Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 510 The Second Step

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Chapter 510 The Second Step

The group of cultivators went up and flew outside the planet, where suddenly the sound of booming thunder echoed in s.p.a.ce itself as the Thunder Bull carriage arrived to meet them.

A bull of golden fur arrived to them, its horns were wider than a giant eagle's wingspans and his whole build was st.u.r.dy and powerful looking. The bull snorted in derision as it struck its hooves several times on empty s.p.a.ce causing ripples to spread as thunderous booms echoed with every step.

The carriage it carried behind it was mighty big indeed, decorated in all sorts of sculptured decorations of dragons and phoenixes, reminiscing of the golden age of the Imperial Family.

"A mighty beast," Spoke Zhang Tian.

"Indeed, and it seems that it hadn't reached full adulthood yet, it's still not able to exert its full potential," Master Rain replied.

"What about Lu, is he not coming?" Meng Hao asked.

"I suppose he isn't, it's too much of a risk for a man who washed his hands in a golden basin. For now it's just the four of us. Let's get on," Master Rain said as he rode on the carriage behind the bull.

Once seated, the rest of the group got in the carriage.

It was an open-roof carriage, where people can ride and still be able to watch the vast expanse and its beautiful stars. This Thunder Bull carriage was never meant to walk the land, only s.p.a.ce.

"little Cabbage," said Master Rain as he was the only one who knew of the Bull's name. "Take us to the rim of the Fire Domain, near the western zone, there is a dead broken planet there that we wish to go to," Master Rain said.

The bull snorted loudly and then began moving.

"I suppose it knows the way if it understood you," said Dao Shen.

"This bull had traveled the galaxy long before any of us was born. It knows its way around the Vast Expanse more than anyone," said Master Rain.

"But I suppose at this speed, it'll take us years," Dao Shen sighed.

"I wouldn't say that if I were you," Zhang Tian smiled.

And it was true, the bull's ego was hurt after hearing those words. With another loud snort, and a couple more stomps on s.p.a.ce itself, the bull began increasing its speed.

Sooner than five minutes, the Bull was already outside the solar system of the planet they were in, and it began increasing its speed more and more.

Thunder boomed with every step the bull took, and the stars looked like rays of light instead of ma.s.sive globes of fire.

"I guess I'm wrong, I bruised his ego," Dao Shen laughed as he realized how fast the Thunder Bull really was.

"But isn't this speed and this loudness of the bull going to pull some unwanted attention, even I try and cross the Vast Expanse as calmly as I could," Dao Shen said.

"It was said, that the Thunder Bull was the ruler of the skies, it wasn't an exaggeration, these creatures are mighty and they're born and raised to rule and reign over s.p.a.ce itself. Its mighty and strong, and if a creature believes themselves strong enough to corner them, they'll be met with the wrath of thunder and lightning falling upon them. Though this guy is just a Silver Horn Thunder Bull, he is still strong enough to cause a primordial fear in all the dwellers of s.p.a.ce besides a few rare creatures," said Master Rain.

"Like the Primordial Serpent G.o.d?" asked Meng Hao.

"Yes, that thing is just absurd…"

"How come its here?" asked Meng Hao.

"We don't really know, it was here before the birth of the stars themselves, though many had theorized it isn't actually a creature of this world." Master Rain said.

"How come?" asked Dao Shen.

"Because it lives in a realm that's higher than ours, technically, it is the strongest cultivator of the Vast Expanse. It far bypa.s.sed the Emperor Rank, and I believe it took the Second Step…"

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"I wish to learn more, care to explain?" asked Meng Hao.I think you should take a look at

"So, if the Emperor realm is that high, how come the serpent is above it?" asked Meng Hao.

"We don't know, but what we do know is that it has an energy within it that's not like anything we've seen before, it's far purer and more powerful than Saint Qi, but its not Saint Qi. We made some deductions on it being a type of energy that's born outside the Vast Expanse, or even a higher tier of cultivation. But we couldn't replicate it, we also believed that since the Vast Expanse itself does not have this type of energy, the serpent will be hard-pressed to survive without it, and thus lose its power, but it never lost an ounce of it, h.e.l.l it even grew slightly stronger over the years. So we had the idea that serpent is sustaining its energy with the power of the planets themselves." Master Rain said.


Zhang Tian then interjected, "The scholars and savants thought that the source of the serpent's power lays in he planet's hearts. They are a culmination of concentrated energy, highly condensed Saint Qi if you will, but at the same time its still Saint Qi. The problem is, it's still saint Qi in the end, so what we believed was that the serpent was actually modifying the Planet Heart's structure, and creating a new type of energy, the only issue is, to confirm this…" Zhang Tian looked away and sighed.

"We basically need to be inside the serpent to see how it changes the structure of saint Qi to whatever energy it's currently functioning on, right?" asked Dao Shen.

"Exactly, it's not easy, so we kept trying, but nothing seemed to work, it's frustrating to be honest," he said

"I heard your father is close to reaching the peak of the Emperor Realm," Master Rain said

Zhang Tian smiled ruefully and said, "All thanks to your Eternal Blaze."

"Don't remind me, I had to go to h.e.l.l and back for that," Master Rain grumbled several times over then sighed and said, "It didn't really matter anyway, I already improved upon my cultivation without it," said Master Rain.

"Wait, really?" Zhang Tian asked.

"Of course, I thought that the Eternal Blaze was what I needed to further understand the Dao of the world, but thanks to a side comment form Shen Bao, I was able to achieve enlightenment and reach the eight grade of the Emperor Realm," Master Rain said.

Zhang Tian frowned, "That's basically the same as mother…"

"No, though we're of the same cultivation rank, she'd still kick my a.s.s. Anyway, I believe it's time we tell you all, the younger generation how hard it is and why is it so hard to reach the Emperor's rank. Perhaps our experience will give you some insights on how to reach it. So listen, and listen well…"


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