Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 66 Alchemy Competition 2

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Chapter 66: Alchemy Compet.i.tion 2

First, one needs an adequate cauldron or furnace, this in front of me is a square cauldron with a cover. It's made of Dragon Bra.s.s and can sustain great levels of heat. But there is a problem.


The moment you use your Poison Qi on a cauldron, it can never be used to create a Spiritual Qi pill, it will only contaminate other pills with your poison and will destroy anything else that is created besides poison pills, but at the same time, the cauldron will be attuned to make powerful poison pills.


Now, this is problematic, because due to the Poison Qi within me, I'm only able to make poison pills. That won't do. For example, I heard that there will be an alchemy compet.i.tion by the alchemy guild that will be held soon in the capital, and they're required to make pills that require the use of spiritual Qi since I can't use Spiritual Qi and only Poison Qi, I'll be disqualified before I even begin.

I put the idea aside, to think about a solution later, for now, let me focus on Poison Alchemy and see how it will work.

The Poison G.o.d Book began by giving me detailed information on how to start Alchemy. First off I need Hearth Fire or a powerful Qi counterpart. Cultivators of the higher realms don't use Hearth Firestones and use their own Qi to extract the essences of the herbs this is Receptarism. The Poison G.o.d explained the method clearly and I found myself surprised as this was highly related to how I first used the small flame to light my pipe.

I pointed my finger forward and exerted my poison Qi onto my finger, a small candle-like flame lit up, then I willed it to increase in potency and it raged like a flame thrower. I frowned, the flame I have is hot but at the same time, it's not stable.

I clenched my hand and forced the flame to equally be released from my palm. Then as if the raging fire was toned down it turned from its raging form to a calm almost liquid-like flame.

The second thing was for me to use this flame and coat the herbs with it so that the flames would burn the Spiritual Herbs and extract their essence.

I tried it with a low-grade herb and almost immediately the herb withered and turned to ash while a drop of concentrated essence remained afloat.

I pushed my hand onto the cauldron as the essence fell inside and I did the same to a couple more essence extractions and ama.s.sed everything within the cauldron. Once the essences were inside I needed them to mix harmoniously. And this can only be done by increasing the flame but keeping it at a moderate heat.

And with only one hand it would be impossible to spread the heat all over the cauldron.

I exerted the same energy onto my second palm and pressed both hands on the cauldron that began heating up to an adequate degree.

A powerful spiritual smell came out of the cauldron, as the essences gathered and mixed together. But I began feeling slightly exhausted from the continuous poison Qi exertion. Suddenly I felt that something was awry, the liquid inside the cauldron began turning darker, it was burning before it reached harmonious levels. I had to lower the heat, but that didn't work perfectly, the color continued to darken but at a slower pace, and if I were to lower the flames from my hands even more it will only cause the mixture to fail at such a critical moment.

Suddenly the whole mixture turned up in flames as the result was a failed sludge.

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I cursed at the failed attempt and went to the poison G.o.d's book to read more.

"Greetings!" Zen Fei said as he beamed with a smile. "Here, offering from Xi Son," Zen Fei said as he gave me a pouch. I took a look at it and grinned, it seems like Xi Son has a good head.

Looking behind me I sighed, the manor had been infected with my failed attempts at alchemy and grew several dangerous mushrooms and poisonous plants all over it. The smell was definitely annoying the neighbors, but in my secluded time, many had understood that an 'alchemist' was living nearby and in this world, alchemists are feared as much as kings. Most of them are eccentric and rude, and no one would cross them. So, even if the neighbors were disturbed by the smell, they didn't voice their complaints.

"I'll take care of this mess later on," I said to Fen Zei.

"I can send a few servants to clean up the manor." Fen Zei said while giving me a slight nod.

"No," I shook my head, "They'll definitely die if they inhale the smells of the manor, I'll manage this on my time. Thank you for the gift and tell Xi Son that he's on a good track to regaining my favor."

"Right," Zei Fen nodded. "Ah, by the way, while you were cultivating alchemy, I received some news. The Imperial Clan is holding the next alchemy tourney within the halls of the mansion, would you like to attend? I know you're a great craftsman, but seeing how many alchemist came here and commended the efforts of your alchemical attempts, I think you'll do great joining."

Well, that came in time, I'm definitely joining. I grinned at

"Right, I might as well try, when is the compet.i.tion starting?"

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