Unrivaled Medicine God

Feng Yise - 风一色

Chapter 2284 - Things Still Remained the Same, but the People Were No Longer the Same

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Chapter 2284: Things Still Remained the Same, but the People Were No Longer the Same

Heavenly Emperor Justbright had broad and profound knowledge, and he had naturally heard of Dao pills before.

Except, it was merely limited to hearsay only too.

Dao pills were too rare!

Forget about him, a Heavenly Emperor expert, even if it was a Deva Realm powerhouse, those who had actually seen before Dao pills could be counted on one hand too.

And the value of a Dao pill was already impossible to measure using divine essence stones.

The array formation that Ye Yuan set up became more and more complicated, Heavenly Emperor Justbright became more and more alarmed as he watched.

Actually, prior to this, he more or less still had some doubts.

That Heavenly Emperor Qing Shan’s words were indeed too fantastical.

After all, Ye Yuan’s realm was too low.

But witnessing Ye Yuan’s inconceivable means one after another, he finally believed it.

Ye Yuan, this Second Sage t.i.tle was well-deserved!

And this also greatly increased his confidence towards Ye Yuan.

Suddenly, an aura of Great Dao source suddenly descended, making Heavenly Emperor Justbright’s pupils constrict.

“Formation rise, pill condense!”

It was only to hear Ye Yuan give a cold cry. The grand array erupted with an extremely brilliant light.

The aura of Great Dao source suddenly entered the grand array, fusing together with those spirit medicines.

“D-Dao pill! Absolutely won’t be wrong, this must be a Dao pill! It must be a Dao pill!”

Heavenly Emperor Justbright’s voice suddenly became agitated.

He was an old monster who had lived for a trillion years, but Dao pill this sort of thing, it was still his first time seeing one!

Dao pills were too rare!

Suddenly, his expression changed and he said in shock, “Could it be that what he said was true? Myriad Region Alchemy Conference is really only organizing the Myriad Region Alchemy Conference this time because he dreads him? This … This is also too inconceivable! Talented people will be born to take over the previous generation, each leading a domain for a million years! Looks like the Medicine Ancestor really encountered his match this time!”

Seeing Ye Yuan refine the Dao pill, Heavenly Emperor Justbright suddenly a.s.sociated it with many things.

Only at this time did he truly understand how serious a promise from Ye Yuan was!

Helping him refine the Nine Refinements Cloudheaven Pill, he really picked up a treasure.

Some longevity in exchange for a favor from Ye Yuan, this deal was really a bargain.

“Freaking h.e.l.l, this emperor is really too lucky to actually run into such a good thing!” Heavenly Emperor Justbright could not resist swearing.

Very soon, the light faded. A l.u.s.trous golden medicinal pill suspended in the air.

Ye Yuan reached his hand out and seized it, bringing it over.

Baili Qingyan had long already lost consciousness. Ye Yuan pried open her mouth and sent the medicinal pill in.

“Master Ye, what medicinal pill is this?” Heavenly Emperor Justbright asked with a curious look.

“No name!” Ye Yuan said without even looking at him.

Heavenly Emperor Justbright said in surprise, “How can a medicinal pill not have a name?”

“Why must a medicinal pill have a name?”

“Ah! You were meditating just now, could it be in order to create a new pill formula?” Heavenly Emperor Justbright suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

Ye Yuan did not speak, declining to comment.

But by the side, Heavenly Emperor Justbright was shocked speechless.

Meditating for a hundred breaths and creating a Dao pill.

Just how monstrous was this guy?

“Ugh …”

Baili Qingyan let out a groan in her sleep, gradually waking up.

“I … I’m not dead yet?” She was a little surprised as she said.

When she saw Ye Yuan walk into the realm fog, she knew that Ye Yuan would probably come out of Heavenly Fate Town.

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Hence, she decisively went down the mountain and killed all the way over from another town.

Ye Yuan discovered that Baili Qingyan was different from before.

When in the Bamboo Groove Void Realm, she was just a genius disciple. Although her talent was decent, she was like a flower in a greenhouse.

But now, there was an additional strong murderous air in Baili Qingyan’s eyes.

This showed that she had experienced no idea how many killings in these few years.

Baili Qingyan was neither too fast nor too slow, slowly recounting her experiences over these few years.

But Ye Yuan’s expression gradually became gloomy.

The ordeals that Baili Qingyan experienced these few years were simply unimaginable.

To a girl, for her to be able to pull through was simply a miracle.

“How many times, I wanted to die to end it. But, not seeing you, I’m still unwilling. It’s precisely this unwillingness that supported me to this day. Originally, seeing you, my wish was already fulfilled and I could die with my eyes closed. Didn’t expect that I was saved by you.

Talking up to here, Baili Qingyan’s eyes turned dim.

“When in the Bamboo Groove Void Realm, I couldn’t help falling in love and didn’t think that much at all. But after arriving at the Heavenspan World, experiencing life and death countless times, only then did I gradually understand that it’s simply impossible between us. However, I’ll still want to go and find you uncontrollably. It’s just that I was controlled by them and couldn’t escape at all.”

“Originally, dying was my best option. That way, at least I can occupy a place in your heart. Yet, you brought me back to life.”

The present Baili Qingyan was no longer the Baili Qingyan back then long ago.

However, her heart towards him had never changed before.

Ye Yuan did not say anything, he had no way of promising Baili Qingyan.

Just as Baili Qingyan said, his heart could not accommodate her!

Except, everything that Baili Qingyan endured was all because of him.

On this aspect, he could not sit by idly and remain indifferent.

Ye Yuan slowly stood up and said, “Senior Apprentice Sister Baili, lead the way.”

Baili Qingyan was taken aback and asked, “Where to?”

“To kill!” Ye Yuan seethed with killing intent.

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