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Chapter 494 End Of A Training Arc

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Chapter 494 End Of A Training Arc

Deep under the sea of the Lord of Lords paG.o.da, and several hundred miles away from the Pixie's home I was sitting in complete darkness.

The pressure of the sea itself was like the hands of G.o.d pressing down on me forcing every ounce of my body to feel an incredible amount of pressure and weight.

Yet, I remained calm and collected.

This was the first method to train the last verse of the Golden t.i.tan scripture.

To go under and resist the pressure of the entire sea as it felt like it was collapsing its full weight on you. And thanks to this reinforced body, I was able to do it, not with the same ease as I thought I would. The pressure alone was enough to cause a man to burst, but I strode through it with sheer willpower and body.

I had to go under without using Qi to protect myself and going all the way to this depth to further enhance and refine this body once again, it was like an act of quenching a blade to perfect it.

It took me several years to reach this point in depth but once I was there and was fully capable of sustaining all the weight it was time to go on to the next step.

Now it was training the Golden t.i.tan's moves under this pressure. And I started by practicing the first move of the Golden t.i.tan's arts, the Fist of Roaring Ki, G.o.d's Eternal Fist!" and I swung forward.

My hand though didn't move as fast as I wanted and looked like it was in slow motion. Strain and pain, agony and suffering were all I got from trying to do that move. 

But this was the right way, so, I swung again, and again, and again.

Hours, days, weeks then months, and finally a year had pa.s.sed, only by then was I able to send the entire torrents of salted water shaking and rippling. Causing the sea to split and reveal the skies.

This was all without using an Ounce of Saint Qi, otherwise, I'd have been able to vaporize the whole sea from the first blow.

The idea isn't to improve Qi but to improve my body's eternal force and power purely from inner strength.

The entire sea splitting apart from the force of one swing was a clear sign of intermediate mastery over G.o.d's Eternal Fist. Then I took another year practicing the Fist of Eternal Gold.

Then the Ancient Stomp which impacted greatly on the biome I even felt sad for some of the unfortunate fish.

A year later, I continued practicing the rest of the move sets, wreaking complete havoc inside the water biome and changing its structure completely, the sea became even deeper at the expense of my practice. 

Comes the final part of the Golden t.i.tan scripture is the hardest bit. The body modification.

This wouldn't have been possible for me, because of a simple fact. Genetics.

The Golden t.i.tan wasn't a human. He was the decedent of a race of giants, and he could easily switch off from one to another, however, I on the other hand I am a pure-blooded human without that genetic ability, that is of course before I was given the scripture.

The scripture as I had believed was nothing but a set of instructions but what I only came to realize after finis.h.i.+ng the full scripture was that it was actually a memory imprint of blood Essence. Pure Golden Blood that shaped itself like a scripture. And once I understood it, it transformed into a golden blood drop that cozily fused itself with my body.

The thinness of that Blood Essence was absurdly high, and in any normal circ.u.mstance, it wouldn't have had any effects on me.

But with the addition of the body modified by the Stone Aged Milk, it took in that drop of blood and infused it with me, giving me a fraction of the abilities of the Giant Race.

Which was by the way, f.u.c.king amazing!

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I rose up from the depths of the sea and into the open plains then began applying my Qi following the instructions of the Golden t.i.tan scripture.

But I'm not that tempted to try it out right now, I like to keep a calm head. 

I spent sometime later designing a set of robes that would be able to support the t.i.tan form and just as I was done I had a visitor.

"Lord," spoke the automaton.

"What?" I asked.

"The barrier protecting the paG.o.da doesn't have much longer…he'll break through soon…"

"Well, good enough for me, how long was I here?" I asked.

"Twenty-two years," said the Automaton.

"d.a.m.n, he breached in faster than I thought," I said.

"It's because he consumed every cultivator on the platform and grew stronger," said the Automaton.

"I guess I wasn't the only one who got a power-up, but I had more time, so it's time to test things out," I said.


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