Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 508  Return

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Chapter 508  Return

The skies wept.

Or better described as liquid acid falling from above as heavy rain. This was bad, the acid rain itself was pretty potent, after all, it was supposed to melt down planets. And it was grinding away at the protective barrier around my hoverboard.

This is really, really bad. A single drop of this acid rain is enough to kill a cultivator, not to mention these weak frail mortals or people who barely know how to use the first stages of cultivation.

I needed to hurry, I didn't have any time to loiter around, the Lion Tribe might get eradicated by the time I arrive just due to this rain.

Half an hour later I arrived to a new land, only this land was burning from the acid. The whole landscape turned to swamps of melted dirt and stones everywhere, no blade of gra.s.s survived this apocalyptic rain as it fell and bore through the ground and stone as if it was b.u.t.ter.

This made me worry for the Tiger Tribe that I left unattended. They'll probably all be dead by the time I come back due to the fumes and the rain.

But I had to hurry up.

My Divine Sense spread outwardly like a wave, was.h.i.+ng over the entirety of this island.

I could see nothing but the carca.s.ses of animals all over the planes, melting carca.s.ses.

I moved as fast as I could, and whenever I spotted a foal, a goat or a surviving lamb, I picked it up along the way. Throwing them inside the lord of lords paG.o.da. Though they clearly looked confused at being grabbed, they must be thankful to being extracted from inescapable death.

I hurried forward until I noticed a group of people gathered inside a cave at a far away mountain. They were huddled up and terrified.

I flew forward as fast as I could and managed to arrive to the cave's entrance which was blocked by a large boulder that looked halfway melted.

The people behind the boulder were unable to realize or notice me here, but I had to take action.

I grabbed the boulder and slid it aside, revealing terrified looking people.

"Who are you?" asked someone as he pointed a spear at me.

"The one who'll save you from death," I said.

Confused, the people looked at each other unable to figure out what was going on.

"Young man, get inside fast, the rain will burn you to death if you stay under it," an older woman spoke.

Looking at her, I saw her carrying another Planet Heart, this one was far larger than the one I obtained from the Boar Tribe,"

"This is good planet heart my lord," I heard from the automaton, "It should last us enough for hundreds of years," he added.

"You know if you stay here, you'll all die," I said.

Hearing my words, the children and women inside the cave, broke and started weeping, they knew it all too well.

"Young man, your words are too hurtful!" the old woman said.

"It doesn't matter, it's the truth, if you wish to live, hand that over, I'll take you somewhere safe," I said.

"There is no place that is safe young man, we'll perish here, and this rock is useless, it can't protect us from the rain, nor can it protect you," she said.

"That's where you're wrong, hand it over," I said.

"You seem strong enough that if you wanted it, you can take it by force," she said.

"I don't wish to see more deaths, here take it, and leave," she said as she threw the planet heart towards me.

I grabbed it and replied, "I wasn't lying when I said I can save you, come here," I said.

The Automaton opened another gate, this one was more stable, probably because of the first planet heart we obtained.

"What is that?" she asked.

"It's a pa.s.sage to a safe place, it's safe from the rain and the flood. So, are you going inside or no?" I asked.

Worry clear in their eyes still, and uncertainty, they still had no choice as they saw the very cave they were in starting to slowly drop dirt and rocks. The whole mountain was crumbling and melting away.

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The eldest woman, and clearly the leader of the tribe walked inside first, then soon the rest followed after her.

I looked inside and saw that the whole ground was covered by acid, the people were hanging to dear life on the book shelves.

Surprised to see me entring at first, some began shouting for me to close the hole I made.

"You returned," I heard from the old man, he too was clinging on the shelves.


"At least these books served to something of use… funny thing that the only thing keeping us alive are these things," he said.

"Anyway, you don't need to worry about that anymore, I got what I wanted." I said.

"Oh, good for you, is it of any help," he asked."

"Yes, Automaton, can you take it all inside?" I asked.

"Yes, I have enough energy to do so now," he said.

Suddenly, the whole area began shaking and shuddering, enough that many books began falling.

Then soon, the whole building shook levitated then fell down. Some people fell from the shelves they were clinging on but I managed to lift them up using my Qi before they fell into the acid on the floor.

I pulled up my gun and shot at the library's door, bursting it open for the acid that was inside the library to pool out.

"What's happening?" asked the old man.

"You're all safe, Automaton, bring them all out safely," I said.

"As the lord commands."

'Well, that's done… now we wait I suppose…'


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