Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 67 Alchemy Competition 3

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Chapter 67: Alchemy Compet.i.tion 3

"In about a couple weeks, I'll get you an invitation to partic.i.p.ate and come get you when the time for the compet.i.tion is nigh," Zen Fei spoke in a.s.surance.

"Thank you, though I don't expect I can make the cut I'll try still," I replied.

This is enough time for me to test a few tricks I've been thinking about.

"No worries about making the cut, it's a good experience you'll get to use a lot of herbs that you won't be paying for anyway," Zen Fei said.

"Yeah, that will cut on my losses, here," I said as I handed Zei Fen the dozen dim poison Pills and the Bright Lit ones.

"Poison Pills again," Zei Fen sighed.

It was only natural, I could only make Poison Pills, though not many people bought them, they were still expensive and were exchanged for herbs so that I could create more pills. Though I felt Zei Fen was distressed and wanted a spiritual Pill, I was still not ready to tackle that venue, though I had a really good idea on how to do it.

"Say, I need a cauldron, get me a big one, something made from Meteorite Steel,"I said, because to make something other than poison pill I'll need to try something new, something never before seen in this country, perhaps even this world.

"That's going to be pretty expensive…" Zei Fen said with a worried look. Though we generated a good deal of money, a Meteorite Steel Cauldron was expensive.

"No need to worry about the cost," I said as I handed Zei Fen a pouch full of spiritual stones, all thanks to Xi Son's savings.

"Would this be enough?" I asked In a sly grin.

Zei Fen's eyes widened as he looked at me, "More than enough, h.e.l.l there is an even better Cauldron you can buy with this." he advised.

"Just get me a Meteorite Steel Cauldron, I don't need anything else," I replied. because I specifically needed Meteorite Steel for what I have in mind even if I could afford better cauldrons.

"Right then, I'll have it delivered to you before nightfall." Zei Fen said and left the area.

I went back home and continued my trials, I needed to perfect this before the compet.i.tion. The compet.i.tion will be a great boon to my endeavors in alchemy. Because I'll be able to get an Alchemist's Token, which will give me a good reduction on herbs. And when I make those into poison pills's I'll be able to increase my cultivation.

I'm unable to just sit down and harness the world's Qi, the best thing I can do with meditation is to calm my exhausted mind from overusing my Mind's Eye. It's a huge disadvantage I have, as other cultivators can simply suck in the world's energy and become stronger, I'll have to actively create, search and obtain pills to increase my cultivation. My cultivation path is only going to get harder the more I walk down this path. So, the best thing would be to follow the Poison G.o.d's footsteps and become a well-known Alchemist, so I can create pills to make me more powerful.

Zen Fei delivered the cauldron later that same day, and I continued my attempts at alchemy, until three days past where I made a pill that had pill veins. There and then I laughed like a mad man.

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"I GOT IT! Finally, I got it! I got the trick to alchemy!" and it was so d.a.m.n amazing.

Right, let's focus on the second task, I barely have more than ten days for the compet.i.tion to start, I need to have my secondary cauldron ready for the compet.i.tion.

I pulled out the Meteorite Steel Cauldron and began by inscribing it with several inscriptions, yes inscriptions integrated into alchemy. It was a simple idea I had at first thought I didn't think it would ever work, the idea festered in my mind and I had to try it.

I began writing inscriptions on the furnace and surprisingly it wasn't difficult, it was almost like making an electric oven. Inscriptions to manage heat, other inscriptions to manage the Qi. And I even created different compartments into the cauldron using some of the material I got from the Laughing Slaughter's paG.o.da.

It took me four days just to finish the layout of the cauldron, and make it work with several different parts, where I'll be able to place different herbs and have them heated at different temperatures regulated by the inscriptions. Then A compartment to release the waste, but there was one thing I couldn't manage… Qi infusion I only have poison Qi within my body, and can't use spiritual Qi.

Also, I cannot use Spirit Stones to power up the oven, it will be considered cheating. I needed my own Spiritual Qi or the Hearth fire, but Heart fire is not stable and will not power my furnace properly. So, I figured a new way to do this, though it will definitely be annoying to everyone else besides me, it will work best.

I grinned as I thought about the look on everyone who'll see how eccentric this new way of alchemy.

I inscribed a good few more inscriptions on the cauldron and called it a day.

I needed to rest and prepare for the compet.i.tion.

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