Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 495 Attack On Serpent

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Chapter 495 Attack On Serpent

"I guess I'm ready," I said to myself as I decided that it was time for me to go out.

The automaton opened a portal for me which allowed me to exit the Lord of Lords paG.o.da and enter the Poison G.o.d's trial grounds once again.

I looked around and saw the ma.s.sive serpent gazing at me in the distance, while Dao Shen, well, the person possessing his body was nowhere to be found.

As if I was electrocuted, every hair on my body stood up, something was coming.

"You're finally out! d.a.m.n rat!" he said as he charged at me sword pulled out ready to rip me apart in a single swing.

But, something was strange, the movement of Dao Shen's body was too slow as I was easily able to trace the sword with my eyes and was easily able to dodge to the side.

Confusion was plastered on his face as he looked at me and the sword again, he then sent a divine sense to probe me and spoke, "Lucky dodge, you're still at the Ascendant stage, Die!" he said as he swung again.

The blow was slightly faster than before, a testament of his newfound prudence and warry of my ability to dodge his first strike, but it was still not much that I couldn't easily evade.

More swings followed to which I simply evaded and dodged like they were nothing.

"And here I thought you got stronger," I taunted.

Enraged Dao Shen's body began surcharging in Qi as he suddenly disappeared from my vision and appeared behind me, his sword ready to rip my head off my shoulders, but all I had to do was move two fingers to immediately stop the sword from moving.

"You're the owner of the Dao of Swords, but why are you so weak?" I asked. A genuine question, since many more cultivators who used swords were far stronger than this guy, faster and more powerful when it comes to the sword.

But this guy moved in a mechanical almost textbook type of swordmastery.

"Ah," I said as I let go of his sword, "That's why you'll never be human, no matter how much you train and practice," I said as I backed away.

The enraged sword spirit charged at me once again swinging the blade with wanton abandon, but at the same time with clear and easy-to-deduce patterns.

I ducked and dodged and then Roundhouse kicked him in the chest sending him tumbling on the ground several times over.

"Dao Shen already mentioned to me, that one of the most annoying and hardest Paths to Deal with is Body cultivation, since poison doesn't work on either of us, I have a far stronger advantage than you, though I'm sure Dao Shen can easily take me out, you on the other hand, will never be able to, you're too mechanical, you're not a human, you can't invent and innovate, you can't lix and mash or create, you can only replicate what you know and all you know are the patterns of the Sword Martial Path that are in the Poison G.o.d's book," I mentioned as I began channeling Qi in my body.

"Though it is unwise to tell you your shortcomings, I'll still do it," I said as I looked at him, "Since it wouldn't matter even if you know where you're lacking, you gave me more time than I should have, and I'm far more powerful than I used to be," I said as I flashed forward with incredible speed.

I've never had the opportunity to go all out in the Lord of Lords paG.o.da lest I break something inside it, but here, unfettered by the incredibly large area I can go all out.

"Fist of Roaring Ki, Fist of Eternal Gold!" I swung forward a blow so heavy and so destructive, the blinding golden light that appeared was all the sword spirit could see.

A ma.s.sive gauntlet of pure gold shot forward from my fist, threatening to break everything in its path as if it were an extinction-level meteor.

Blocking a blow of this magnitude was nothing short of suicide, and he knew it. So he dodged to the side, my blow was pretty slow compared to his move, and thus he spoke, "You'll never hit me with that," he said.

"I know," I replied as a ma.s.sive impact immediately followed.

Looking back, the Sword Spirit finally realized my true aim.

"MEI LEING!!!" he shouted as he realized that the blow had struck at the ma.s.sive serpent.

My goal was never to kill the serpent but to test his defensive capabilities. And from the screech it ripped after being struck by the Fist of Eternal Gold, I see an opportunity to kill it.

"YOU!" He shouted.

"You what? You can't just say You and expect me to understand, English motherf.u.c.ker do you speak it?" I taunted even more as I moved forward.

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"Fists of Roaring Ki, Ancient t.i.tan's Stomp!" my foot struck down at the ground, cratering the entirety of the platforms around me, as for the force of impact it was so sudden and powerful it caused the sword spirit to be flung up.

"You brutish fool!" he said, "If it's power, then I have more! Show him his place!" the sword spirit said as the serpent swung its tail once again at me.

I kicked the ground as fast as I could, and thankfully I was able to avoid the chopping tail swing that broke every piece of the platform I was right on.

I flexed both my hands aside and they were instantly straightened and healed.

With both my hands and feet on the ground in a tiger's pounce, I surcharged my feet with Qi and kicked forward.

My body shot like a bullet as I dodged a second tail swing.

My objective was to take out the sword spirit as I charged him, but he instantly dissipated and appeared on top of the serpent's head.

"Blow!" he said and the serpent opened its mouth shooting a ma.s.sive poison spray at me.

I wasn't too confident in facing a poison spray I didn't know so I dodged aside like a cat on the run, from side to side as I approached the serpent as fast as I could.

And just as I was close I kicked the ground flying right in front of the serpent's face.

For style points, I bit on the flesh of my thumb, "Let's Rumble!"

Electrifying Qi surged as my size increased to incredible proportions, enough that it caused even the serpent to be stunned as my sheer new size was enough to cause it to back away from fright.

I roared as if I had a thousand years of frustration, with enough power that the serpent's entire body shuddered and the platform stones shook shuddered, and broke.

Time for the t.i.tan to attack!


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