Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 527  Divine Tribulation

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Chapter 527 Divine Tribulation

527  Divine Tribulation

"Automaton, can you fit this thing inside?" I asked.

"It is possible, but it will only fit on the fifth floor," said the Automaton.


"Yes, in case you forgot, the Lord of Lords paG.o.da has nine floors in total, you only had access to four of them since your cultivation level was too low, now, I can open up to the sixth floor for you," the Automaton asked.

"Interesting, I suppose the rest of the floors need a higher cultivation level then," I asked.

"Not only higher cultivation level, they'll need a great amount of Origin Qi to open," said the Automaton.

"Origin Qi?" I asked.

"Yes, I suppose the limitation on the information needed for you to know more has been lifted if you could understand the words I speak. Since you already obtained a good amount of purified Origin Qi from the Primordial Serpent G.o.d,"

"So that's what it was, I suppose it's a higher form of Saint Qi," I asked.

"Yes, it's a type of Qi that comes form the beyond, from where the paG.o.da's lord came from," the automaton said.

"Wait wait, you said the Lord of Lords, came from the Beyond?"

"It is what is called in this lower realm, but the **/*@@@°°° Is a far vaster world, far greater than you can ever imagine… hmm, I suppose the restriction are still there for you, you'll need to grow stronger to know more, but so far I can explain a bit without the restrictions interfering." ????????.???

"Then allow me to ask, who is the Lord of Lords?"

"Since I can't give detailed information about him due to the limitations, all I can say, can you imagine the strongest being, the mightiest you could ever imagine?" the automaton asked.

Nothing in mind came but the Primordial Serpent G.o.d, though I cheated in the way of taking over it, it is still mighty and strong…

"Before you answer," the Automaton added "Now imagine someone who can beat that being black and blue by a landslide," the automaton said.

I shook my head, " I can't even phantom the might of the second being then, The power of the Lord of Lords is that strong," I sighed.

"No, the Lord of Lords can beat the second guy black and blue by a land slide, that's how strong he is…"

"The power level seemed to jump a bit too much…I was a frog in a well I suppose," I said.

"I wouldn't blame you, you've been introduced to cultivation in a very barren and lowly area, yet you still managed to obtain great opportunities to grow, though with your current ability, you'll not even be able to stand your ground against the weakest of the cultivators in the Beyond since both your starting points are different, if you get the opportunity to go there, I believe with your wit you may be able to topple the power levels… but that requires leaving this prison."

"So you're saying that even the weakest cultivator from the beyond can easily take down the Primordial Serpent G.o.d?" what kind of power do they have this is in the realms of deity.

"No, I never said that, even in the Beyond, The Primordial Serpent G.o.d is a feared being. But what you fought right now, is a creature that hadn't had Origin Qi in its body for billions of years, it was hungered, weak and exhausted, and was slowly consuming planets to generate miniscule amounts of Origin Qi to sustain its life, waiting for the day it could return, if this thing is unleashed back in the Beyond, even the mightiest of the lords there will have trouble dealing with it. This is a great opportunity, for now, let me store it inside. Also, you know what will happen once you're outside the Serpent?" the Automaton asked.

"I guess it's time for that, right," I said.

"Yes, you've been suppressing your cultivation base for far too long, the moment you allow a fraction of the energy from the Golden Blood, the Blood Essence of the Primordial G.o.d out in the Vast Expanse, the Heavens will notice it, and will come down upon you with storms of lightning enough to eradicate planets…"

"Hold up now, the Heavenly Tribulation shouldn't be this serious?" I asked.

"No, it should be even more," said the Automaton, "Currently, what resides in you, is the Blood of a Being that its very existence is higher than the entire Vast Expanse, you're considered a creature that is elevated above the level of the Vast Expanse, so you must be struck down, however, the Heavens are Fair, and will never give you more than you can handle even if you feel they did."

Alright, might as well be ready for it since I can't escape it.

"Lord, are you ready?" asked the Automaton0

"Yes, go on ahead, consume the serpent," I said.

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Suddenly, the entire Primordial Serpent G.o.d's body which was clearly nothing more than a husk as I had sealed its soul and gave it to my Draconic. Which meant it is nothing more than resources.

"Working together seems like a good idea, we can split the work and claim pieces and bits, before the Big Four come we should have harvested enough to live off several lifetimes, so yes we'll work with you, how many of your group are there?"

As the group were discussing how to divide their loot, not realizing they were counting their chicken before they're hatched. The entire body of the Primordial Serpent G.o.d suddenly disappeared.

And instead, the body of a man which was comparable to a grain of sand to the serpent appeared instead.

The group of cultivators didn't understand what happened, or how could the serpent just disappear, and thus their only realization was that it had to do with the person that appeared next to it. So they moved fast to question him before he would escape with probably the entire serpent.

But just as they made it a fraction of the way, s.p.a.ce itself seemed darker than usual. Which was an absurd notion, if not for the fact that actual clouds were manifesting within s.p.a.ce itself.

An absurd notion, but in this world it was real all too real and only idiots would not recognize this phenomenon.

"H-heavenly Tribulation?! No, this is something more…" the cultivator said as he stopped.

The clouds, instead of their crimson blood color, were pitch black, so black that no light was able to reflect against them, they looked like the emptiness of the abyss itself.

Not many knew of this type of tribulation, since it was so rare only one case was ever recorded, and those who knew it are far in and between.

Since this tribulation only happened once when a being too powerful descended upon the Vast Expanse. His origin unknown, his goal unknown and his presence was for but a minute…

Only few know of this person, and it was the Lord of Lords… but that's a story for another time…

The tribulation that came with him was recorded in legends as the end of the world itself due to the strength it came with.

And now it appeared once more.

A Divine Tribulation.


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