Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 526  Felled

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Chapter 526  Felled

For a moment, I felt my Divine Sense reach far beyond where I currently am, beyond the belly of the beast, far in between the stars, all the way to the heavenly academy. It was for but a moment, but in that moment, I was able to send one order to my avatar.

Stay put, and cultivate, I'm coming soon.

Before my mind returned to where I currently am. Within my Sea of Consciousnesses. Atop an endless sea that spread as far as the eye could see, it's depth limited by nothing but the ability of my mind and its reach expanding equivalently to the strength of my own Qi.

Within this endlessly looking sea, a fortress that has no business to be a setting in a world of cultivation was afloat. And in its midst were hundreds of thousands of puppets that had only one job, to defend it with all they had.

A single tower supervise the entire fortress. At the top of the tower, my Nascent Soul. Sitting on a throne of gold and bone. It looked closer to human than it ever did before, yet, you could see feral might from its draconic eyes. Waiting, for what is to come.

For even if this soul was originally that of a ghost dragon, it is still a dragon. And its bloodline far surpa.s.ses that of what is to arrive soon upon my own domain.

Soon, the blood colored skies of my sea of consciousness opened up, and though the size was far smaller than the original, the Primordial Serpent G.o.d's snout was enough to cover the skies itself. And thus it came down upon my mind like a wrecking ball would do to a wall.

Incredible, destructive and mind boggling pain echoed through my mind and soul, but it was for a mere moment as my Soul, unlike any I've seen before was far mightier and stronger than the average one.

Strong enough to easily contend with the Queen's own Soul, no, to surpa.s.s it even. After all, my soul was able to transcend and transmigrate, regress and refuse itself into a new body.

I had my doubts at first, but this confirms it, because even the mightiest of the Vast Expanse, even the Primordial Serpent G.o.d's soul looked like the flames of a candle compared to the brightness of my own soul that would put even the Sun's light to shame.

The Serpent G.o.d immediately realized that it was way out of its league by daring to tread upon my Sea of Consciousness, thinking that it was mighty enough to rule s.p.a.ce itself, it would easily crumble and oppress my weak mind, only for it to find a wall so great, and unsurmountable, that the mere thought of breaking it was nothing short of humorous.

As for me, since I invited a guest in, I had no will to let them leave. Both my hands rose up, and with that, ethereal hands the size of which was enough to grasp upon the very face of the Serpent G.o.d with ease.

"I hate to be looked down upon," I spoke as I wrenched both my hands down, pulling the entirety of the serpent G.o.d down to my level.

 The sea tore apart as waves the size of mountains rose up in accordance to the weight of the serpent, tidal waves that would easily submerge continents rose and threatened to swallow my mental fortress.

However, here, I rule. And with nothing but the will of my mind the entire waves froze over, creating a cascade of ice that surrounded my fortress on all sides, further protecting it from what is to come.

The serpent tried to wriggle its way out of my grasp, only for more hands to reach out and begin latching onto it, further pinning it down. ????????.???

More and more hands emerged, grasping upon the serpent's body and dragging it down deep into the endless sea.

This was nothing but the mind of the serpent, as its actual body was still outside my reach, however, if I were to consume its mind completely as I did to its blood essence, I should have no problem with taking its corpse for my use.

Unlike the many cultivators before me who tried to fight it head on, only I decided to entre through he serpent's own mouth, and into its heart to fight it form inside.

Cowardly? You can say whatever you want, if it works, and if it kills off the mightiest of the Vast Expanse, then I'm more than happy to do it a dozen times over.

The reward alone is far more than any treasure that could be found in this prison of a world.

The serpent struggled and struggled, its screams and screeches were loud enough to rip the sea apart with every shout. But the waves kept collapsing back upon the serpent as more arms fueled by my own Soul Energy reached out to pin it down some more.

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"Domain, Delusions, Fake and Real!"

The serpent realizing it was being trapped, decided to risk it all in one last ditch of effort.

It began galvanizing its own internal Qi to overpower the inscriptions, and it was mighty enough that hundreds upon hundreds of them tore and broke. Yet, all I needed was to distract it, for even a second, and in that, I have succeeded.

The Draconic Soul, which was previously repelled took the initiative to sink its claws deep into the serpent's body, tearing it apart with ease.

Attacked and a.s.saulted from two sides, the serpent was unable to decide on which front it should defend itself. Fortunately for me, its confusion proved valuable as I was able to finish linking up the inscriptions on its body.

The moment the Soul Sealing Shackles were connected, it felt as if the light of a candle was snuffed out as the serpent immediately shut down. Its Qi signature disappeared and its entire soul body froze.

The soul then dove inside it and began consuming it, slow at first, then the speed of absorption began increasing incredibly.

As if a hole in the depth of the sea was opened, the entirety of the Primordial Serpent G.o.d was rapidly dissolving into the Draconic Soul's mouth.

I opened my eyes, leaving my Sea of Consciousness and was back to where I started, within the slow beating heart of the Primordial Serpent G.o.d.

Not even Du Shen managed to beat it, and it had lived thousands upon thousands of years.

The word Primordial isn't just for show, the serpent predates the very planets of the Vast Expanse, and it is only second in seniority to the five elemental keys.

But today, this beating heart was going to beat its last.

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