Unrivaled Medicine God

Feng Yise - 风一色

Chapter 2287 - Afraid That You Can't Clean up the Mess

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Chapter 2287: Afraid That You Can’t Clean up the Mess

The clouds and fog were so heavy that one only knew that they were in the mountains.

What it was referring to was the Cloudheart Mountain Range.

Cloudheart Mountain Range was an extremely huge mountain range around the Heavenspan Mountain, heaven and earth spiritual energy extremely abundant.

The entrance of the Cloudheart Realm was in the area where Cloudheart Mountain Range’s spiritual energy was the thickest.

Normally, no one would come here.

This place was the Medicine Ancestor’s Bodhidharma, no one dared to profane the Medicine Ancestor’s invincible might.

But now, Cloudheart Mountain Range was crowded with people. Many powerhouses were flying towards the depths of the mountain one after another.

“Tsk tsk, the Medicine Ancestor occupies this level of spirit mountain and great river, truly remarkable! If not for following you, this emperor wouldn’t dare approach this place too!” Heavenly Emperor Justbright said with vicissitudes of emotion.

Thinking of how he was Eighth Firmament Heavenly Emperor, he was also an apex existence in the Heavenspan World.

But Cloudheart Mountain this sort of place, he would never have dared to come.

Cloudheart Realm’s background was far deeper than the Priest Temple.

This place had powerhouses as plentiful as clouds. Even Deva Realm super powerhouses also did not dare to act wildly here, let alone Heavenly Emperor Justbright, an Eighth Firmament Heavenly Emperor.

Sensing the oppressive spiritual energy, Ye Yuan nodded and said, “This place is close to the Heavenspan Mountain, it’s likely one of the Bodhidharmas with the richest spiritual energy. With the Medicine Ancestor’s ability, he can live up to this place.”

Although very disdainful toward the Medicine Ancestor’s character, Ye Yuan did not have any doubts about his strength at all.

“Eh, what a pretty beauty!”

A young man next to him suddenly stopped, eyes staring right at Baili Qingyan, with a lecherous look.

Behind the youth, an old man with a white beard and hair followed.

The old man’s body emitted powerful undulations. He was clearly not mediocre.

Baili Qingyan’s brows furrowed slightly but did not pay attention to that young man.

“Ye Yuan, let’s go,” Baili Qingyan said.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and was just about to continue ahead, but that youth’s figure moved, blocking the few people’s path.

“Huhu, what a feisty beauty. This young master, I, like it! Beautiful lady, I am the most outstanding Seven-star Alchemy G.o.d of the Purple Azure Realm’s Leng Family, Leng Tianhao. In the future, I’ll be entering the Medicine Ancestor’s tutelage. If you follow me, you’ll have endless glory and wealth.”

Leng Tianhao said these words very confidently. He felt that as long as he brought out the Leng Family’s name, Baili Qingyan would definitely be moved.

“Purple Azure Realm’s Leng Family!”

Ye Yuan and Baili Qingyan did not have much reaction, but Heavenly Emperor Justbright got a shock, a look of dread on his face.

Seeing Heavenly Emperor Justbright’s reaction, Leng Tianhao’s face was even more proud of himself.

“Why? is the Purple Azure Realm’s Leng Family very famous?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

Heavenly Emperor Justbright nodded slightly and said, “The Purple Azure Realm is an alchemy ancient family with an extremely distant legacy, its background extremely deep! The Leng Family’s ancestor himself is a peak Ancestor Realm alchemy master. The Leng Family’s Leng Tianqi even went under the Medicine Ancestor’s eldest disciple’s tutelage, and is the Medicine Ancestor’s grandpupil.”

Heavenly Emperor Justbright had lived for a long time and knew about these reclusive families of the Heavenspan World like the back of his hand.

Moreover, this Leng Family was an extremely formidable alchemy ancient family in the first place.

Hearing Heavenly Emperor Justbright’s words, Leng Tianhao said smugly, “Heh, Leng Tianqi is precisely my elder brother!”

Ye Yuan gave an ‘oh’ and did not express much.

“Little Beauty, there’s no future following this kind of poor and pedantic boy. Following me, not only can you enjoy wealth and glory, reaching peak Heavenly Emperor in the future is nothing difficult too! How about it, consider it?”

As Leng Tianhao said, he actually reached his hand out to grab at Baili Qingyan in front of Ye Yuan and Heavenly Emperor Justbright’s faces.

Baili Qingyan’s gaze turned cold, figure flas.h.i.+ng, avoiding this touch.

Leng Tianhao did not care in the slightest and said smilingly, “Little Beauty is shy! Relax, Big Brother will dote on you well in the future.”

A surge of killing intent welled up from Baili Qingyan’s body and she said in a cold voice, “Ye Yuan, I want to kill people!”

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Ye Yuan said coolly, “Kill for what? A guy whose head is swimming with sperm, castrate him.”

When he was talking, cold sweat poured profusely. Clearly, he was in immense pain.

Heavenly Emperor Azurefeather turned to look at Ye Yuan and said in a cold voice, “It’s forbidden to take action on Cloudheart Mountain Range, didn’t your family’s grown-ups teach you before coming?”

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said with a faint smile, “With your shrewdness, can’t you tell what’s going on? Questioning me like this, is it that you think I’m easy to bully?”

Heavenly Emperor Azurefeather was sent to patrol the mountains. He was naturally a character adept at dealing with people.

He came over and took a look, and he immediately understood what was going on.

It was just that Leng Tianhao mentioned his family, and that was his own people. He naturally had to side with Leng Tianhao.

But he never thought that Ye Yuan actually laid bare the truth with a single comment.

This boy was clearly very young. Why would he have such meticulous thoughts?

“Humph! No matter how glib your tongue is, you attacking is real! Could it be that this emperor can’t deal with you? This emperor gives you a chance! Cripple your own divine sea, and I can spare you from death!”

Heavenly Emperor Azurefeather stood with his hands behind his back as he said coolly.

He knew most of the Heavenspan World’s various major families’ alchemy experts.

But regardless of whether it was Ye Yuan or Heavenly Emperor Justbright, both looked very unfamiliar to him.

So he determined that Ye Yuan was merely a small faction’s genius, that was all.

His Cloudheart Realm could afford to offend.

“Ha! Cloudheart Realm’s people are truly awe-inspiring! It’s just that if you flaunt your power in front of me, I’m afraid that you can’t clean up the mess in a while! In a while, you’ll probably be kneeling in front of me and apologizing,” Ye Yuan said with a cold sneer.

Heavenly Emperor Azurefeather was tickled the moment he heard and laughed in spite of himself and said, “Snotty brat, probably never seen the world before, right? There have only ever been others apologizing to Cloudheart Realm’s people, Cloudheart Realm’s people will never apologize to outsiders! Just the likes of you also want to make this emperor apologize? Now, this emperor gives you three breaths of time, if you don’t take action, this emperor will do it!”




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