Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 474 I Am...Atomic!

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Chapter 474 I Am...Atomic!

I ducked under a punch that was aimed at my head from the Body Cultivator, he was pretty much a dozen or more meters away but I wasn't about to take any chances even if he struck empty air.

And I was right in doing so, the blow he struck which seemed to be like he was throwing an empty punch, ruptured the air itself and struck a shockwave that went rippling through s.p.a.ce itself.

"Good reflexes, most wouldn't even bother dodging," he said.

"I suppose that most who don't dodge, die," I said.

"And even those who do, die," he said as he threw another one, then another, then as if his fist were Gatling Guns, he threw in so many more that everything in the vicinity was obliterated.

My Golden Scripture clone barely was able to dive under some rubble and roll away from the impact of the punches, if I was. .h.i.t even indirectly this clone would be blown apart and that would be a problem on its own.

I still need a few more minutes to hold him here, but I don't think I'm capable of doing that on my own. I physically cannot fight him, I'll be obliterated otherwise.


"Domain of Delusions!" I called and a ma.s.sive spiderweb-like net of threads spread from under my feet.

Now, there is no way in h.e.l.l or heaven I'll be able to stop this guy with this domain.

For several reasons, I'll be telling you soon.

The threads encompa.s.sed all the area around us and then formed into a ma.s.sive dome that covered the whole section of our battle, along with the buildings and the rummage all over the place.

The threads once linked began spreading into a ma.s.sive black carpet that blocked any light that wanted to come inside.

We were in a black dome.

"Interesting domain," said the Body Cultivator. "But, it feels… wrong," he said as he raised his head which completely caught me off, guard.

"Feels like I'm trying to move in a direction but my body is urging me to go the other way, this is… incomplete, no… Not incomplete, but just wrong… you're not the real body are you?" he said.

s.h.i.+t, my plan backfired exactly for this reason.

My original body, which is able to fully display the Domain of Delusions is in the lord of lord paG.o.da. And the body of Shen Mo that's barely able to display the Domain but hardly due to the fact that it has a Demonic Soul, is away, and now I'm using a third party which is a clone of an avatar to use this domain, the issues with the domain are bound to be exposed.

"But even in this weakened and desperate state, it's still impressive, but you cannot control me, since I have full control of my body, unlike others. He said as he approached me. So, where is the real body?" he asked.

"And why are you trying to stall me here?" he asked. "I'm sure you know that we're both hunting each other, stalling me is pointless, no, even if you tried to stall me, there was no need for you to chase away the other cultivators with that ma.s.s of poison." He said hitting the nail on the head.

"Ah, I figured it out," he spoke all confidently, "You're preparing something, something big, something that will probably cause a lot of damage to the surrounding that's why you chased everyone away and the fact that you sent an avatar means that you, yourself are unable to fully control that thing. Am I right?" he asked grinning.

I hate smart cultivators, I hate them more than stupid idiotic ones that act out of pride.

"I guess you got me figured out then," I said, "But you still need to leave the domain, and I'm not letting you out," I said.

"I don't need to, I'll just break it apart," he said and slammed both fists on the ground.

The power seemed incredible, enough to shake the entirety of the Forbidden city, and the ripples alone were enough to completely shatter my domain.

We were back in the real world almost too fast for me to realize, but it was enough. Thankfully, I managed to lock him down, even if it was for a few seconds, it was more than enough for me to manipulate his Time Perception.

The man frowned as he looked around, "Something is still wrong," he said as he looked at me.

"What? You realized something I suppose?" I asked.

"Yes, the dust, it had settled, the blow I released against your domain should have caused the entire city to rising up in dust, but once I'm out, there isn't a single speck in the air… Time, you somehow managed to influence time… that's in the domain of the Heavens…" His words were more solemn and cold. He was re-evaluating my strength.

"Ah, nothing like that, I'm not a G.o.d, I cannot control time, but I can easily confuse your senses to its pa.s.sing," I said.

"And I believe you achieved your goal of distracting me long enough for whatever your plan is," he asked.

"Something like that," I smiled back as we were face to face.

"But then what, I spread my divine sense around the city, I cannot even locate any energy source, and you can't fool me, since my body is on the ground even if you use something that barely releases any Qi, I should be able to feel the vibrations. So, what is your plan," he said as his hand latched onto the neck of the Golden Scripture Copy.

"Well, it wouldn't be fun to tell you now would it," I smiled.

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My words were all it took for him to snap the copy's neck and I was back in my original body.

"What the h.e.l.l happened?" I thought to myself before I realized that I probably didn't kill anyone. Which was in fact surprising. Because damage of this magnitude is bound to at least take out a few hundred cultivators.

Suddenly, before I could even think of going out to check what was happening, Dao Shen appeared right next to me.

"That was frankly… disturbing," he said. "What is that?" he asked.

"Kinetic Explosion. It's basically throwing a heavy object towards a location and waiting for impact." I said.

"That's too simple to describe what happened. There is no way a power of this magnitude could come from a simple object being thrown, how did you do it," he asked.

"I removed friction, that's all it took, but I'm surprised though, what's that golden writing around you?" I asked.

"Oh, this is protection, it was given to everyone in the city. I suppose Du Shen's way to protect everyone in case someone like you were to show up, he wants his trial to be run fairly, or as fairly as possible he said."

"s.h.i.+t, there goes all my planning." I sighed.

"Not really, this protection was given to everyone besides your target," said Dao Shen.

This brought some hope to my eyes.

"But he isn't dead yet, I have to admit, the Body Cultivation book is outright broken," he said.

"Says the one who can consume entire planets," I replied.

Dao Shen shrugged, "I can eat entire planets, but I most certainly cannot survive a hit like that one." He said.

"You sure you want to tell me your weaknesses?" I asked.

"It is a weakness if I didn't have ways to avoid it, but I can easily avoid something like that, still, you better get going, otherwise you'll lose this golden opportunity," Dao Shen said.

I understood immediately what he meant, the body cultivator must have suffered grave injuries, I cannot waste time here.

I moved out of the house and through the smoke went toward the location of the Body Cultivator, I needed to finish what I started.

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