Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 98 Spatial Rooms

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Chapter 98: Spatial Rooms

I took several moments to think of what I needed to do, if I were to take a random step I might enter another Spatial Chamber, lower, or higher, or maybe in between, the special chambers seem random and not organized.

I used my divine sense to try and spot them, but it was useless, I can't see the chambers using divine sense. So I used the next best thing, my Sky Pearl eye. I have inscribed it with thermal vision and night vision, but nothing that could allow me to see through s.p.a.ce laws, simply because I didn't have the ability to understand s.p.a.ce Law.

I switched the vision of my Sky Pearl, hoping that something might change, but using thermal vision was the same as using regular sight, nothing different was apparent. I sighed as I felt frustration at being unable to see where I'll be moving next.

So, I sat down and pulled out an item I had in my inventory, I didn't use it since I had obtained it but it seems that it's time I actually start focusing on real cultivation instead of looking for shortcuts.

I pulled out the small Law Stone I received from the Laughing Slaughterer's paG.o.da, and placed it in front of me. I had a fear that if I were to use this Law Stone, that the Primordial Dragon Snake would notice me like the last time and come at me. But this time I was ready for it, I had already seen it in the trial of fear, and now I can probably withstand it's humongous size and frightening appearance.

I focused on the Law Stone and found myself once again in s.p.a.ce, though s.p.a.ce was right above me when I used the Law Stone I was s.p.a.ce, I had no substance I was a part of the world and I could feel the globes and celestial orbs floating all in their own orbits, moving in the endless s.p.a.ce as if they were pilgriming to the deep unknown.

To try and comprehend s.p.a.ce laws from mere exposure is impossible, I needed to be able to comprehend how s.p.a.ce worked. I bet Albert Einstein would give his right arm for this very experience.

I continued gliding through s.p.a.ce, and saw many, many strange things, and in one part of my mind, I made sure not to approach a certain location with certain star formations. Its where the Primordial Dragon Snake lived. So I fully ignored that side of s.p.a.ce and focused on where I was.

s.p.a.ce was large enough that you can find many strange things all over it, like this in front of me.

Two stars had collided, and in their collision, a ma.s.sive shockwave echoed, enough that it obliterated even bigger stars that were nearby. Their explosion created an aurora effect that was colorful as special dust took different rainbow colors.


And within the explosion there was an implosion, as the ever expanding colorful dust began gathering, swept and sucked back into its origin. The center of the collision of the two stars became an unstable ma.s.s of power, the might of the explosion tore s.p.a.ce and in this tear, s.p.a.ce contorted and not even light was able to escape.

It was like creating a deep hole in the depth of the ocean, and now the whole ocean was funneling into that hole trying to correct that 'mistake' and close it.

A black hole. Unlike my experience and what I learned from earth, this black hole wasn't just a deep and heavy dent in s.p.a.ce that consumed everything, but actually it was like a small orb that sucked everything from every side. Unlike a tub where water would funnel from one side, this...o...b..sucked s.p.a.ce itself from every side. It was hard to explain and one needed to be there to experience it.

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And in that instant I had a small understanding, that s.p.a.ce wasn't in fact like a sheet of paper as I had presumed, but billions of billions of sheets of paper that were stacked above each other, within each other, diagonally, horizontally and in between. It was like so many pieces of paper were so tightly held against each other that they created a ball with no start and no end in between, and creating a single dent in one of these 'sheets' of paper would undoubtedly affect the rest.

I took a deep breath and calmed myself, there was no need for me to worry about things I cannot affect, and since he didn't kill me yet, he doesn't mean me harm, at least for now.


When my self-loathing and pity ended, I was finally able to witness a small change that I wasn't able to see before.

There were small ripples in front of me, they were barely visible, they resembled the mirage of desert, or highway, where heat would make the road look like it was wobbling. And this small effect was everywhere.

And it expanded into lines that spread from the ground to the high skies. In between these lines was a clear s.p.a.ce.

I hesitantly went between two lines, and the moment I went beyond them, I felt pressure changing. It was the same type of pressure you'll feel when you close a room, even your ears pop.

I frowned, did I just enter another Spatial Room?

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