Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 99 The Shackled Prince

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Chapter 99: The Shackled Prince

Somewhere else in the Lower Celestial Realm.

There was a man tied with so many chains and restrictions that anyone below the Ascendant Level would immediately lose their mind if they tried to use their divine sense to comprehend these restrictions.

The man was a disheveled young man, that had a devilish handsomeness to his body, his whole demeanor was that of a sickly young n.o.ble with vicious expressions, his eyes held disdain toward the world, nay, toward heavens themselves.

This young man was imprisoned, sealed, and locked away in this forgotten place, his whole demeanor however never changed, nor did this imprisonment bother him.

He was locked in a room in a ma.s.sive palace, if Shen Bao was here, he would have to admit that this palace was so far beyond the already astonis.h.i.+ng palace of the Purple Cloud sect that there was no way to compare them. But this very palace was nothing but a prison for this young man.

He was sitting on a throne fit for a king, but for what king would wish to be shackled?

Where the most impressive thing was the sword right above this man's head, it hovered dangerously close to his head and would come down if this young man tried to unshackle himself. There was no way for the young man to leave this place, at least that was what he believed. Until a few days ago, where a strange man had come to visit him.

This young man had been imprisoned for so many years he lost count when it went past the first thousand years.

But this strange man that came to visit, not only managed to arrive at this palace, he had gone past and beyond the traps that were laid out in this place without triggering them, nor did the traps themselves were able to detect him.

The imprisoned young man on the throne was vexed, because he had believed that he was strong, in his days, he believed that no one was his peer, he was a dragon among dragons. A mighty character of a prominent sect, that went far beyond the scope of what mortals could ever describe, yet a single mistake caused him this punishment and he vowed vengeance once he leaves, that is if he leaves.


And what vexed this man the most, what annoyed him the most was not the fact that the man wearing black clothes didn't even offer to help him out of his predicament, no matter how many rewards the young man had offered, no, the man in black didn't even deem this young prince worthy of help from his hands, and his exact words were, "Only the Dragon Spirit can save you, it is your fate, so it is his. Wait for the Dragon Spirit" The man said and then he left.

Now, Dragon Spirit? What the h.e.l.l is a dragon Spirit? The young man had seen many dragons, but this is the first time he heard this Dragon Spirit.

And then out of nowhere, this man comes, a sick man, full of a wretched poison, the Bone and Body Grinding poison, not that it was that difficult to take care of this vile poison, but because this very poison brought some unwanted memories for this young man.

There was a man that was plagued with this very poison, and unlike the many people who were touched by this poison, there were only two outcomes, either they die, or they use unG.o.dly amounts of resources to remove this poison, all but one man, a man that used this very poison to empower himself, to make a name for himself, to become one of the mightiest pillars of the Supreme Realms, the Poison G.o.d. A man that was lost to the world one day where he went to face the Primordial Dragon Snake. Though this man's death hasn't been confirmed, at least when this young prince was out of prison, he doesn't know what could have happened in these thousands of years of prison.

Now, there was another person with that same poison body, but the difference between the two is like a firefly to the sun. One was a G.o.d among G.o.ds and costed this young man a literal arm and a leg in their first encounter, and this thing in front of it, it was so weak, so feeble and so annoying that his very existence encroached upon this young prince's mind like that of a disgusting insect within one's home.

Yet this young man cannot do much but see, as he witnessed his prison being invaded by forces of smaller cultivators. He knew well enough that none of them would have been able to survive this place if The Lord of Lords hadn't placed a time ejection upon this place that would eject anyone that cannot consciously travel this Spatial Maze, luck has nothing to do with this, all of these people will be ejected.

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Yet this man, plagued with the Bone and Body Grinding Poison was just annoying, an eyesore to this young man because he dared to try and comprehend the laws of s.p.a.ce with his merger cultivation. He was what? A Core Cultivator, yes, that's the term, the young man was old, old enough that he couldn't remember when he ever was a Core realm cultivator.

It's impossible, it must be luck! Yes luck, nothing more, nothing less.

The young man calmed himself with that thought only to almost cough out blood, as the brat continued navigating through the mase with purposeful steps, walking from Chamber to spatial Chamber, one or two would have been luck, but hundreds of chambers consecutively, this man knew what he was doing!

Suddenly, the brat was in front of a wall, a ma.s.sive wall in front of him, yes this will definitely be the proof this young master needed to confirm his suspicion.


In front of the plagued brat was a wall, it didn't look anything else, it was a physical barrier, and within this barrier was the exit of this maze, but anyone would not be able to physically walk through a wall, unless he had comprehended the laws of s.p.a.ce, and then they'll be able to do something about it.

The brat touched the wall, and the young master took a breath of relief, the moment the brat's mind thought that this wall was actually physical, it will turn physical and would forever close him into that maze.

But what happened next caused the young man to literally cough pout blood.

The brat ran head first into the wall, anyone would hesitate a fraction of a second, and shouting "Hogwarts Express Here I come!"

The h.e.l.l does that even mean?!

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