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Chapter 90 Sky Pearl

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Chapter 90: Sky Pearl

In the pouch of the Crimson robed Cultivator were many impressive things.

Bodhi roots, Dragon Gra.s.s extract, Fluoric Crimson Acid, a seventh-tier demonic creature horn, even some strange-looking weapons, and armors. These things looked far too high grade for that cultivator to have in his pouch. It seems that he managed to steal the treasury of an entire sect and escape with it, only to find doom at the Poison G.o.d's Cave. Even the pouch's size was ma.s.sive and it had so many cultivation manuals. Most were trash, nothing comparable to the Poison G.o.d's Technique nor the Laughing Slaughtere's Sanguine Blade Arts.

But there was a single scroll that radiates golden light, it looked torn, an incomplete scroll of movement art. I read through it and found it wonderous, the technique to move one's body to make a person see not one but many clones of a person.

A golden Scripture, these things were amazing and rarer than Phonix's Feathers and Qilin horns.

It's almost like a cloning technique, but the best thing is. This technique is not as simple as illusions of characters, but one can actually swap their location with any of the clones they create while they're using this movement technique to actually attack a person or escape from an attack.

The technique however was missing a majority of its details, and only the part where one can create three clones and exchange positions with them was mentioned, as for even higher application of this said technique, it seems that I'll need to be lucky to find it or just forget about it. still, this movement technique is good, and if I could combine it with my poison escape, then I can create something amazing. Clones that can attack and once attacked turn to poison smoke bombs. Pretty amazing stuff.

I pulled the scroll to the side and continued rummaging through the person's pouch, most items inside it were good stuff for alchemy and crafting, but there wasn't anything of great value. Until I found a small blue pearl, it was as big as a baby's fist, it was inscribed with a great deal of inscriptions, a defensive treasure, but it was a low-quality defensive treasure, what interested me in the pearl was how the moment I had it in my palm, it reflected my face clearly on top of it like a clear mirror.

I pulled up my brush and began inscribing on the pearl, removing entire rows of inscriptions and adding more. I was going to make this into a pretty d.a.m.n good defensive treasure, but unlike any other treasure, this small pearl will be one of a kind.

It took me the better part of a day to lay the basic layout of the inscriptions I was going to use. Once I was done, I grabbed the pearl and did what no one would ever think of. I jammed it into my missing eye socket.

I felt an immediate tingling in my eye, then as if struck by lighting the veins on my face pumped up then the pearl shone brightly as the inscriptions were fully fused to my body.


After such a long time, I was finally able to see, though not like anyone can. My vision was squeamish, as a matter of fact, my normal eye could see normally, but the fake one was white and black. It was not a perfect vision, but rather a rough translation of the layout in front of me. Anyone would think this was nothing but a waste of time as the use of one regular eye is better than this mix of black and white atop regular colors. But in fact, the monochrome vision wasn't that bad, it enabled me to see heat signatures, and had another vast array of specialties, for example, I blinked with my fake eye and was actually able to switch the monochrome vision to a full night vision. Even if cultivators had good eyesight, night vision is not easy, most would use their divine sense to see, but what if they're in a situation where they can't expand their divine sense, in case it clashed with another divine sense and have their location revealed.

Finally, the best inscription I added was the same one I had on X's body. Nauseating, torment, and torture illusions if one were to use their divine sense on me. The eye will cause them a sudden shock and would allow me time to either escape or retaliate if in the middle of a fight. Not to mention the ability to project such illusions if I need to.

The only downside is, I couldn't use a spirit stone to power this little pearl, and I had to adjust my inscriptions to work with my poison Qi, all thanks to the inscriptions on the Poison G.o.d's flying sword, it already had a layout of a working Poison Qi transfer array that I could use and it easily channeled my inner Qi into the fake eye.

I still used a patch to cover my eye, it was too big and too blue, and anyone would be irritated by the disproportioned eyes I have, but with a small eye patch, I was able to have all the benefits of the eye without any hindrance to its ability. It could still see heat signatures even if covered.

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Once I was done with the eye and felt it laying comfortably in my eye socket, I stood up, it was already morning and I needed to move towards the valley. I did a quick study of the map Tarta'Ghoul gave me and rode on my flying sword.

The cave was small and was more like a tunnel leading inside, and just as I arrived at the other side of the tunnel, I saw the skies, but unlike the demonic red-colored skies of the Demon Lands, the sky inside this Tomb was bright and blue. The whole scenery was an amazing formation of high mountains that were shaped like a ma.s.sive bowl.


Though I couldn't see the whole shape of this place from my position, looking at the map that Tarta'Ghoul gave me, I could understand the layout of this place.

Like I had mentioned the whole place was like a bowl made of mountains, and the reason why the sky was blue, was due to another inscription that covered this whole area like the cover of a cooking pot. Since the laws of the Demon lands forbid flight, no one can fly above this place and try to enter without the token, and even if they try to climb the steep mountains, they still can't go beyond the barrier.

The whole land was ma.s.sive, it would take months of travel to fully explore the whole Lord's Tomb. It had valleys, forests, and swamps all over the place, and the place where the Black Nether Rose lived was pretty far away from me.

The map also pointed several entrances to the Lord's Tomb, four in total, and each was protected and guarded by one of the four demon kings of this Demon land.

Finally, there was a large pool in the middle of this place. And in the middle of this pool was a ma.s.sive square pillar that had a staircase leading all the way to the top. Besides my own mission to obtain the Black Nether Rose and the Viridian Heart Flame. (Changed the name from Green to Veridian, because it sounds cooler :3) most came here for the Lord's Tomb, and it was at the top of this pillar. There is a compet.i.tive place where cultivators can compete for resources and materials and the rewards are great and beneficial to them. But for me, the Veridian Heart Flame was far too enticing for me to go and fight for resources that were going nowhere. Though sadly, the Lord's Tomb will remain open for exactly one month, I'll need to hurry up.

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