Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 523  The Peak

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Chapter 523 The Peak

523  The Peak

"How long do we have to keep this up!" Dao Shen cursed under his breath, he was bleeding all over as he channeled the remaining of his Qi to fend off the pursuers.

"Just a bit more, we're almost out!" Master Rain shouted as he swung his arms creating seals and inscriptions that slammed against several cultivators.

Right now, at the edge of the Fire Lord's domain, the Thunder Bull carriage was stampeding through hordes of Fire Lord troops as they tried to make a break for it.

Three Years of the chase, it has been, and in these three years, the group almost lost their lives countless times. But they still prevailed against all odds, thanks to their strength, and the power of the Emperor Ranked Master Rain.

In these three years, the group managed to kill off three Fire Spears, and heavily wound the Infernal General, that being said, the group itself suffered greatly. Meng Hao is currently unconscious as he had used up a great deal of his Qi, revealing to the world his ability to use the Undying Flames, the Flames of the Primordial Phoenix of legends.

 A mythical being, a being that has no root or origin or even had ever been revealed to exist in the world of the Vast Expanse if only in stores and myths. Yet, it was something that was comparable to the Primordial Serpent G.o.d.

The Primordial Phoenix, a mythical creature that seemed to have stemmed from the minds of poets and deduced to have existed by the intelligence of scholars, deduced from the existence of the Fire Bird the Suzaku but has never been proven to have existed in the realm of the Vast Expanse. Yet, with Meng Hao's ability to reveal the Undying Flames, and showcasing the infernal might of the Pheonix, it was proof enough for the entire world that an existence as powerful as the Primordial Serpent G.o.d actually exists.

However, where could such a mighty creature be? The Vast Expanse might be grand and seem limitless, but it still shouldn't be enough to hide the presence of something as mighty and comparable to the Primordial Serpent G.o.d.

This posed a lot of questions, if it isn't here, where is it? and if it truly isn't here, then could it be elsewhere, away from the Vast Expanse, in an entierely different place, maybe a different realm? ????????.???

Maybe, it is in the true world, some had thought, in the Beyond, sealed from the Vast Expanse by a door that needs five keys.

And if it is beyond the door, then how come its presence is here, and if its presence is here in the Vast Expanse, how did it come to be?

Question upon question, that only led to one conclusion, somehow, somewhere, and somewhen, the Primordial Phoenix had descended upon the Vast Expanse and left a trace, and if it had done so, it had done it without the need of the keys, perhaps since it's a primordial it had the ability to enter and leave the Vast Expanse at will, but why does the Primordial Serpent G.o.d not leave?

These questions seemed endless and would result in a person's mind to only be more and more confused.

And thus Master Rain decided not to entertain these questions furthermore, since he didn't trust himself able to contain the endless onslaught of the Fire Troops that were coming at them.

The General having lost one Arm was a great achievement, but the cost was heavy, Zhang Tian's mind was currently battling a Fire Curse that was applied by the General Himself, halfling his combat power, but he was still able to support Master Rain in fending off the aggressors.

The Thunder Bull was also suffering, as many of the enemies were attacking it directly to halt it, or stop it, but for some unknown reason to the group, they never attacked the bull with lethal force. Which was a clear indicator, that the carriage was to be confiscated by the Fire Lord.

This gave the group a good breath since many of the enemies couldn't use more lethal moves, while the carriage was escaping.

In these three years, the group hid everywhere and was discovered many times due to the incessant pursuit of the Fire Lord's army, but today marks the day when they could actually escape his clutch as they were almost at the exit of his territory.

Thousands of corpses floated in the vast expanse belonging to the Fire Lord's troops, but more of them charged at the carriage heedless of worry and fear for their lives, throwing themselves like moths to a flame in order to snuff it out.

But Master Rain's ability was proven to the world once more as he fended the entire battalion by himself with his endlessly confusing and everchanging seals and inscriptions.

Suddenly, as the group approached the end of the borders of the Infernal Region, what looked like a shooting star seemed to head directly toward them.

For a moment, Master Rain's face turned pale.

"Is that the fire lord?" Dao Shen spoke as he saw Master Rain's face turning white for a second.

"No, it's worse," Master Rain said.

This caused Dao Shen to feel a greater sense of danger, readying to fight for his life in this endeavor, Zhang Tian then laughed, "Mother, it took you long enough to get here."

The words confused Dao Shen at first and immediately the shooting star stopped in front of them, The Queen of the Northern Domain, the mightiest Emperor Realm cultivator looked at the battlefield with eyes filled with nothing but pity.

"Perish," she spoke.

And as if her word was spoken by the heavens, the cultivators around the carriage, attacking the carriage, and some who were smart enough to turn tail all began falling, dying with but a word.

"YOU WRETCHED WOMAN!" the words spoken, by someone whom everyone thought wouldn't even entertain the thought of being here, turning, and looking in between the dying troops was a man with a mane of hair that looked to be an everlasting flame.

With a single clap, he managed to stop the invisible wave of death pursuing his troops.

"You come to my land! And kill my people! And steal what is mine!" the Fire Lord spoke, incensed at the arrival of the Queen.

"Then what are you going to do about it?" the queen spoke as if she was a bully.

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"Everyone, leave, I'll take care of this," the Fire Lord spoke and charged ahead.

"Well, this place is safe," I said.


"Inside the serpent, it can't attack us," I said as I looked up and then down.

"Indeed, but if you're planning on attacking it, I believe with your current strength, it will probably be no more than a p.r.i.c.k, an uncomfortable one, but not enough for it to ever need to worry," the Automaton said.

"And that's what I want," I said.

"I fail to understand your goal, lord," the automaton added.

"Yes, so would the serpent," I'll be leaving the paG.o.da. Did the acid levels decrease?"

"Not yet, the stomach is still full.

"I should be able to survive the acid levels I believe," I said.

"Indeed you could, the current you can, but it would probably be for only a few hours at most," said the automaton.

"That's more than enough," I replied as I pulled out Creeping Demise.

"I have spent a hundred years understanding the Poison G.o.d's full legacy, and now, it is within my grasp, two hours, I can do it in two hours, I can reach it…"

"Reach what?" the automaton asked.

"The Primordial Serpent G.o.d's Heart…"

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