Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 528  Battle Through The Heavens

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Chapter 528  Battle Through The Heavens 

The Heavens rumbled.

It was loud, loud enough that any who were near it would instantly lose their hearing, and it was strong and mighty. With enough power to obliterate entire planets.

The thundering booms of the Divine Tribulation were too powerful, comparing them to the Thunderclaps of the Heavenly Tribulation is nothing short of a joke.

If the Heavenly Tribulation is meant to test a cultivator's worthiness to reach the next realm. The Divine Tribulation is meant to stop a cultivator from staying in the current realm.

The power difference is significantly incomparable. Since the first is meant to aid and a.s.sist, while the second is meant to destroy.

But for Shen Bao, this whole ordeal, looked nothing more than another day in his usual life.


Looking above me, the whole area turned dark, I couldn't even see the stars of the nearest galaxies, it was nothing but darkness, with the occasional spark here and there of thunder.

As loud as they may be, they were still not as loud as the beating heart of the Primordial Serpent G.o.d.

Still it was annoying, so the moment my eardrums burst, I didn't care enough to heal them.

At the edge of my vision I saw a group of cultivators who were rus.h.i.+ng toward me, but the appearance of the Divine Tribulation was enough to chase them away.

But this thing up here isn't looking too friendly.

I've faced many tribulations but this one is actually giving me the heebie-jeebies.


The first thunderbolt manifested and struck down with enough force to tear apart the very fabric of s.p.a.ce itself. Dodging was out of the question this thing would just curve and come at me, and that's even worse.

Since it will take time for it to reach me, another bolt will come toward me by the time I dodge.

So, I did what every sane cultivator would do. And took the bolt head on.

I raised my palm up, and the bolt ripped through it like a sword through flesh, sending endless torrents of electric might surging through my body, bursting veins and burning flesh as it crossed.

I almost died with the first bolt, and many more were soon to come. But…

I clasped my burnt fist and the scorched skill simply flew off in s.p.a.ce as if it was nothing but dust in the wind. New flesh had already grown from underneath the damaged skin.

More bolts came down, and more pain followed, but with nothing but the regeneration of the Poison G.o.d's Path of the Body, I was easily able to repair everything that was harmed.

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As if provoked, since I didn't seem to feel any of the bolts nor worry about the impacts of the incoming lightning strikes, the heavens made sure to make its stance known, by coiling three bolts of lightning together to send in a more powerful and more penetrative This one might hurt… but not me.

The clouds which seemed to be the harbingers of the end were being eradicated bit by bit as the light from the Eternal Gold Fists were breaking them apart.

This Tribulation offers no awards, its only purpose is to destroy, so why must I suffer it, I'll just destroy it.

As more of the fists of the Eternal Gold bore through the clouds, reducing their volume.

But as if it gotten enraged at my retaliation, more clouds began gathering out of nowhere.

"I suppose I'll have to up the damage, since you're so considerate to powerup yourself."

My Qi began spiraling as it gave more vigor to every part and bit of my body. Surging above and beyond the human limits to form and reform my body growing to a ma.s.sive size.

The t.i.tan form helped me grow in size, and gave me access to far superior abilities on the expense of my Qi, but, coupled with the energy generated from the Golden Blood of the serpent G.o.d, I was easily able to bypa.s.s that issue to make the Qi waste negligible.

More and more fists of Qi surged forward, in far more destructive power and might as now with each gauntlet the echoes and blasts would rip the clouds apart revealing bits and pieces of the s.p.a.ce beyond them.

For now it felt as I was overpowering the Divine Tribulation, but I knew for sure, that it wouldn't be this easy.

And it never is. ????????.???

Soon the black clouds began thinning, but not in disappearing, but in condensing, it seems that phase two is about to start…

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