Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 475 Za Warldo

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Chapter 475 Za Warldo

My confidence in beating a Body Cultivator in hand-to-hand combat is close to nil. But a wounded one, especially with enough kinetic energy to match a nuclear explosion, I doubt he'll be in any shape or form to fight back. And I can't allow such an opportunity to pa.s.s me by.

I arrived to the area of the explosion finding nothing but dematerialized bricks and dust.

The body cultivator, however, instead of finding a fully wounded, bloodied and half-alive person, was perfectly and completely fine.

"What the f.u.c.k?!" the words came out of my mouth without even me realizing it.

"Surprised I suppose? Do you honestly think that something like that can even wound me?" the body cultivator smiled as he approached me.

I would honestly, think that something of that caliber will and would definitely at least harm him, something isn't right.

And there and then, when he took another step I noticed it, his right foot didn't step too 'hard' on the ground.

He usually would take steps that would cause small tremors whenever he moved. But here, he didn't.

He was faking it.

I pulled out my handgun and shot three rounds, which all bounced away from him.

"Hah, I told you, it wouldn't work," he smiled.

This further confirmed my suspicion.

He was wounded, because the last time I shot him, he didn't raise his defenses, he actually took in the bullets as if they were nothing.

"Right, I hope you can survive this then," I said as I pulled the explosive rocket launchers on me. Sending twelve rounds of explosive freedom his way.

The damage to the surroundings further increased, but he on the other hand seemed unfettered and unhurt.

Keep acting, I smiled as I jumped in forward.

"Ho ho, you're approaching me?! Instead of running away, you're coming right at me?! Even though you know of my advantage in close-quarter combat?!"

Oh my… he actually said the line?! I cannot disappoint!

"I can't beat the s.h.i.+t out of you without getting closer!" I spoke as I approached with my head held high, I was actually feeling giddy.

"Then come as close as you like!" he said as he approached.

The two of us were face to face and he immediately went for a swing.

"The World… Breaking Fist!"

"Fist of Roaring Ki, Fists of Eternal Gold!" both our hands struck at each other, and I was the one blown away.

"Weak!" he called as he followed up with a roundhouse kick.

My blow was weak, but I did that on purpose, I wanted to gauge his power, and I wasn't impressed. Since I used an art that wasn't fit for this body, I knew it wouldn't hurt him.

"I know, I mentioned as I raised my left arm to block the blow, which stopped in its track.

"So is your kick; Fist of Demonic Roaring Ki, Palm of the Yellow River!" my palm opened and swung forward at the body cultivator's chest.

The body cultivator immediately raised his hand to block the blow, only to realize that my palm didn't have the power to break hi guard, but actually to siphon away power and strength.

The moment my palm and his arms met, he removed the contact and took several steps back.

"Demonic Arts, filthy…" he said.

"Only the victor has the right to say s.h.i.+t like that, I'm coming at you," I said as I surged forward.

Before I even swung my fists though, he struck the ground with a powerful stomp, forcing a ma.s.sive block of earth to go up.

The block of earth stopped me from seeing what he was planning, and I immediately ducked to the side. A smart decision as if I was a second too late, the shattering of the block that happened right after would have bored holes in my body.

The body cultivator used his fist to shatter the entirety of the block.


"Five Finger Death Punch!" my right fist turned crimson red as I struck forward sending a blow of demonic Qi toward the body cultivator.

He dodged it with ease, smiling at how slow my attack was.

"You're not too proficient in martial arts, you're just swinging fancy moves and hoping that they land."

"You're right, I'm not used to this art, in this body. I said as I jumped back.

Shen Mo's body was immediately absorbed into a gate that seemed to appear out of nowhere, where another body, relatively older, wearing full purple robes donned in golden embroidered hems showed up.

The man had a pale looking face, and eyes as green as emeralds.

"This should be much more interesting," I said as I was back into Shen Bao's body.

I moved my hand back and pulled a mask and a small badge from the same portal that Shen Mo was wearing.

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Once I placed them on me, I resumed my fight.

"White Palm of Plague!" I called.

"Poison Does not work on me!" he said.

He would have been correct if he was not wounded.

I could immediately feel his vitality seeping away from him and into me.

And this caused him to forcefully break the connection and retreat back. Huffing in desperation, he looked around and then shot away escaping.

"Really?!" I grinned.

"But that works perfectly in my case," I said as I pulled the Rifle.

Though I know for a fact that killing him with this would be close to impossible since he could easily notice the Qi gathering and would be able to dodge. I had to try since I have a trick up my sleeve.

I loaded in a bullet and aimed at his back.

"You know he'll just dodge that, why did you leave him to escape?" I heard behind me.

As I was locking on the Body Cultivator's body with the scope's crosshair I said, "You and a certain tiger have this annoying habit of showing up out of nowhere, also, I already know that. But just watch," I said.

Once the reactor started and the chamber was full of Qi, I could notice the body cultivator turning his head, smiled and began zigzagging to dodge my bullet.

"See, you'll never get him like that," Dao Shen said.

"Just watch," I said as I was waiting for the perfect moment.

His zigzagging was pretty impressive, he didn't take the same path twice. And went up, down left right every time, he changed his zigzag. But I didn't really care much, because at one point, where my aim was pointed which was pretty much a dozen or so meters away from him, was where I decided to pull the trigger.

Though he changed his zigzagging position randomly, he didn't change the distance to which he switched from one direction to the other.

And once he was moving toward the direction of my crosshair.

I snapped my finger.

This caused another talisman that was on his back to blow up, destabilizing him for a fraction of a second.

And in that fraction of a second, he stopped.

And when he stopped. A bullet went right through his head.

Target Eliminated.

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