Dimensional Descent


Chapter 1415 Awakenings

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Somehow, without his control or consent, Leonel's Snowy Star Owl Lineage factor had become the Starry Tailed Fox Lineage Factor. Not only that, but it had completed all of its Awakening completely. Just the base strength Leonel's body right now was beyond anything he had ever felt before. It was as thought his body had been injected with steroids.

The Starry Tailed Fox had three Branches as well. The Speed Branch, the Healing Branch, and the Wisdom Spirit Branch.

Wise Star Order had never been able to explain to Leonel exactly what Wisdom Spirit Branch meant, but experiencing it now, Leonel felt like he was almost walking on clouds.

To the Snowy Star Owl, the Wisdom Branch was simple. It only represented the mind and its Dimension, in addition to the senses. Each Awakening either increased the strength of the mind or the eyes. In combination, they became the greatest embodiment of the Snowy Star Owl's sensory capabilities.

The Wisdom Spirit Branch, though, went beyond just senses. Or, at least it went beyond senses in just its normal and rawest form. It also happened to extend to senses of the Spirit, or in other words… The very same sort of oneness with their surroundings that Spirituals felt!

If Leonel was any other person rising to the Fourth Awakening of the Wisdom Spirit Branch, his Light and Star Elemental affinity would skyrocket to realms beyond words, he would gain the ability to control atmospheric Light and Star Elemental Forces as though he was breathing, and he would also find that increasing his strength through the use of Light and Star Elemental Forces had become vastly easier.

These benefits didn't bother to mention other miscellaneous matters such as better control over the Light and Star Elements as well, along with many other related matters.

Unfortunately… A Seventh Dimensional Lineage Factor, even one that sat at the pinnacle of the world, wasn't enough to grant Leonel any of these benefits because, quite frankly, he already had them. The Starry Tailed Fox wasn't strong enough to outcla.s.s an Innate Node like Leonel's, especially not when it was so outrageously large to begin with.

However, this didn't mean that Leonel had gained nothing from the four Awakenings.


Firstly, his mind had climbed to the pinnacle of the Sixth Dimension. It would have entered the Seventh, however his body's limitations had stopped it from growing any further. Even with all of said limitations, Leonel's split minds could only be counted on orders of hundreds of millions now.

Secondly, and maybe Leonel's favorite benefit, Leonel could use Light and Star Elemental Force to replenish his tired mind. He didn't have to sleep if he didn't want to, but this wouldn't be what Leonel used it for. Instead, he was more interested in the fact that the state of fatigue his mind had reached before would be much harder for him to hit now, even if he was using his Destruction Runes.

The third benefit was related to the Third and Fourth Awakenings of the Wisdom Branch.

The first two Awakenings elevated Leonel's mind to what should have been the pinnacle of the Seventh Dimension and gave him the gaze of the Starry Tailed Fox. The latter worked similarly to the Snowy Star Owl's eyes, but was much more potent and even carried with it a dazing sort of effect that was similar to how Leonel's King's Might worked.

The Third and Fourth Awakenings, though, were related to the namesake of the Starry Tailed Fox… Their tails.

Upon entering a battle state, long, large and illusory white tails would appear to Leonel's back. Each tail was like a powerful blackhole, pulling in the exact sort of Force it wanted and forming a Domain with it.

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The Starry Tailed Fox had three tails. The Tail of Light, the Tail of Stars, and the tail of Spirit. With them, Leonel could form a Starry Light Domain, a Starry Star Domain and a Starry Spirit Domain.

Finally, the Fourth Awakening amplified everything to its extreme, allowing him the ability to, once again, use Instantaneous Recovery once a day.

As for the final Speed Branch, Leonel had grown numb enough to not continuously feel shock, but he could already feel that his speed was mind numbing.

The final Awakening of the Speed Branch when fused with the Starry Light Domain practically gave Leonel instantaneous teleportation abilities. Matched with his mind, so long as his stamina kept up, Leonel truly couldn't see how anyone below the Sixth Dimension could last a few rounds against him… Well, maybe aside from this m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t girlfriend of his.

After going through all of this, Leonel managed to calm his heart a bit. But, as fast as his mind was now, it was only a matter of time before he stumbled into a new problem…

One Heirloom seemed to be completely ruined… So what about this other…?

Leonel slowly turned his attention to the Spear Domain ring, his heart trying to beat out of his chest.

He had hardly sent his mind toward it when his pupils constricted.


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