Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 509 Departure

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Chapter 509 Departure

"What's happening outside?" I asked the automaton.


The reply didn't come after the first time I asked so I asked again.

"Death. Too much of it, the lands collapsed and the ground turned to nothingness melted completely within the stomach of the serpent. All has turned to nothing but nutrition for this giant creature. And it should continue on for a while." The automaton replied.

"Sigh," I couldn't do much about this situation anyway, thanks to the Lord of Lords paG.o.da we're able to survive, but it seems that it's going to take a while before we can even leave.

"What about teleporting out of its stomach," I said.

The automaton immediately replied, "Impossible right now, the amount of acid, metals and base materials that are being digested is affecting spatial laws. If we were to try and teleport, the whole paG.o.da might be shredded. The reason is we need a lot of energy from the two planet cores jus to protect it, and then we need even more energy to teleport beyond the limitation of spatial shackles the serpent is applying within its stomach," it said.

"So, our only choice is to wait," I replied.

"Yes, we have to wait here, for as long as this 'Flood' Lasts then we can maybe attempt to get out when the serpent is exhausted from consuming so much sustenance," the automaton said.

"How long do you suppose this digestion will last?" I asked.

"With how much material being consumed and devoured… at least a couple decades worth of time."

'd.a.m.n, that's a lot of time stuck here…'

I wonder how everyone is doing…

I couldn't help but sigh at what the others are thinking, they probably believe that I perished and had no way to return. But what can you do, it's the life of a cultivator things like this happen always.

All I can do is train myself, improve and then see a way to break out of this place.

"Lord, there is trouble!" one of the two brothers came rus.h.i.+ng at me.

"What trouble?" I asked.

"The tribes, they're fighting among each other," he said.

'Sigh, now I have to act as a mediator…'

And since I didn't have any time or actual energy and will to deal with them.

I released my Qi, powerfully enough that it shot out in a wave of undiscriminating oppression.

The wave of Qi was strong enough to not kill, but enough to apply an immense amount of pressure on everyone around.

The tribesmen fell to their knees, fear and terror plastered upon their faces.

"Who dares sow chaos in my world!" I spoke, a low threatening tone enough to make a man's face turn white.

Everyone immediately calmed down, "Behave or perish. I wish not to see discord among the people, no death shall be tolerated, no harm upon one another shall be tolerated. Do not steal, cheat or sow discord. Those who do, shall be killed, no excuses, no exceptions, no mercy!"

My words were law here. And everyone knew it, there was nothing they could do to stop me from speaking them. nor could they even argue, since nothing but a gaze from me could kill them.

Suddenly, I felt something welling down my Dantian.

Like a small tingling sensation that appeared and disappeared almost immediately.

I tried to scan myself inwardly to see the reason for this, but nothing appeared or revealed itself t me.

'What was that?' I thought.

Before I could answer my own question.

"Greatest lord! Please mercy! We can't take it anymore!" someone the bravest of the tribesmen apparently spoke.

Thus I released my Pressure, and everyone fell exhausted gasping for breath.

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"I've given you life, land, and peace, and this is how you repay it? by sowing discord?!"

"I believe that this should be good enough," Dao Shen said.

Zhang Tian was surprised as he saw himself in a mirror, "Impressive, unless I focus hard enough, even I won't be able to tell if this is a fake or real face. Not to mention, even my Qi signature is completely different, it's as if I'm a different person, nice abilities you have Dao Shen."

"The younger generation truly is marvelous, this isn't something I ever thought possible," the bartender Lu spoke.

"Ah, you should have seen what that kid could do, anyways, hurry up and finish your work,, we need to hurry up," Master Rain said.

Dao Shen finished working on the faces of everyone present, completely hiding their presences and appearances, readying up for an infiltration like never before.

Soon after everyone was done, Lu spoke, "The Planet you're going to is called Suso, it's near the western rim of the vast expanse, right outside the borders of the Fire Lord territory."

"How is it that he's attacking a planet there isn't he afraid of the Galactic Society Alliance?" Meng Hao asked.

"The Society is nothing but a name, they're a group of alliances that are weak, they think they uphold the peace of the world but they're nothing but goons to the strong and are easily bribed. The Fire Lord is strong enough to threaten their existence by himself, and when he decided to attack the planet Suso, the Society must have consider the planet not worth saving. Or at least were paid to turn a blind eye."

"… it's the same for my home planet which is now nothing but a death zone. They didn't come to help us saying that we're from the barren lands, unworthy of a.s.sistance, but that was just because they didn't see any value in saving a sub ascendant planet…" Meng Hao said.

"Wealth Move the world, and the Galactic Society Alliance doesn't move if its not profitable, they impose taxes but do not even do the minimum to protect those who are under them, they're nothing but greedy pigs," Master Rain said.

"How are we heading to planet Suso, it's pretty far away from here," asked Zhang Tian, "And most long range teleportation gates are commanded by the Society. Taking one of them will probably expose us as outsiders of the planet Suso once we are caught."

"We'll use Shen Bao's mount, it's fast enough that we can reach the planet within a month," said Master Rain.

"You brought the Thunder Bull carriage here?" Zhang Tian asked.

"You know of it?" Master Rain asked.

"Yes, mother told me about it, it was wounded, and damaged. But isn't it dangerous for that carriage to approach the Fire Lord's domain after all, it belonged to his predecessors, the Imperial Family," Zhang Tian said.

"No worries, I have my ways, now let's go," Master Rain said and the group immediately left the tavern.


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