Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 73 Invitation

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Chapter 73: Invitation

Though the cauldron I got from Xi Song's holding bag was good, it was already contaminated with my poison Qi and I can't use it to create anything but poison pills.

"How about now, do you not need me to provide you with a cauldron of your own?" the emperor said to me through a telepathic message.

Man, I hate the fact that I can't use telepathic messaging, I'll need to be at least at Core Creating to have my own spiritual sea and access to divine sense.

I pulled my brush and wrote on a paper for the emperor's eyes only.

"I could use a Dragon Bra.s.s cauldron."

"Just that? I can get you some of the best cauldrons the empire has to offer, and you wish for a Dragon Bra.s.s cauldron? Heck if my little knowledge about alchemy could serve, that's on an even lower quality than Meteorite Steel cauldron."

"Yes," I wrote, "But it can contain heat better, even if it has bad Qi distribution. Also, it would work wonders, I'll put on a show for you that you'll be sure to enjoy."

"So be it," said the emperor, and a moment later a royal guard wearing red and silver armors flew towards me.

He placed the Dragon Bra.s.s cauldron that looked nothing more than a cooking pot in front of me.

"Please check this pot," I said to the administrator who was next to me. The man frowned but immediately understood my meaning.


Once he checked it, he spoke up for all to hear, "This is a regulation respecting cauldron, it has nothing added to it, it's purely made of Dragon Bra.s.s. Are you sure you wish to use this, Shen Bao?"

"Yes," I replied, the man nodded and I had the cauldron in my hand.

"Foolish, that's going to cost you dearly, no one in their right mind would ever use Dragon Bra.s.s to make a Soul Condensing Pill," Ming Du scoffed.

"Aren't you tired of having your face being dragged through the mud the whole day? Just wait and I'll show you how foolish it is to speak before you see results." I replied at the kid who hmphed like a teenage girl once again.

The administrators began by giving the partic.i.p.ants the herbs they needed for the pill.

Then the oldest of the administrators spoke, "You have up to five incense time to make a soul-cleansing pill, you'll be graded by the time, purity, and quality of your pill." The administrator spoke.

Everyone began their extraction phase, as for I, I pulled out my Drowsy Inkberry quill and my brush and began inscribing the pot as fast as I could. To the amazement of everyone present, my hands were moving at a speed that could only be described as blurringly fast.

I wrote as fast as I could, painting inscriptions, regulation of heat, distribution of ma.s.s, heat conversion, liquid preservation, and more inscriptions than I could count, I needed to finish this as fast as I can at least I'll have time to create the pill.

Seeing that I won't be able to fully finish the inscriptions in time, I made a risky gambit, I placed my brush within the pot and began writing the extraction inscription on the pot. Then placed an herb inside and slapped the pot while I still wrote on it. I was using alchemy and inscription making at the same time, to the amazement of myself and everyone in the audience. The whole process looked like a mad man's dream attempting to do two things at once. How can a person split their mind between alchemy and craftsmans.h.i.+p and do them both at the same time? I didn't know but I was doing it still and I was grinning as I inscribed and did alchemy.

Though the pot was extremely hot, and I feared that it would actually impact the pill if I were to have bits of my burnt hand falling into the pot, I managed to write the final inscription within the pot right before my hand became a charred mess.

Once everything was in place, I continued slapping the pot until the whole spiritual herbal extract ama.s.sed itself in the middle of the pot.

I had a few seconds to look up, only to notice everyone looking at me. The time was almost up, and everyone had either finished or had their pot blow up. And they were all waiting for me or hoping that I won't make it before the time was up.

I slapped the cauldron one last time and three pills shot up towards a pill bottle and I grinned as I definitely had a good pill among those three.

"Humph, you barely made it in time," Ming Du said.

"You talk too much," Meng Hao said.

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"Little brat, do you know who I am?" Ming Du shouted.

"That's no issue," one man said as he flew down the audience.

He was wearing golden robes and looked majestic like a man sent from heaven to witness mortal's strife. A man of grandeur and a presence that cowed everyone. Not even the emperor's cultivation was a match to this person.

"I find Shen Bao's talents to be extraordinary, we of the Seven Mountain Peaks Sect wish to invite you as an honored guest, we will not force you to join us, but our doors are open to you if you wish to join our sect."

I heard mutters around me and among the words I could capture, were "Isn't the Seven Mountain Peaks sect a fifth level Cultivation sect?"

This was huge, this sect was actually only one grade lower than the Purple Cloud sect, and if I remember correctly, it has higher standing than the Imperial Clan. I could get better information from them on the Sect that attacked the Purple Cloud Sect.

"I'll be honored, to be a guest within your sect, I'll make sure to pay you a visit as soon as I can."

"The way to the Seven Mountain Peaks is far, you'll need guidance, though I'll respect your wishes if you don't want me escorting you, I'll leave you with a map to our sect and this token that you can present when you're at our gates."


The man threw the token towards me and I pocketed it right after I read, "Esteemed Guest" written on it.

I nodded at the man who then disappeared out of sight.

Suddenly everyone began congratulating me on the opportunity I just received. And among them was even the emperor, though I felt a hint of apprehension on his face.

"Shen Bao, that invitation. I don't think it of pure intentions, come meet me at my palace, I'll send someone over to pick you up."

Well, that doesn't bode well…

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