Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 491 Creation And Destruction

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Chapter 491 Creation And Destruction

Not good, really, really not good. I never expected Dao Shen to drop as fast as that, but I can't blame him, with the poison designed to exhaust and weaken the Poison G.o.d cultivators, he couldn't muster any strength to fight back, and now I'm all that stands between this Sword Spirit and it obtaining all of the Poison G.o.d's books.

"Make it rain!" I called. And instantly, all of the hundred puppets of mine aimed and shot at the sword spirit.

Thousands of bullets fell upon the cultivator like a flooding rain. It brought me a second for me to act while he was slicing away at the bullets even faster than they came at him.

The instant I earned was enough for me to jump back, "Automaton," I called and a portal opened behind me sucking me inside the lord of lords paG.o.da.

In this place, I don't need to worry about fighting the Sword Spirit, but I have a big issue, I only bought myself time. 

"Lord…" the automaton said "What is happening?" he asked.

"Big bad guy wants to kill me, I'm taking some time off to think," I said.

"He's trying to break through," the automaton said.

"Wait, what? How the Lord of Lords paG.o.da is hidden within s.p.a.ce itself," I exclaimed.

"Yes, but in this world, you're in, it's pretty visible," the automaton said.

"How long does he have to break through?" I asked.

"At this rate…" the automaton thought for a moment before he said, "A year… the s.p.a.ce we're in isn't strong enough to sustain the a.s.sault for more than that," the automaton said.

"A year?" I frowned, "That's plenty of time," I grinned, "More than enough time for me. Set up the white room, get the time dilation to the maximum," I said.

"Understood," the automaton said.

"You wanna play hardball, then I'll show you what I'm capable of in thirty years worth of secluded cultivation," I then walked into the elevator taking me to the white room.

First things first, I pulled up the golden book I obtained from the dream world. I needed to see what was on it, I hoped it had the full Poison G.o.d's heritage in it, but sadly all of the papers in this book were empty.

I didn't have much hope of finding anything in the first place, this golden book is basically just the cover for the Poison G.o.d's teachings. It has nothing of substance in it.

So I went to do the second-best thing.

I only know of one person who can contend with the current sword spirit, I'm not talking about someone with an acute and eccentric set of skills like Master Rain, or someone as powerful and illusive as the Queen of the Wind Realm, no, I'm talking about someone who had taught me many things. And taught me how to grow stronger.

A mentor that I've never had the chance to meet in the real world. A man who gave his life willingly for the world itself.

The Golden t.i.tan.

Though I couldn't practice his arts since I didn't have the body for it, with this book though, things might be different.

I pulled out the Poison G.o.d's book, the new one that I just added to my a.r.s.enal. The Body Cultivation book.

I couldn't learn the teachings of the Death Heritage, since they were far too vile to use, the fact that it required the sacrifice of innocent lives young and old drive me away from using it. Though I learned its Sealing Arts which were pretty potent.

But this book, it's pretty d.a.m.n compatible with the current me. Since my body has been improved by the Stone Aged Milk, it's more than able to use this book, and with that I can use the Golden t.i.tan's arts.

There is one last verse that I can't seem to use, it is the final part of the Golden t.i.tan Arts. The reason why I can't use it is simple, my body though empowered and powerful it is far from enough to support the ma.s.sive stress of the Golden t.i.tan Arts. So I need to improve it one step further.

The Stone Aged Milk optimized my body to suit body cultivation, but I didn't have anybody cultivation technique that can improve upon it.

The Fist of Roaring Ki was a fighting technique and not a body cultivation technique. And if I wanted to have the body to use the Golden t.i.tan Arts, I'll need to improve my body to incredible levels.

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Thirty years should be enough for me.

This is just the muscles, as for the bones, I must destroy each and every bit of them, then regenerate them only to destroy them again, this will increase their density, strength, and weight. Then fibers, nerves, and the rest of my organs, from my liver to kidneys, to even my eyes.

And finally, the brain, which is always left for last. Reconstructing the brain is basically suicide. It's where even the Poison G.o.d had almost lost his sanity from the agonizing pain he felt.

The notes he left highly advise against doing so, but if Du Shen did it, why can't I?

So, I sat down and began by sensing my body, starting with the muscles on my biceps, they were the easiest to break.

I forcefully squeezed my arm, enough that I felt my biceps about to break, and then I used my divine sense to scan the damage.

There were several microtears in the fiber, and one was completely snapped in two, the extended cord of muscle had retracted completely. Then slowly I could see the torn muscle regrowing from the base of both ends and slowly linking back only three more instead of just one. This happened within the span of an hour. Which was a pretty normal time for a cultivator.

Now, what I needed to do was imbue the growing fiber with the Body and Bone Grinding Poison, dismantling it, and forcing it to grow in the way I desire.

And so I began by applying poison, causing my entire arm to feel as if it was being set ablaze as the muscles refused to grow in the presence of poison, agony, and pain and this was just one fiber.

Slowly but surely, over several days' worth of trial and failure, I finally managed to grow one muscle fiber that had three fibers intertwined with each other instead of simply stretched.

Small steps, though I need to have at least ten intertwined fibers instead of three, this is a good start.

And so the time continued as I followed the instructions of the Poison G.o.d's Book. Slowly I replaced bit by bit, every existing piece of muscle in my right arm, and then went to the left, then worked on my feet, feeling agonizing pain that almost made me want to stop and take my chances against the sword spirit.

But I decided against it every time. If the Body Cultivator I fought had done this, and if the Poison G.o.d himself had done this, I'll be too ashamed to give up in the first steps.

I'm going all the way with this one.


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