Unexpected Second Chance at Love


Chapter 940 Everything Is Good To Go.

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Chapter 940 Everything Is Good To Go.


The elevator chimes in arrival as the door slides open. Ji Chu Hua and Gu Ting Fei exit the metal box and make their merry way to their room.

However, just as they stepped out into the luxurious hallway, the elevator next to them also chimes.

Their heads unknowingly turn to look at the person, only to see the two people they had b.u.mped in the bar lounge.

Ju Suo and Gui Zhongmin.

At the sight of them, Ji Chu Hua couldn't help but sneer with annoyance while Gu Ting Fei furrowed his brows.

"Why do we have to see them again?"

Ji Chu Hua growls under her breath. She thought she wouldn't have to see the perpetrator behind the ruin of her dress.

However, reminded of the dress she had just bought, her blood began to boil.

After all, the dress was costly, and only three were made.

She will never be able to get her hands on it ever again.

Her arms, locked around Gu Ting Fei's arms, tighten with a slight tremble.

Feeling her nails starting to dig into his skin, Gu Ting Fei looks down at Ji Chu Hua.

"Hua, are you alright? Don't be afraid, I'm here."

He places his hand over her hands and smiles at her.

"Let's ignore them and go to our room. We shouldn't let people like them ruin our precious time together."

His words were soft for the ears but loud enough for Ju Suo and Gu Ting Fei to hear. The pet.i.te woman and the stylish man turned to look in their direction.

"What was that? Can you say it louder?"

Gui Zhongmin's posture leaned toward the couple with one hand to his ear as if to help increase his hearing.

"Huh? I can't hear you?"

Seeing his behavior, Gu Ting Fei pursed his lip, and Ji Chu Hua was at a loss for words. Her lips pressed tightly together, and she stepped forward but was stopped by the man beside her.

Gu Ting Fei pulled her behind him and turned to face Gui Zhongmin.

"I won't repeat myself. If you have nothing else to do, leave. If not, I will call the hotel security to make you leave."

His words were righteous, and his tone held superiority. Others would have recoiled at his presence, but not unfortunately, the person in front of him was not like others.

Gui Zhongmin stares at Gu Ting Fei for a long second before bursting into hysterical laughter. He laughed so hard that he had to hold his stomach.

"Wow. You have a sense of humor."

He straightens his posture and tilts his head.

"But I can care less whether you call the hotel security or not."

He grins with his teeth and shrugs his shoulders.

"Because I am a person like this."

Ju Suo stares at Gui Zhongmin without turning her head to him. His behavior and words made her question whether she chose the right person for this task.

Gu Ting Fei didn't know how to respond to the stylish man's words. He was speechless and only returned to his senses because Ji Chu Hua's grip on his arm tightened.

He heaves a long sigh and ignores the other people. He looks at Ji Chu Hua and softly smiles at her.

"Let's go. These people are trying to waste our time."

He takes Ji Chu Hua's hand and walks to their room. As he pa.s.sed Gui Zhongmin, he didn't forget to give the man a threatening glare.

At the same time, Gui Zhongmin made sure to return the stare-down. Only when the couple turned around the corner did he look away.

"Wow, that man sure knows how to control his temper."

Ju Suo rolled her eyes and took out her phone. She dials a number and places the phone next to her ear.

"Was that enough?"

["Yea. Everything is good to go."]

"Alright. They should be arriving soon."

["Got it."]

She ends the call and turns around. She stops in front of the elevator and presses the b.u.t.ton to go down.

Seeing her do this, Gui Zhongmin pursed his lips, and hesitation crossed his face.

"Are we just going to leave?"

Ju Suo doesn't look back at him and enters the elevator once the door opens. She turns around and looks at him

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"If you want to watch, you can do it yourself. I have a date, and Qi Li has already left."

"You're so beautiful, Hua. Every man can only dream to see such a sight."

He pulls her to sit over his lap with her legs spread. He leans forward and takes one of her nipples into his mouth.


Ji Chu Hua let out a moan and held his shoulders. She watched him enjoy her breast and felt his rod begin to turn hard.

She smiles in satisfaction and starts to unb.u.t.ton his s.h.i.+rt. Once it was removed, he helped her remove his pants and briefs, allowing his stiffened rod to breathe fresh air.

Taking in the sight of his manhood, she felt a gush of wetness slide down her thighs.

She pushed him onto the bed and sat on top of him. Her hand stroked his erection before guiding it to the entrance of her sweet pleasures.


She tilts her head back and moans, feeling him slowly entering her.

Gui Ting Fei couldn't wait any longer and grabbed her hips. He plunged into her like a battering ram in one swift thrust, finally opening the doors to Nirvana.

At his sudden thrust, Ji Chu Hua exclaimed a loud moan and placed her hands on his chest for support.

"I want to take it slow tonight."

Gu Ting Fei was surprised by her words. Usually, she couldn't wait and preferred it rough. However, he sighs, staring at the alluring sight of her riding him.

"I'll try."

Ji Chu Hua took charge and began to raise her hips and then lower them. Each thrust sent a pleasurable sensation throughout her body, and moans grew louder and louder.

Underneath her, Gu Ting Fei watched her divulge herself into the pleasure. He held her left thigh with one hand while the other played with her sweet bud.

"Ohhh yes~ More. It feels so good~."

Seeing how turned on she was, Gu Ting Fei was pleased. He closes his eyes to enjoy the pleasure given to him but doesn't stop his movements as she moves her hips over him.

Just when she was feeling herself about to reach cloud nine, she arched her back forward and let out a loud moan.



Her moan pleased the ears, but Gu Ting Fei's eyes shot open, hearing another vague voice. He stopped playing with her sweet bud and quickly sat up, almost pus.h.i.+ng her onto the floor.

"What was that?"

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