Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 496 Battle To The Death

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Chapter 496 Battle To The Death

I pushed both hands against the serpent's opening jaw, locking it shut as it tried to breathe out its poison.

The sword spirit desperately tried to control the serpent to get away from me while at the same time protecting Mei Ling's unconscious form.

He pulled out a sword and attempted to slice my fingers off, but the pure grit and strength of my fingers were too much for the sword to freely cut through.

With a forceful heave, I pulled on the serpent's locked jaws raising half its body from the ground then swung it to the side, throwing the whole thing tumbling on the paved and cracked floor of this area.

I followed suit as every step rumbled the ground around it, breaking it as I moved, "Fist of Eternal Gold! t.i.tan's Wrath!" I swung down a fist powerful enough that even after the serpent managed to dodge by the skin of its teeth, the impact of the punch on the ground caused the area around it to morph as if it was water, creating a tide of stone and rocks that broke apart after the echo of an explosion from the impact of the punch thundered through the area.

The sword spirt sent several sword swings at me, "You just became a bigger target!" he called.

I raised both arms forward blocking the sword blows which healed almost instantly as my flesh sizzled and linked back.

I jumped up high then came down like a wrecking-ball, knee aiming to instantly destroy the serpent's spine.

The sword spirit pulled on the chains on the serpent's head causing it to wince and instantly retract its body from being crushed underneath my knees.

"You're too d.a.m.n slippery," I cursed as I didn't have a way to lock the serpent in place. It was acting as a bastion for the sword spirit to freely send in attacks.

"Then," I said as I pointed one palm forward, my stance was a forward stance with the front foot bent and the other holding my balance in a diagonal stretch. My other hand was under my shoulder clasped in a fist.

"Let's get serious!" I said. I rotated my Qi with enough velocity that it began revving the air around me changing its very color to that of a green surging tornado. The Qi then began surging toward my right fist, so much of it pebbles and small stones began rising up in the air.

"Like I'd allow you to do that!" realizing the gravity of the situation the sword spirit swung several sword Qi waves in my direction attempting to disrupt me. My forwardly extended fist wasn't just for show, no it was also serving a purpose.

I was applying my own Domain of Delusions to hide the effects of what was going on right in front of my open palm.

Gravitational Displacement.

My forward palm was acting as a s.h.i.+eld, and the moment the sword swings were coming at it, they began morphing and changing shape and direction randomly, some even flew back where they came as others went up or down or in completely different directions.

Realizing that his sword swings had no way to stop me, he shouted, "Block it!" he said to the serpent which spiraled around itself and hardened as if it was made of stone.

I smiled, "This couldn't have gone better even if I had planned for it!" my words sounded like the delusions of a madman.

But what he didn't realize was the fact that this wasn't the only thing I was preparing for him.

Suddenly several stars high up in the sky began s.h.i.+ning brightly and before the sword spirit could even realize it, the Tungsten bullets I sent to the high skies more than a year ago began falling.

One after the other, in sound rending, vision impairing and body quaking explosions echoed one after the other, as the serpent's armored body was struck by one after another of these bullets, breaking its reinforced armor part by part and piece by piece while the kinetic explosions of every blow seemed to be reinforced by other bullets.

The blasts were so powerful that the area around the serpent had turned to dust in a matter of seconds while even more bullets continued to fall, one after the other, and all you could hear among the echoing explosions was the m.u.f.fled wailing of the serpent.

Not one to give up a golden opportunity, the Qi I had gathered in my fist was finally ready.

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"Serious Punch," I grinned as struck forward with a fist so powerful the s.p.a.ce around it tore as it moved creating fissures in the fabric of s.p.a.ce that split it apart revealing the unknown of the eternal void.

"I…will…end…you!" It said.

"f.u.c.king Death Heritage… s.h.i.+ Situ is being a pain in the a.s.s even after his death," I muttered as I grabbed a bunch of pills from my holding bag and crunched on them, absorbing as much Qi as I could before the second round would start.

It was obvious what happened, he died, but with the knowledge from the Death Heritage he obtained from absorbing s.h.i.+ Situ he was able to come back, though the serpent and the body of the fake Mei Ling were nowhere to be found, this f.u.c.ker was still alive.

"After so much effort and time to bring her back!" it said, "You took her away from me!" he cursed.

"You're really on a high trip, did you truly believe that you're Du Shen, wake the f.u.c.k up, you're nothing but a sword," I said as I called my puppets, "Take him out!" I said and they obliged.

Hundreds of bullets shot forward only to be struck away oh so easily with swings of his sword.

My goal was to buy time, time enough for me to generate some of my lost Qi, I was already in a huge pinch by now since I'm exhausted as f.u.c.k, but I can't allow this opportunity to pa.s.s by.

"I AM DU SHEN!" he shouted back as he dashed forward after having regained most of his muscles and flesh.

Poison doesn't work on him, the bullets don't work on him, I have no more tungsten bullets in the sky anymore, and my body is on the brink of breaking down. I have no more than a tenth of my Qi left and that's a stretch, that form exhausted me too much… there is only one thing left for me to do…

"Right then, you leave me no choice, Golden t.i.tan's Madness…"


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