Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 473 Thinking Outside Of The Planet.

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Chapter 473 Thinking Outside Of The Planet.

Gaining time and distance was imperative in taking down my enemy. But that isn't all. I actually need to come up with a plan.

First things first. Know yourself and know your enemy.

My strength is limited compared to the Body Cultivator. He has the ability to sustain most injuries and tank through them like a bull. He is strong, he is powerful, he is like a ma.s.sive meat block that isn't easy to chop.

I can't undermine that, and also he is immune to most of my poisons. Besides the most lethal ones I hope, but I can't rely on information that isn't accurate.

Other than that, I can use my original body to do some deception, but I doubt that will work in the face of true power. I needed to think outside of the box.

Taking down someone specialized in taking a beating is not something that can be achieved by wishful thinking I need a true and actual plan that can work. My ability to confuse and confound enemies is my strongest fort, and I need to use that to the maximum extent.

Because taking him down isn't just a victory and a clear of this trial, it's also the elimination of another Poison G.o.d cultivator and an addition to a new book to my collection.

The body cultivation book is bound to help me further improve and cover most of my basis. I need the ability to take a hit and not outright die. I can't afford to use the Queen's help here since I doubt her reach can a.s.sist me in the Poison G.o.d's trial no matter how powerful she is.

After all Du Shen was a monster of his own level, he wasn't someone that would allow some third party to ruin his trial.

With that noted, I need a new way to take him on. Dao Shen had mentioned that my rifle is not enough to kill him, but he didn't say it wasn't enough to wound him. The problem is, I'm sure he isn't stupid enough to be shot down with a rifle like that, especially since I've shot it twice. And the moment he'd feel the energy and Qi from my rifle gathering, h.e.l.l notice the location and will be well withing his ability to duck dodge or outright prepare defenses to stop it.

The rifle is out of the window, it's not something I can use.

My specialty is poison and explosives. Which are pretty weak when against something like the Body Cultivator.

But, just in case I ever ended up fighting something that I couldn't take out directly, I had prepared something in advance. This was something I was playing and fooling around with. Sadly I never got the opportunity to test it outside of the Lord of Lords paG.o.da. Which even there in such an enclosed s.p.a.ce the destruction was pretty significant and impressive. It was far stronger than the Rifle, but sadly to prepare it, it would take a lot of effort.

I went into my inventory and pulled up a rod. A steel rod that was two meters tall, it looked like a bullet head on both sides. Inside this rod was a saint Qi reactor.

And the build of this rod was pretty similar to the sniper bullets I had, only this thing cannot be shot by a rifle. It is fueled by the world's own gravity.

I thought about this thing back in the Poison Sect as I was making some trinkets. And it's time to use it.

I pulled the ma.s.sive rod, which by no means was light, it was easily a ton worth of weight.

I then, rotated its bottom side and it hovered in the air like a rocket.

I pressed on its middle section opening it up and it slid a disk out for me. The disk had some inscriptions written on it.

I then began writing some coordination on it.

The structure of this metal rod, or what I called it a Tungsten Bullet. Was comprised of several spinning cylinders, these cylinders had small openings to the side that would aid it in adjusting its angle once it was moving. Not only that they could also help and a.s.sist in accelerating the Tungsten Bullet while it was falling down. Further increasing its acceleration.

The object once it received the information given to it, pierced through the rooftop and flew like a rocket to the high skies.

"Good, this should get in orbit in about an incense stick worth of time or so."

Once my plan was set up, I needed to start by setting up the second part.

I called upon my puppets and had them come out and spread through the entirety of the city.

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They each held in their hands a small triangular metallic object. It looked like a pyramid and wherever the puppets threw this pyramid like object it would fix itself on the ground and face with one pointed edge upward.

They all twisted open and their top was elevated revealing their hollowed inside and what was inside them.

They all had a poison pill inside them, and these pills once introduced to air would vaporize.

A giant cloud of poison began propagating through the city. And the smoke was thick and heavy.

It didn't take time before cultivators realized that it was poison, and they all began ditching their location, escaping away from the clouds.

The poison was lethal but it wouldn't affect anyone in the time being it could be treated in time and it was a poison that wasn't that hard to treat either. Still, it was poison and no one would willingly stay in a poison-infested cloud of their own will.

With that, all if not most cultivators escaped. All besides one.

I sat down, and used my Golden Scripture arts, it's been a while since I last used it. And thankfully it wasn't hard to use with the body of Shen Mo.

Once I created a second copy of myself, I sent it outside and it headed toward the tallest building in the area.

"Do you think that this smoke screen is enough to scare me away?" a man walking in the middle of the poison cloud without a single care in the world spoke.

He looked buffed and smug as he breathed in the poison and out.

"This is actually improving my cultivation even if by a bit. This is why no other Poison G.o.d cultivator could ever match up to me, since all you have is poison, but I eat and consume it, wash your neck for me little brat, you're dying here." He said with all the smugness he could muster as his chest muscles flexed.

"Well, then, let's see about that," I said and the fight began.

He needed to kill me and finish me off, while I needed to dodge and avoid his blows to gain more time. Because This isn't my original body, and I needed to buy time.

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