses

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Chapter 3441 - 3441 To Start up Businesses

3441 To Start up Businesses

“Give me another talisman,” Xiong Manxin said.

“No problem.” Leng Xiaoyao readily agreed, and gave Xiong Manxin another talisman, which finally satisfied her.

At 6 pm, dinner was served. To make the atmosphere better, everyone had some red wine.

Leng Xiaoyao had no rules that the nanny couldn’t sit at the table, so Maid Tang dined with her and the others. Leng Xiaoyao respected and treated her well. Maid Tong was very moved, so she worked hard to do things well.

After everyone finished eating, they sat in the living room chatting, and talked about starting a business.

“I’ve been thinking about it. I still want to start a business, but I don’t know what I can do,” Xiong Manxin said, becoming increasingly obsessed with entrepreneurs.h.i.+p.

“Starting a business! I want to do it too!” Ning Muqing became interested when she heard that, but also looked worried. “My major is graphic design. I originally wanted to start a graphic design company, but after doing some research, I feel like this industry is too compet.i.tive. Actually, all industries are very compet.i.tive. I really don’t have that much confidence in myself!”

Xiong Manxin’s face lit up when she heard that: “I am also studying graphic design, but because the just started, I still don’t know anything! I’ve just been interested in drawing.”

“My major is law, and I don’t have any special talents that I like,” An Chenmeng said, somewhat depressed.

“Nowadays, no matter what industry you’re in, there’s a lot of compet.i.tion, but if you have the ability, what does it matter if there’s a lot of compet.i.tion? Gold will always s.h.i.+ne. Moreover, starting a company doesn’t mean you have to do the designs yourself, but you must have knowledge of it and have management and control skills. As long as you provide high salaries, it should be easy to recruit talented designers and salespeople,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

“I’m afraid it’s not easy to take action,” Ning Muqing said. She knew all of this, but still couldn’t make the decision.

“That’s because you don’t have enough courage.” Leng Xiaoyao bluntly pointed it out.

Ning Muqing was taken aback and felt that Leng Xiaoyao was right. She really didn’t have enough courage, even though her parents supported her.

“Right, I really don’t have the courage because I’m afraid of failure.” Ning Muqing admitted frankly. Because her family was rich, she didn’t lack money to start up a company. With money, she wasn’t afraid of not being able to find talent. However, she had all sorts of considerations, so she went to work at her family’s company first.

Even if she failed, she wasn’t afraid to lose money. She was afraid of being hurt.

“I’m not afraid,” Xiong Manxin said. “Starting a business is always accompanied by risks. No matter what you do, there will always be risks. If we give up opportunities to try just because we’re afraid of risks, then we’ll never succeed. Success is for those who create it, not for those who sit idly by.”

“Right, I’m not afraid either. You could say that youth knows no fear or I’m ignorant. At least now I have the courage to do something risky,” An Chenmeng said fearlessly.

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“If you’re not afraid, then I’ll look incompetent if I am. Even Xiaoyao is able to start such a big company all at once. If we start a small company together, there should be nothing to be afraid of!” Ning Muqing suddenly felt relieved and no longer feared failure. Then she proposed. “I don’t dare to do it alone. How about we work together? What do you think?”

They also wanted to start a business with them. They didn’t want to drift further away from them nor did they want to settle for mediocrity.

After hearing Leng Xiaoyao’s words, Ning Muqing’s confidence increased, and she had no more worries.

“Xiaoyao is right. We have connections and a great advertising platform. We’re willing to offer better treatment than other companies. We shouldn’t be afraid that we won’t be able to attract talent. As shareholders, our main job is to manage and guide the company. I made my decision. I’m in!” Ning Muqing said.

“What about you two?” Leng Xiaoyao looked at Mu Beihan and Song Xinyue.

“How much do we need to invest?” Song Xinyue asked. If they had to invest too much, she would feel pressured.

“What do you think?” Leng Xiaoyao looked at Ning Muqing. Although she wanted to invest, she didn’t want to take a big share. She just wanted to help them out. After the company stabilized, she would withdraw her investment.

Otherwise, when her two-year period was up and she disappeared, but her share remained, it would cause them a lot of inconvenience.

“I made a plan before. Because I didn’t want to start too big at first, I planned for a five million yuan investment. Since our business doesn’t require much money, just technology, five million yuan is enough to open a studio and buy equipment,” Ning Muqing said.

“Great, I think starting small is more appropriate. Five million yuan isn’t a small amount for a small company. However, because I already have my own company, I won’t be able to devote too much energy to the graphic design company. I’ll invest, but not too much,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

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