Unrivaled Medicine God

Feng Yise - 风一色

Chapter 2286 - Pulling up by the Roots

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Chapter 2286: Pulling up by the Roots

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“Have you guys heard? In a short few months’ time, the Deathsoul Gate’s major and minor branches already have several dozen of them destroyed!”

“The Deathsoul Gate has committed all sorts of evil and finally brought retribution upon themselves! How gratifying!”

“I really didn’t expect that even Cloudlink Mountain Range is actually the Deathsoul Gate’s a.s.sa.s.sin base! I heard that there were three powerhouses who went over and directly wiped them out all at once, rescuing hundreds of thousands of martial artists.”

“No idea who did this either, but it’s truly the greatest good!”

“Those martial artists who escaped said that the leader was a youth in white. When he charged into Cloudlink Mountain Range, he used Heavenly Dao True Word and froze s.p.a.ce-time! Being able to use this move, it should be Second Sage Ye Yuan, right?”

“It’s actually him! Second Sage really did a great thing!”

… …

A short few month’s time, Ye Yuan destroyed a large number of major and minor Deathsoul Gate branches.

This organization’s structure was extremely secretive. If not for Ye Yuan opening up a gap from Rui Qin, he could not find the way at all.

However, once this gap was opened up, it was like a breached bank.

Ye Yuan killed all the way over, and searched souls all the way, and grasped more and more secrets.

In the end, he finally touched the killer base of the Deathsoul Gate, and then he brought Heavenly Emperor Justbright and pushed over.

Cloudlink Mountain Range’s killer base was precisely the place where Baili Qingyan was trained.

Except, each time Baili Qingyan went in and out, she could not figure out the direction at all.

Hence, there were countless killers who walked out of here, but no one knew that this place was the Deathsoul Gate’s training base.

And this place also had white bones buried in the hundreds of millions.

Fortunately, Ye Yuan tracked down by following the clues and finally found this place from a Deathsoul Gate upper echelon’s body.

This time, Ye Yuan virtually pulled the Deathsoul Gate up by the roots.

As the divine race’s lackey, the Deathsoul Gate’s master was also merely Fourth Firmament Heavenly Emperor cultivation.

After all, the divine race was also unable to control Heavenly Emperors that were too powerful.

Under Heavenly Emperor Justbright’s formidable strength, they could not stand up to a single blow at all.

The reason why the Deathsoul Gate was powerful was precisely because of its mysteriousness and unknown.

And once this secret was revealed, the Deathsoul Gate would also become fish on the chopping board, being placed at the mercy of others.

Inside the Hidden Lineage’s small world, Third Elder Ru Feng was angered until he stomped his feet in anger.

“It’s this brat again! It’s this brat again! This time, I must tear his corpse into countless pieces!” Ru Feng said in a thunderous rage.

By the side, Divine Daughter Rong Xiyue also had a solemn look as she said, “The Deathsoul Gate being uprooted, it’s equivalent to our Hidden Lineage losing its eyes to monitor the Heavenspan World! This is very bad news to us.”

Head Elder Ji Ling sighed and said, “In order to establish the Deathsoul Gate, this old man expended a lot of effort back then, using means to deceive everybody, establis.h.i.+ng it under the eyelids of the human race’s major powers. In order to prevent news from being leaked, I even specially added a divine soul seal to each Heavenly Emperor. I didn’t expect that that kid can actually crack the divine soul seal, and track down by following the clues! Sigh! Really underestimated him!”

The human race had quite a number of major powers that came from the previous era, these people were extremely guarded against the divine race.

Even Ji Ling this level of powerhouse did not dare show his face easily too.

Otherwise, what awaited them would be a catastrophe.

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Deathsoul Gate could be said to be Ji Ling’s painstaking effort.

Only when Old Drunkard saw Heavenly Emperor Xin Yu’s reaction did he know how high Ye Yuan’s current status was.

He also finally understood what Xin Yu said to him meant.

“In that case, I really have to thank Younger Brother Ye very much!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “In the era of great struggle, an additional portion of strength is an additional portion of protection. Brother Xin Yu, treasure it.”

Ye Yuan helped Xin Yu finish refining the medicinal pill, then took his leave.

After Ye Yuan left, a figure slowly appeared beside Heavenly Emperor Xin Yu.

Xin Yu bowed in salute and said, “Lord Swordtime, how is this boy?”

This man was precisely the Deva Fourth Blight supreme powerhouse, Heavenly Emperor Swordtime!

Heavenly Emperor Swordtime slowly opened his mouth and said, “He discovered me!”

Xin Yu was startled and said, “How is this possible?”

If a Deva Fourth Blight sovereign had the intention to hide, even Ninth Firmament Heavenly Emperors had no way of discovering too.

Ye Yuan just broke through to Heavenly Emperor and he could already discover Heavenly Emperor Swordtime’s spying?

“His understanding of Heavenly Dao already exceeded your imagination! This boy will surely achieve great things in the future! It’s just that I don’t know if there’s time for him to grow or not!” Swordtime said, deep in thought.

Heavenly Emperor Xin Yu’s face changed and he said, “Your Excellency, why are you also … Could it be that this divine race is really so terrifying?”

Swordtime’s expression was solemn as he said, “More terrifying than you think! Doomsday Battle isn’t just casual talk! Once the war starts, it will obliterate the heavens and decimate the earth. Even a Dao Ancestor, that level of a powerhouse, will find it hard to not get involved too! Because the divine race has existences rivaling Dao Ancestors too!”

Heavenly Emperor Xin Yu’s mind shook wildly, his gaze being full of astonishment.

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