Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 60 Training Montage

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A powerful downpour of heavenly energy crashed against me, it was like standing under a waterfall, the pressure was pus.h.i.+ng me to my knees and I would have buckled down in an instant if I didn't antic.i.p.ate such. As I thought, every milestone would have the pressure double up, but the thousandth step, the pressure increased exponentially, and I felt like I was about to drown.

I took a deep breath, and grit my old teeth until I felt them about to crack, then I took a powerful step forward. The stomp was mighty enough that I left a print on the staircase, this was new. And it had given me a slight understanding of something mystical, but I couldn't put my hands on it, this step that I took, though it was simple, it hid a secret, a secret that I was going to uncover once this G.o.d d.a.m.ned pressure lessens a bit.

But my prayers go unrewarded, as the pressure only increased the more I walked upwards.

The step that crushed the staircase didn't happen again, and I didn't understand why, but no need to fret over things I can't figure out right now, I'll need to first make my way up.

After a few more steps, I felt like my bones were about to break from the pressure, so I sat down in the lotus position, which was d.a.m.n difficult, as even moving my body under this pressure felt like my limbs were made of lead.

Once I entered my meditation state, I found myself looking at my body, and all of its Poison Meridians, they were suffering, threatening to break. This wasn't good for me. The Spiritual Energy that is a.s.saulting my body was indeed intended to temper my soul, but that would be good only if my body was attuned to the spiritual Qi, as for me, I'm made of Poison Qi.

I tried to channel the poison Qi in my Dantian to reinforce my meridians but it was difficult to course through my spirit veins and reach the meridians, the pressure was powerful enough that it blocked my veins.

My body began shuddering against the pressure. I need to go back, I can't move anymore. This was the only idea that was pa.s.sing through my mind, I can't keep going, I must give up!

But for some reason, this reasoning felt wrong, I instinctively felt that there was an opportunity here, that I could take, something huge that can allow me to reach greater heights, but why am I being prodded to give up, the thought is so forceful that I'm almost certain it's not mine.

Someone or something is actually trying to temper with my thoughts, so I would give up.

I looked within my shuddering meridians and then noticed something I failed to see the first time. The meridians weren't threatening to shatter…otherwise, under this pressure, they would have broken the first time, they are actually…giddy? Antic.i.p.ating something even, my whole body is actually shuddering at an incoming fortuitous encounter that I'm failing to even know, notice or see.

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Then it hit me like a truck, the energy, this is pure spiritual Qi, not unlike world's Qi, but more like this is a purified version of it, removed from heavenly Law. This is not true spiritual Qi, but a fake one, though even if fake, it was the best thing I could hope for. Natural Heavenly Qi is opposed to my body, and it will not work in tune with it, but this inferior version, this boundless Qi that has no law inside it, would be perfect for my body if I were to add one single thing to it. Something that the spiritual Qi didn't come with. Poison!

This was the perfect place to train, as with every attack I did, the fake Qi would merge with my Poison Qi and come towards me to fill me up with even more Qi. Which I used to my advantage in trying these attacks and spells.

And so, I began shooting out claw attacks, Poison Escape, and even a new Skill that the Poison G.o.d's Book unlocked for me when I reached the seventh layer of Foundation Establishment. Twisted Snake. An attack that bends perception, giving the one opposing you the sense that your hands were snakes instead of arms, unable to understand where the attack would come from only to have them lying dead at your feet the moment you strike. An insidious attack that plays against one's own sight, for if one were to use their eyes to track the user's arms, they'll die before knowing how it happened.

And best of all, my body, no longer had the thin skin of old people, but a slightly unhealthy skin tone, and far fewer tumors and pustules than before, I could even feel my hair had fully grown back, though I believe it's still gray, it beats being half bald.

And so I continued practicing in this unlimited Qi s.p.a.ce. An ascendant cultivator had so many means to create something like this, for many would find this place heaven, I believe for an ascendant cultivator this paG.o.da is nothing more than a discardable toy. For they can use Saint Qi, which is far superior to regular Qi, as for me, as long as I get to use this fake Qi to my advantage and practice my skills with no regard to Qi consumption, then I'm more than willing to spend a few months here until I perfect all of my skills.

It's high time I start learning how to use the powers at my disposal, as relying always on X will only cause me to grow complacent. And so, my training montage started.

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