Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 520  Tiger's Den

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Chapter 520  Tiger's Den

Three Years ago

"I must hurry!" Meng Hao spoke to himself as he left the mines area. He made sure to memorize everything that Dao Shen had shared when he soul-searched the dead guard Xiao Lai.

With access to Xiao Lai's memories, he's able to completely impersonate him to the extent he won't be revealed in the short term. On that end, Meng Hao arrived at the mansion of the Minor Spears.

"You came rather fast," one of the Minor Spears spoke.

"I guess he really wants his promotion, get inside, a Fire Spear is waiting for you to promote you, make sure you don't scream," the second guard laughed.

Meng Hao nodded at the two and walked inside the Mansion. Looking around it looked like a gigantic overly luxurious abode from the inside.

Starting from the dragon leather carpet that furnished the ground, all the way to the golden chandelier, to the marble pillars coated in gold symbols of the fire dragon, the symbol of the Fire Lord himself.

The whole mansion felt full of Qi, yet admits this pure Qi which was far more purer than the baleful Qi outside, there was a stench of death.

One man was sitting with a hand under his chin, leaning comfortably on a throne at the end of the hall.

It was a Fire Spear. The same person that intercepted them when they first arrived to the planet on the s.h.i.+p.

The fire spear's eyes looked bored, "Hmm, you have a lot of Baleful Qi," the Fire Spear spoke.

This caught Meng Hao by surprise. Stunned at how he was discovered he almost went on the defensive.

"But that's to be expected, it's still not to the extent it'll harm you, anyway, do you know why the general himself accepted your promotion, even though many had been against it?" the Fire Spear spoke.

Meng Hao still kneeling spoke, "No good lord, I have no idea why I was bestowed such honor," he said.

"Because he was petty," said the Fire Spear.

"If it wasn't for the lobbyists and the elders who are supporting the Fire Lord's second heir, he wouldn't have even given a s.h.i.+t about you, but since you did good work, he made sure to promote you against their refusal, after all, if they refused it that much, they must have had a gain in promoting another one instead, and thus with you being promoted it dealt a blow to them, still, do you understand what this means?" the Spear spoke.

"No sir, please enlighten this ignorant," Meng Hao replied.

"It means you officially entered the battle of succession, we the Fire Spears are all neutrals when it comes to succession, we're spears to the Fire Lord and the fire lord alone, while you, the minor spears are all somewhat usable tools that the two Infernal Princes can use, so make sure to know which prince you serve, if you wish to keep your life," the Fire Spear spoke.

"I'll keep it in mind, sir," Meng Hao replied.

"Now, for the Slave Brand," The Fire Spear spoke as he pulled a stamp from his holding bag.

Meng Hao began panicking inside, this was not something he knew of, a Slave Brand, this means he'll immediately become a slave to the Fire Throne, rendering any attempts at disobeying them futile, he might even come forward and start confessing.

"Hmm," The fire Spear frowned, "Not even a reaction," he added.

"Why would I react, sir, if the lord wants me to be a slave, then it is my honor to die for him as one," Meng Hao spoke while preparing mentally to release Dao Shen's soul seals and fight for his life.

"Hmm, foolish, but loyal, you didn't even understand what I mean from all my speech earlier," the Fire Spear sighed. "Don't ever allow anyone to make you their slaves but the Fire Lord, what if I'm under one of the Elders's orders and brand you to serve them, won't you just betray the general who promoted you? Think more, foolish spear. This was a test you failed, but you still must have learned something," The Fire Spear spoke.

Meng Hao's head touched the ground once again, "Yes greatest lord, I've understood your intentions, I'll keep your teaching in my heart."

"Good, now take this, and pledge the oath of the spear, Swear the Infernal Oath, and then you'll become one of the minor spears," said the Fire Spear. ????????.???

In front of Meng Hao, a dagger that looked like it had its blade made from burning lava was in front of him.

The Infernal Oath is swearing fealty to the Fire Lord, it was similar to the Slave Brand only this one was more specific to serve the Fire Lord alone, and not anyone else.

All those who follow the Fire Lord have already sworn it, but now it's a confirmation to become a spear of the fire lord.

The process involves making a star upon one's forehead as they swear the oath, and using this dagger the pain will be multiplied several times, then those who complete it will receive a Spear Edge that will forever be embedded within their skull. To be used as a revenge mechanism upon death, or kill the owner upon betrayal.

Meng Hao was sure of his ability to escape the Oath's Restraints since he'll swear it by using Xiao Lai's name, and it won't affect him.

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However, just as he placed the dagger upon his forehead, feeling the incredible heat of the blade, a divine sense message echoed through the entirety of the Fire Planet.

"Wait," Meng Hao blurted.

This caused the Fire Spear's expression to turn sour immediately.

"You dare, order, me?!"

"No sir, I would never," Meng Hao immediately bowed.

"Then explain yourself, how dare you utter those words, if your explanation isn't convincing, your head will roll!"

"Our Lord had just exited Seclusion, and I have to admit I have a mediocre sense when it comes to soul quality, but I believe the quality of the souls in that pot is very low, they're probably from the barren lands, giving something that distasteful to our Lord as soon as he comes out will only incur his wrath, but that one," Meng Hao pointed with his finger without raising his eyes to meet the Fire Spear, "That one feels more pure and nutritious, though I believe it has nothing but the souls of beasts, they're of an incredibly high quality that even this lowly one can sense, the fire lord will probably enjoy a hearty meal better than a poor quality one," Meng Hao spoke.

The Fire Spear's lips rose.

"Clever… indeed, you're actually right, I was too focused on following the Lord's Order that I forgot that he had a peculiar taste… here, take this," The Fire Spear said as he threw the incense pot to Meng Hao.

To which he was completely dazed and confused at receiving the pot rather…too easily.

"Eat that one up, since it probably tastes bad, we don't want to have our lord be angry, for you thought it's a good treasure," the Fire Spear said.

"Yes, thank you for your generosity," said Meng Hao.

"Now let's head to the Fire Lord's palace, he must be waiting for us, and since I like you, you'll come with me. I've yet to have a personal servant, you seem smart enough to fit the role, come," he said.

Meng Hao couldn't do anything but accept.

Meeting with the Fire Lord right now, he could only hope, that Dao Shen's Soul Changing art is enough to deceive one of the strongest in the current world of cultivation.


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