Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 84 Against Heaven

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Chapter 84: Against Heaven

I shouted and I couldn't even add more to express the dangers of a breakthrough while so close to so many other cultivators.

Wu Di, however, had his eyes bulging and called, "EVERYONE LEAVE THE RESTAURANT!" Wu Di said and jumped from where he sat leaving the area as fast as he could.

A heavy sense of danger suddenly befell everyone within the room, as they noticed everyone fleeing the ground.

Suddenly, three demons came rus.h.i.+ng toward the restaurant while everyone was leaving, they stood around me creating a triangle between them, and raised their hands making a s.h.i.+mmering barrier come to life.

Poison Qi rotated ravenously within me and began wreaking havoc through my body, pustules burst and seeped their content on the ground, searing it and burning bits and pieces of the wood making the floor a gaseous substance began to emit from the wood.

The Body and Bone Grinding Poison were nefariously ravaging through my body, enhancing it to be more attuned with poison and in the process, expelling the puss and grim from my body. Further turning my body from that of a human to that of a Poison Body.

Pain, intolerable and unquenchable pain wrecked me from head to toe. As my gray hair turned darker, and my skin regained its firmness, the pustules and tumors grew visibly smaller and I even began seeing areas with full healthy but still pale skin on my body.

The hole in my right eye burned but it never healed it was forever missing but in the other eye I could feel it being altered a.s.saulted by the green aura of poison. As for my bones, they became st.u.r.dier and stronger while my muscle flesh and tendons hardened for a moment before they became in better shape.

If I were to compare my body from before this very moment, when I was still at the Foundation Establishment, I was like a sixty-year-old man, with barely enough longevity. But now I'm feeling more like a person in his late forties if not early fifties. A good deal of strength had returned to me, and I could feel the last meridian that I needed finally emerging within the center of my core right above my Dantian.

The 108thmeridian. Yet the moment the meridian was created, the Dantian within me shuddered and began to ama.s.s the Poison Qi within it, aided by the meridians in my body to create an egg-like object that I could feel but not touch right within my Dantian. The golden object rotated and with its rotation, it gathered a huge cloud of poison Qi around it, then condensed it pressing it against itself.


The cloud was as big as the world and the core was forcing this cloud to concentrate against itself.

The cloud tightened around itself and it began to rain, filling my Dantian with a green substance that rained like there was no tomorrow.

The floating core continued rotating within my Dantian, and further condensing the cloud until it was literally squeezed dry and turned to water.

I could see within my Dantian an enormous green sea that was serene and calm but with a vast depth and above it was the core, shaped like an egg but large enough that it acted like a moon to this vast sea.

Finally, I opened my eyes to see three cultivators straining to keep the barrier around me, but before I could speak, I felt something coming up of my throat. And I opened my mouth, where I released a black gas that shot out from within me like all the evils of h.e.l.l were being released at once.

The black gas shot upwards where the three demon cultivators strained to keep the gas within the barrier. Once the last bit was out, the three of them all did the same motion with their hands and the barrier collapsed around the gas and then floated upwards into the vast skies.

I was feeling disoriented for a bit, and right before I could even say my thanks to the cultivators one of them shouted, "YOU! LEAVE THE CITY AT ONCE!" he called.

"Huh, why?" I asked.

"Though congratulations are due to having broken through to Core Formation, you have undoubtedly brought the wrath of the Jealous Heavens with your perfect meridians. Your Heavenly Tribulation is gathering above us right now, if you suffer it inside the city nothing will be left. Leave now!" the demon said.

"s.h.i.+t," I cursed, heavenly tribulation, what the heck isn't that some advanced s.h.i.+t that should only happen in higher realms.

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I felt the rumble of thunder clouds above me and decided that it would be best to leave this place now.

Once I judged that I had moved a distance far enough, and was in an area that had no one present to interfere I sat down in the lotus position and waited.

The clouds rumbled and shuddered, shook and seethed with unhinged fury. It was blasphemous, audacious, and outright arrogant for a man to dare and wrest perfection from the hands of heaven, the jealous heavens began to coerce its agent, the red clouds into baleful turmoil, shaking and writhing as the belly of the storm gave one loud thundering boom before a lightning bolt, redder than bloodshot down at me.

X shot out from the poison G.o.d's book, it jumped up and attempted to block the lightning bolt, but the bolt as if guided by the utter and complete disdain of the puppet dodged X and came at me. I held my right hand upwards and literally grabbed the tip of the lightning bolt. A fraction of a second, if elt the writhing and squirming might of heaven within the grasp of my hand, but after that fraction of a second, the muscles on my hand shook, tightened then flesh and veins burst in a shower of blood. The might of that heavenly bolt was too much for my hand to sustain and I was left with bleeding and heavily damaged arm.

Shaking, I had my right arm next to me. It was scorched, blackened from the damage of the Heavenly Tribulation Lighting but I grinned, because in that damage, I felt life. It was the same as would a field grow back to life after it is burnt to a crisp. There was destruction in that lightning, but at the same time, it held the secrets of the universe, life, creation within destruction, and heavens wielded both with complete mastery that it would bog the mind of one who dared try and understand the laws within this lightning.


I immediately threw a poison pill on my mouth and used the Qi within it to rapidly repair the damage caused by the lightning. I smiled as I waited for the second lightning strike.

The heavens, seemingly unimpressed by my att.i.tude sent another bolt at me, this one was thicker than the first and I felt it was judging my will to live.

And I had more will to live than any man, I cherished my life and wasn't going to lay down and be smote to nothingness without a fight.

I wielded Creeping Demise and pointed it upwards, "Come!" I called and the lighting surged at me with a vicious vengeance as it boomed through the skies, breaking the sound barrier as it came for my skin, flesh, veins, and soul, destruction entailed within its obvious disdain of those who seek perfection.

Ah, such sight! Who wouldn't want to be me right now, facing the wrath of the jealous heavens with a grin so wide that it reaches my ears!

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