Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 96 The Lord's Test

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Chapter 96: The Lord's Test

I continued navigating within the cave-made maze and barely managed to find a path that didn't have a dead end. The fighting sounds had long since calmed down, either the Skylark had taken them all out or they escaped it, either way, It would be best if I leave, I'm not too keen on staying in places that I have no knowledge of the layout of.

The path I followed was deserted and void of all life but some few plants and poisonous herbs, nothing spiritual, but most would make powerful concoctions or additions to already strong poisons that I can make using the harvest of Poison Spiritual Herbs I gathered when I entered the Poison Valley.

The poison valley exit soon came to present itself as I walked out of the doom and death valley filled with evil Qi and found my way back to a ma.s.sive archipelago in the middle of the pond that would be comparable to a small sea.

The archipelago had a lot of smaller islands, and a good deal of cultivators moving from island to island. I immediately pocketed my sword and moved behind a random group of cultivators and followed after them.

One of the cultivators turned and noticed me, "Fellow Cultivator, why are you following us?" he asked.

"I apologize, I intended to take this place to reach the Lord's Tower, it's but a coincidence that we're on the same track," I replied.

"Right, you may follow, but please don't do anything rash," the cultivator advised and I cupped my hand at him, there was absolutely no need to antagonize anyone for being careful.

The group in front of me was composed of three cultivators all wearing the same type of clothes, they belonged to the same sect, they didn't seem to be hostile and moved forward while having their divine sense probing around and 'unintentionally' go my way.

I didn't mind it, especially as I followed closely behind them.

One of them definitely was annoyed at how close I was, and was about to talk when his friend shook his head, they seem like good kids, they didn't want to cause trouble or be the ones instigating it. interesting.


After a period of moving about, one of the three cultivators I was following halted and said, "There is a maritime creature here, let's wait for it to pa.s.s."

And his words proved true, as a ma.s.sive shadow went between the two islands and swam deeper into the archipelago.

We continued hopping from island to island into a congregation of other cultivators.

"Brother Shen Bao!" the voice of Lang Xiao echoed in the distance, I turned to see him with Wu Di and Yuzehan all three of them looking my way.

"Thank you, fellow cultivators, for your company," I smiled at the now stunned group and walked away.

I heard one of them whispering, "Thank G.o.d we didn't offend him, h.e.l.l if I knew he was that Shen Bao I 'would have tried to be more courteous."

'It seems that my reputation precedes me. Well, that's good. That'll make people think twice before trying to compare d.i.c.k sizes with me.'

"You guys look like you just crawled out of h.e.l.l," I said as I took a better glance at the three.

"It was worth it, we found a Tripod Spirit Vine, and we had a pretty tough battle," Lang Xiao said.

"If it wasn't for Wu Di, you'd be dead, the least you can do is give him credit," Yuzehan said.

"Hey, at least let me gloat a bit," Xiang Lang said, his expressions looked hurt.

I smiled at the group, "Congratulations, the Tripod Spirit Vine will help you out greatly in your cultivation."

"Thank you, brother Shen Bao," Wu Di replied, though his white robes and his fan were now slightly dirty he still exuded a 'Young Master's look.

"So, what's going on here?" I asked.

"We're waiting for the Lord's Tomb to open." Wu Di said.

"So this is what all this Demon Lands and Lord Tomb thing is about, do you know what the test is about?" I asked.

"Well, it's a strange test, it always something different, my master told me that when he visited this place, he had to fight through hordes of enemies night and day. And his own master only needed to walk through a bridge, while each had a different experience, so I cannot say what our test might be." Wu Di said.

"Right, then we'll just have to wait and see," I said and sat down, as many others had done, they had all sat down meditating and replenis.h.i.+ng their forces in wait for the tower to open.

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After what seemed to be hours of waiting, more cultivators had joined us, a few started battling even, and some demons huddled up together. A few of the cultivators from the Toad's Cave were also here, but they seemed heavily wounded, some even had a missing limb.

The man with the crowbar had gone behind me, and it seems that the day I died I was actually too distressed with my day at work the day I died that I didn't notice this exact scene happening, but my subconscious had saved this for me to see once again, in this road.

The man with the crowbar lifted it and it came against my head, only this time, I wasn't the same Larry Hudson, I'm Shen Bao, a cultivator in another world that lived several decades and fought with monsters so frightening that these two wouldn't be worth a fart in my eyes.

I held my hand against the crowbar and a wave of agony shot through my hand.

It seems that I don't have my strength from the cultivation world, as my hand was clearly broken now. But the impact of the blow seemed more shocking not to me but the man who looked at my barely expressive face as I stared at my broken and unnaturally bent hand in amazement.

Using my other hand I immediately yanked the crowbar from the man's hand and swung it fast, hard, and decisively at his neck, ripping his entire throat out of its place.

The man with his throat ripped tried to gasp for breath, and staunch the blood flow with his other hand, but his life was already claimed the moment he tried to take mine.

"W-What the f.u.c.k!" the other man said as he turned to run.

With the crowbar in my hand, I lugged it forward and threw it with enough strength that it tore through the man's shoulder and had him drop to the ground. I slowly walked behind the man and ripped the crowbar from his back.

He turned crying and shouting, pleading even, but I gazed at him, unceremoniously, this whole s.h.i.+t was nothing but an illusion, and even if it was real, they had it coming. Then I used his head as if it was a golf ball, and the crowbar was a heavy golf club. End result, his head caved in and was twisted out of its place.


Almost immediately, I felt my vision swam, and I was back on the celestial road. Looking around me, I seem to be the first one to have woken from my test. I then continued moving, and once I was at the second candle, I received another vision, the first time I was facing an a.s.sa.s.sin, a threat from my early days back at Lucid Springs, there a person hired a man to kill me as I ama.s.sed a lot of wealth and he wanted to take what was mine.

Then another candle, another fear, and I continued moving, and with every candle, I looked back and see people dropping on their knees, in fright, scared out of their wits. And some outright vomiting.

Why the heck are they like that, this whole s.h.i.+t had already happened, and it was an experience that they already went through, why do they think that reliving it would break them, they should focus more on the fact that they already survived and came on top.


I continued walking, moving from candle to candle, leaving everyone in the dust. I walked so far and faced so much again and again, but nothing moved me until I stopped in front of a candle that was lit and exuded a green light. I immediately knew which fear I'll be facing here, and I was ready for it.

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