I am a Gao Fushuai Villain


Chapter 540

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Chapter 540 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Other species!

After getting Guoguo, the purpose of his trip here is achieved.

So, after playing with the cats with Chi Qian for some time, Lin Yuan, Chi Qian, and Yu Shanshan returned to the villa.

When the cats saw Lin Yuan leaving, they all looked very reluctant.

They all kept meowing and surrounded Lin Yuan’s feet.

There were even a few who outstretched their paws and held onto Lin Yuan’s pants.

They all looked so sad and about to shed tears.

Seeing this, Yu Shanshan also got teary-eyed.

He lifted the cage containing the ragdoll cat Guoguo and was ready to take it away.

Seeing the ragdoll cat being taken away by Lin Yuan, the other cats meowed even louder.

They all meowed at Guoguo.

It seems they did so to express their strong dissatisfaction and jealousy toward Guoguo.

Meanwhile, Lin Yuan had already picked up the cage where Guoguo was lying comfortably.

It stretched out its pure white paws lazily.

It then licked the same in disdain.

Then it glanced at the cats on the ground.

It is as if the ragdoll cat Guoguo is saying: ‘Only a cat like me deserves this kind of human. All of you are unworthy!’

Watching the cats in the shop looking brokenhearted and crazy, the two staff, in fact also felt the same.

“Handsome guy, come and play again if you have time!”

“Store manager, take us if you go to the handsome guys’ house!”

Lulu and Minmin said respectively.

Chi Qian smiled and nodded in response.

Then the three of them went out of the cat café together.

While walking towards the villa on the mountain, Yu Shanshan said, “Cousin, you are going too far. It is okay if you are popular with girls, but now you are even reaching your hands with other species and you are so popular with cats. You are simply not human.”

Lin Yuan smiled and then said, “Can you put down the cat food in your hand first before you say that?”

Yu Shanshan came out of the cat cafe with a handful of cat food in her hands.

When she saw how the cats ate so deliciously, she also grabbed a handful and gnawed it.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Yu Shanshan put the cat food down.

“Hmmph, I just tried to taste it. I did not take a lot!”

Yu Shanshan replied while still chewing the cat food.

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Obviously, she was just trying to make excuses.

Lin Yuan just answered.

The two chatted all the way to the villa and looked quite intimate.

So, Yu Shanshan is out of place and is like a light bulb.

But she actually didn’t care.

Her only thought now is about eating delicious food.

It did not take long before they finally arrived at the huge castle-like villa.

The housekeeper Song Yuwei turned out to be waiting at the door all this time.

Seeing Lin Yuan and Chi Qian coming back, the housekeeper Song Yuwei immediately came to them and greeted them.

“Sister Yuwei, hope you can please help take care of my cat for a while.” Lin Yuan then handed the cat cage to Song Yuwei.

Song Yuwei reached out to take the cat cage.

Then she carried the same carefully.

Evidently, Lin Yuan’s orders are highly regarded.

After taking the cat cage, Song Yuwei asked Chi Qian, “Young lady, the ingredients and all the things needed are ready and are already in the kitchen.”

“Okay, Sister Yuwei.” Chi Qian nodded.


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