Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 530  Laugh

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Chapter 530  Laugh

Surge after surge of energy shot toward me as I fought tooth skin, flesh, bone and nail to fend off the incoming destruction. With every ounce of power I had, I fought back against the bolts of destructive lightning and sent blows of my own.

It was a dance, a tragic one, full of fury, anger and wrath, but at the same time, struggle and resistance themed it with a dark tone of hope.

It was a fight that I was forced in, and had to take, since I've gained more than what any should ever do, and I was supposed to pay for this encounter with my life if found wanting or inadequate, and inadequate I am not.

Thus I threw in the full force of my body.

"LAW!" I called upon the teachings of the poison path, cemented by a century of study and practice.

A ma.s.sive surge of energy unfolded around me, part of the world, yet detached from it at the same time, liens of the very laws that made this world, from the most basic of its essence, from the very molecules of the world itself, from its teachings and its origin spread around me in a cascading net that surrounded the entirety of the black cloud.

"Domain of Delusions! Fake and Real!"

Uncanny, and foolish it may be to try and use Law and Domain against the Tribulation, it is not without merit.

The Heavens are cruel, yet merciful, they do not tolerate going against them, but encourages those who have the guts to try it, and if they succeed the heavens reward them.

And who here had ever thought to use Law against the very essence of law?

Only I have, since I'm the only b.a.s.t.a.r.d who dares curse the very heavens themselves for being stingy am I not?

Then why not further cement the fact that I'm the only crazy cultivator who dares use Law that was understood for merely a hundred years, against the essence and origin of law, against the Primordial Knowledge of the world itself.

Only a fool will try it, and a fool I may be, but at least a fool with guts!

The heavens immediately roared with wanton rage as it saw my attempt at sealing it using my law, the dissipating clouds strengthened themselves more, but I felt something was awry, it was as if the clouds above me were straining themselves to remain and punish me.

As if they had a time limitation on their existence here.

'Ah I finally understand,' I grinned as my eyes shone in a brighter light.

I clasped my hands together finis.h.i.+ng the link of the law lines and fully erecting my domain.

Trapping the clouds in my own domain where I ruled.

For but a mere couple seconds, I was able to trap the clouds. But in those two seconds my nostrils bled golden so did my eyes and ears.

The very attempt at trying to trap the heavens almost cost me my sanity, as a pain akin to the blow of a hammer against my brain bombarded my mind.

Yet I struggled and struggled to trap it for even but a couple seconds.

And in the end all I could do was two seconds. But it was more than enough.

Just before I lost consciousness from the soul wrenching pain, my Domain of Delusions shattered into a million pieces. As for the Divine Tribulation, perhaps with its pride hurt at being captured and trapped for even two seconds, it came at me with its full power.

It changed its clouds to spears and swords made of black matter that seemed to sap the very light of the world itself, and it all came upon me, falling toward me like the snow and rock from the highest peak of a mountain, an avalanche of death that was about to crush me whole.

Yet, for all to see, I grinned as I saw the incoming a.s.sault, approaching further and further.

There was no need for me to defend or dodge… after all in those two seconds where I trapped the heavens themselves… I gained something.


Not too far away, the rumbling of hooves echoed and heralded the approach of a calamitous being.

Many cultivators who were watching the battle between the giant cultivator and the heavens were too stunned to react to the incoming charging bull that seemed to be made of lightening incarnate.

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The scavengers realized that if they don't move from here soon, they'll be crushed between a rock and a bigger rock.

Meaning that staying between the cultivators and that Divine tribulation meant nothing short of asking to meet Yama of the Underworld.



Master Rain's ears almost bled from the loud scream coming from next to him.

Yuyu's voice was full of panic and fear as she was seeing what was happening, though glad Shen Bao lives still, the fact that hundreds of thousands of weapons with might capable of destroying a planet were coming down upon him.

Even Master Rain was about to call out to Shen Bao to evade but she was faster so for the sake of dignity he decided to not shot, and that was only confirmed when he saw the wide, vile and repulsing yet very familiar grin plastered upon Shen Bao's face when the weapons of heaven were coming at him.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d probably has a way out," Dao Shen said snickering.

"Indeed," Master Rain replied. "That smile of his brings s.h.i.+ver down my spine…"

Though confused, the two women, Yuyu and Liang Yu could do nothing but home that the words of Master Rain were true.

Because they couldn't even fathom a way to escape the incoming destruction befalling Shen Bao.

And just as the first weapon was about to hit him, it turned to fog once more dissipating upon contact not leaving a single scratch on him.

The rest of the weapons began disintegrating one by one, and that could be heard

Was the echoing and constant soul shuddering evil laugh coming from the mouth of Shen Bao.

The only one, crazy enough to laugh at the face of heavens itself…

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