Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 507 Planet Core

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Chapter 507 Planet Core

The giant parasite looked like an albino fangless snake, it wriggled and writhed as it charged its head towards us, screeching in a loud deafening noise.

X and Y flew forward, heading to the serpent, their weapons ready. Y's swords were primed and hot as the spinning sawtooth on them whirred awaiting carnage.

Since Y was of a higher grade, and more sophistically built, he was far faster and arrived at the head of the parasite first.

The two-kilometer-long parasite opened its mouth showing a circular jaw of sharp teeth that aimed to consume Y whole. Only he moved one of his legs to the side, and exploded the thruster on the sole of his foot to the max, pus.h.i.+ng him aside in a spiraling motion, dodging the chomp.

He then pulled all four of his swords and began spiraling around the parasite as if he was a Beyblade, spinning around the parasite several times from head to tail, leaving a splatter of gus.h.i.+ng blood exploding out from its tender flesh.

X on the other hand didn't hesitate to pull out his grenade launcher, aiming it at the mouth of the squaling parasite and sending several rounds of explosives into its mouth.

The explosion ensuing after ripped the creature from the inside, tearing its head from its body.

And ending it instantly.

Suddenly, more of the parasites showed up.

My body was still too weak to use the t.i.tan's transformation, so I pulled the rifle I had designed.

With the ma.s.sive sized rifle placed on the ground, I aimed, locked and loaded. Then sent a single bullet into the head of one of the other parasites. Nuking it, as the bullet pierced from head to tail, erupting a wave of explosions throughout its body.

Then a second round and a third. Taking out more and more parasites.

I couldn't use the rifle anymore since five rounds was the most it could shoot before it'll be dangerous, so I ordered a couple of my hundred puppet army to escort the rest of the Tribesmen upward the mountain.

"Follow the puppet's they'll clear the path and lead you up to safety," I ordered then pulled other firearms to battle the other incoming parasites.

Our presence was known to them, and they sure as h.e.l.l weren't going to miss out on a good meal. Still I wasn't going to allow that. I needed to 'buy' the trust of these tribesmen, and their lives is a good price for it.

More and more parasites appeared, but they weren't too much of a threat to X and Y's incredible firepower, so the battle continued on, for a couple hours before the entire mountain range's base was covered in blood and viscera, enough that other parasites decided it was no longer worth it for such small bits of meat.

Though I've used up a lot of ammo, it was still worth it. "Gather back up" I called and then headed toward the peak.

At the top of the mountain, the group of tribesmen were waiting for us, this time there were more of them.

One of the people I didn't see before was walking around shouting at the people who just came.

"What do you mean helped by a Devil Wors.h.i.+pper! Don't you know they'll eat your Soul after giving you a favor! They are evil! You brought nothing but problems and death to us! You should die for your actions!" the man said as he was threatening a couple of men who looked bloodied and battered.

In the man's hand was a long black wooden staff that had its branches holding a red stone.

The size of the stone was slightly smaller than I expected for a planet's heart, so I had my worries at first.

"It is the Planet Heart my lord, only it had lost a lot of its power. Still, it's usable," the automaton of the Lord of Lords paG.o.da explained.

I flew down an stood between the old man holding the staff and the two men who were beaten.

"Why are you harming the people I saved?" I asked in a calm manner.

But for the surprised man, my words sounded like a death threat.

"You… DEVIL WORs.h.i.+PPER! KILL HIM!" he called and several of his guards ran up to me.

It took a single gaze from me empowered with Divine Sense to have the charging guards kneel down, their heads slammed into the ice.

"You dare?"

The old man, terrified pointed his staff at my head.

"Burn!" he called.

By instinct, I tilted my head, and thankfully I did.

A powerful ray of concentrated flames shot from the tip of the staff at incredible speed. It was strong enough and powerful enough that I knew if I had taken it head on I'd probably lose my head.

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Annoyed and angry at an ant trying to kill me, I swung my hand with enough speed that the slap was enough to rip his head from his shoulder.

"Y-Yes," he replied instantly fear clear in his eyes.

"Is there another one of these? Does your elder have another stone?" I asked.

"N-no…that's the only one our tribe has."

"You mean…that other tribes have similar ones?" I asked.

"Yes, since our tribe was the first to find the fire stone, other tribes looked high and low for them, the Frog tribe had one, but they were consumed by the collapse of their island. The only other tribe that has one similar is probably the Lion tribe, but they're very far away."

"Do you know where their island is?" I asked.

"Deep in the north, the path had been cut though, and since their lands are slightly more elevated than ours, they could probably still be alive…" he said.

"Automaton, take them inside, I have to hurry," I said.

The automaton instantly responded by opening a barely functional gate.

"Enter here if you want to survive, otherwise the sea level will rise up all the way here and I guarantee you're not going to live it," I said.

The group hesitated at first, but the first people who I helped were the ones that got inside without much hesitation.

Followed by the rest of the tribesmen leaving the guards last.

"What, you don't wish to live?" I asked.

"But…we offended thee," the guard said.

"Not your fault for following a stupid leader, get inside, I don't have much time," I said.

The guards then got inside and once the paG.o.da's portal was closed, I hurried forward on the back of the hoverboard. I needed to preserve some energy in case I find stronger people in the Lion tribe, though I doubt it, it's better to be safe than sorry.


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