Unrivaled Medicine God

Feng Yise - 风一色

Chapter 2285 - Killing People

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Chapter 2285: Killing People

Middle Realm, Riversun Great Imperial Capital!

In a certain underground palace, a man in white was currently playing with two concubines.

A subordinate came in hastily and reported, “Lord Branch Head, the few Empyreans who were pursuing Baili Qingyan that la.s.s, their soul tablets have all shattered. They should already be all dead!”

“What? Five Ninth Firmament Empyreans hunting down an Eighth Firmament Empyrean actually died? When did that girl become so powerful?” The man in white almost jumped up.

The subordinate said with difficulty, “About this … Subordinate doesn’t know.”

The man in white was silent and did not speak. Suddenly, he said, “Go and get her soul tablet over! Looks like this emperor is going to take action myself. Jeje, this la.s.s is really feisty, to rather die than submit to this emperor! This emperor wants to see where she can hide to?”

Before long, the subordinate came over carrying Baili Qingyan’s soul tablet.

The man in white took the soul tablet, a look of amus.e.m.e.nt on his face.

His divine sense sunk into the soul tablet. Suddenly, his brows knitted tightly together.

The man in white said with a strange look on his face, “Hang on, why do I sense that she’s currently very near to me?”

“You didn’t sense wrongly. She’s indeed right here.”

At this time, a calm and collected voice sounded out.

Following that, three figures slowly walked out of the darkness.

One of them was precisely Baili Qingyan.

And among these three people, that old man gave him a feeling of extreme danger.

What a powerful aura!

Virtually without the slightest hesitation, he suddenly stomped his foot! The void trembled!

His figure gradually disappeared into the darkness, and his aura also became illusory.

Heavenly Emperor Justbright’s expression changed, and he exclaimed in surprise, “Concealment arts! Not good, he’s going to run away!”


However, his voice had yet to fade when Ye Yuan lightly spat a word out of his mouth.

Everything suddenly paused!

Heavenly Emperor Justbright looked at Ye Yuan dumbfoundedly and stammered, “H-Heavenly Dao True Word! You … Just how many trump cards do you have?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Don’t worry, you’ll see it little by little.”

As he said, he slowly walked into the darkness and pointed. The man in white was like a deflated ball, his entire person becoming dispirited and inert.

The man in white was merely a First Firmament Heavenly Emperor. To Ye Yuan, killing him did not need the slightest effort at all.

Ye Yuan carried him and directly threw him in front of Baili Qingyan, and said coolly, “You do it yourself.”

Baili Qingyan looked at the powerful Heavenly Emperor, he could not even make a move in front of Ye Yuan, and she could not help feeling a burst of pride.

The present Ye Yuan was really too strong!

Baili Qingyan looked at the man in white and said with a cold smile, “Rui Qin, you didn’t expect that you’d have today, right?”

Rui Qin’s face changed, and he said, “Baili Qingyan, don’t you forget, you still have the Deathsoul Curse that isn’t dispelled! If you dare betray the Deathsoul Gate, you’ll die without a burial ground!”

Baili Qingyan said disdainfully, “Very regretfully, my Deathsoul Curse has already been dispelled!”

Rui Qin laughed loudly when he heard that and said, “Hahaha … the Deathsoul Curse that even Heavenly Emperors can’t undo, just the likes of you can undo it?”

“I naturally can’t dispel it, but he can!” Baili Qingyan pointed at Ye Yuan and said.

Rui Qin still did not believe and said with a sneer, “The Deathsoul Curse is the Deathsoul Gate’s unique curse. Even Ninth Firmament Heavenly Emperors can’t undo it! Just the likes of him, a First Firmament Heavenly Emperor, also wants to dispel it? Baili Qingyan, could it be that you take this emperor to be a fool?”

But Baili Qingyan said coolly, “You should have heard of his name before, the Priest Temple’s Second Sage!”

This time, Rui Qin’s expression finally changed.

He turned his head to look at Ye Yuan, his gaze full of horror.

“You … You’re Second Sage Ye Yuan! How can it be! How can it be! I … I have no grudge nor enmity with you! Why are you …”

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Not so long ago, the higher ups just issued an order to let the Deathsoul Gate never provoke Ye Yuan.

However, it was also precisely because of this that Ye Yuan thoroughly rampaged against the Deathsoul Gate.

“How did this happen? How can this be! You … You guys can’t kill me! If you kill me, the Deathsoul Gate won’t let you all off!” Rui Qin roared.

Ye Yuan said with a disdainful look, “You all are merely the divine race’s lackeys, yet, you still don’t know it, truly lamentable! Rest a.s.sured, the Deathsoul Gate can’t jump around for more than a few days anymore.”


A cold light flashed, Baili Qingyan already attacked with her sword.

Rui Qin’s divine sea was thoroughly sealed by Ye Yuan and he was completely unable to make use of world power to protect his body.

This sword was neat and tidy.

But right at this moment, Ye Yuan reached his hand out and grabbed forward, grabbing Rui Qin’s divine soul in his hand.

An overbearing divine sense suddenly crushed over.

He wanted to soul-search

As a Heavenly Emperor, Rui Qin definitely knew quite a bit about the Deathsoul Gate’s secrets.

However, a cloud of black energy suddenly erupted, attempting to extinguish Rui Qin’s divine soul.

This was the seal added in Rui Qin’s divine soul, once someone searched the soul, he would be directly annihilated, and cause a fatal blow to the soul-searcher.

Ye Yuan smiled coldly and said, “Playing this in front of me, you’re just showing off in the presence of an expert!”

His divine soul suddenly turned into a large hand and directly grabbed at that seal.

Then, under this large hand, that seal was actually forcefully pressed back down!

Heavenly Emperor Justbright stared dumbfoundedly with slack jaws. This kind of divine soul fight was the most dangerous.

Ye Yuan’s divine soul was even more tyrannical than his divine essence. It was completely unreasonable, directly pressing the seal back and forcefully searching the soul.

What this kind of exchange competed in was not just soul force. There was also comprehension toward the divine soul.

Ye Yuan had clearly already reached the acme of perfection in the path of divine soul!

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