Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 472 Hunter And Prey

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Chapter 472 Hunter And Prey

Night time had come, and now the monsters are bound to roam. Though this litter b.a.s.t.a.r.d didn't move an inch since he went underground, the map was pretty d.a.m.n accurate for tracking everyone, but this b.a.s.t.a.r.d didn't move at all.

I thought that he might have tricked the system somehow, perhaps he had a way to trick the map. And perhaps he is somewhere else while I'm hunting a fake. But I had to act according to the information I have either way.

So, I began my plan, and would act upon it the moment I see things going off rails.

I went out after making sure that the streets were clear. I kept my eyes peeled for any cultivator, or guard moving about, and once everything seemed completely clear, I headed to the nearest sewer system.

The idea was simple, since there is an underground, the sewer system is bound to be connected to it at some point.

"Z, come out," I said and a small spider puppet emerged from my holding bag.

It skittered its way up to my palm, and I handed him a couple pills.

"Go down, find a way or path that leads to the deepest point of the underground and break these pills there. Retreat afterward," I said.

The small spider raised one of its legs in salute and grabbed the pills and jumped into the sewers.

I headed back to house where I hid and waited. Since I had no way to actually track Z's pathing, something I need to work on, perhaps I'll set up a camera, using the Memory Jade, like a two way display.

Hmm, food for thoughts, this way I'll be able to see what my puppets see. I should work on something like that.

Once I noted that pa.s.sing thought I pulled up the map.

The movements of the cultivators underground were relatively mild. But I'm sure that it will change once Z reaches them.

And in less than an incense stick worth of time, the movements of every cultivator became erratic. You could clearly see them moving about all in different direction away from one location.

They spread out systematically. This was clear, Z had already reached the designated area and was able to chase away the cultivators. Yet, what p.i.s.sed me off was the fact that the cultivator I'm hunting was the only one who didn't move.

"The f.u.c.k is happening," I cursed.

Why isn't he moving?

I couldn't act, so I waited for Z to come back.

An he did in less than the time it took him to get down.

"What happened?" I asked Z. And he began writing on the ground using his small legs.

The poison spread and everyone ran away form its effect, a lot of battles happened after due to cultivators meeting others as they were running away.

"This cultivator," I said as I pointed to Z in the map, "Didn't move, go back down, and come back tell me why he isn't moving," I ordered.

The puppet didn't hesitate to dash into the sewers again and went down. Some time later, he came back, and began writing.

The man you're talking about has all of his bones broken and he was smashed into a wall. Unconscious.

"d.a.m.n, I should have sent Z with a lethal poison, no. Perhaps not, if it was a lethal poison it will probably kill off other cultivators. But why is that man only hurt and not killed. Trap? Perhaps...

"Z, go down, finish him off, make sure to not be spotted." I said.

Z went back down, and in no time the target was taken down, and the scroll that gave me my targets was lowered by one. I have one left.

Yet, suddenly the ground began shaking, and Z immediately came back up rus.h.i.+ng toward me and wrote one word.


I didn't even hesitate to jump out of the nearest window, before the house I was in blew up to smithereens. It was no explosion of fire, but of force.

"s.h.i.+t," I cursed as I ducked and dodged as I went through alleyways and inside empty houses. Making sure to scan every place before I went in.

Someone was hunting me and the moment I saw the map, I saw two red footsteps.

"No f.u.c.king shot!" I cursed.

I realized it too late, the same person I was hunting, they were also hunting me!

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what kind of bulls.h.i.+t is this, why would the Poison G.o.d even make something like this?

I cursed as several waves of energy seemed to be coming toward me.

Some other random cultivator locate me.

I ducked and dodged to the side and pulled out my revolver, squeezing the trigger twice sent two rounds that crashed right next to the cultivator's location.

The poison flushed him out immediately and a red pillar appeared over his head afterward.

I grinned, fortune comes in the worst times.

I headed toward that person who had a pillar of light above his head.

What happened was simple he jumped out of his hiding and was spotted by a guard. And when he was spotted, a pillar of light appeared above his head. And now, thanks to that I have a way to buy myself some time.

I jumped up into the nearest building top and saw the cultivator running from shade to shade above the rooftops.

I immediately pulled my sniper and pulled the action bolt, lodging in a new bullet.

The running cultivator was trying his best to hide as more cultivators located him and started a.s.saulting him, he was a free immunity from guards card and everyone wanted that.

"Not on my watch," I said as I hastily placed the sniper on the gorund called upon the four arms to support me, then gazed upon the reticle, once his body was locked into the crosshair of my scope, I squeezed the trigger.

He couldn't even jump to the next roof before the bullet went right though his chest, blasting him and the wall a few hundred meters behind him to dust.

The pillar above my head immediately disappeared, while more pillars in the distance began manifesting, these were all the cultivators who were chasing the man that just died. Some began reporting the other and h.e.l.l ensued in a second.

Guards began moving in droves toward the lit pillars as more turned on and more turned off. Cultivator killed cultivator, and guard killed cultivator. While I immediately removed the rifle form the roof packed in and jumped down to the shade.

The body cultivator's rage was apparent as more buildings turned to dust.

I lost him, for now that is. Now after being a prey, I need to switch our order. I hate being hunted.

Tonight, we hunt!

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