Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 466 The Game

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Chapter 466 The Game

The noises inside the room died down to the point where you can hear a pin dropping. Not even the Nargacougars moved, they were either too stuffed with filling themselves with the flesh and bones of cultivators or were too lazy to even move. They had their fill, they hunted and now they're exhausted and opted for a good well earned rest.

As I approached the opened door, the walls began shaking violently, causing me to lose my balance. It felt like an earthquake was happening. The Nargacougars were undisturbed, but the rest of us were getting thrown around like rag dolls. I could see the terror in the eyes of some of the other cultivators as they struggled to remain upright.

Suddenly, the walls stopped shaking and many exits opened up. The Nargacougars still didn't move, not even when the walls opened. It was as if they knew something that we didn't.

I took a few moments looking around and searching for anything amiss, finding nothing of worth, I detached the claws from the ceiling and went down toward the opened door.

The cube was now floating over an ever-changing maze of walls that went up and down and sideways. The sheer size of the maze was mind-boggling, and it seemed to go on forever.

Even the giant cube that was in the middle of the maze began detaching and breaking off, pieces of it linking to the rest of the maze creating an even more complex pathway of confusion. It was as if the maze was alive and changing every second.

I took a random hall that manifested in front of me and began walking. The walls around me were made of a strange material that felt cold and metallic to the touch. It was like nothing I had ever seen before.

It didn't take long before I heard the voice of the same person who was giving us our tasks. "Congratulations, two thousand cultivators have survived to challenge the next trial. Now that you've survived this maze you should be ready. You have been given the chance to learn stealth and the ability to confront fears and dangers stronger than your own."

With that said, the maze began changing once again, and all the risen walls began folding down. Cultivators dodged for all their worth to not be squashed underneath the folding walls, and soon the ma.s.sive cube was so condensed when it was fully folded it was nothing more than a single slate platform that seemed to extend in every direction.

The cultivators looked at each other, some with angry and annoyed expressions, some with colder and cooler minds, and some were outright bawling, either throwing up or thanking the mercy of the heavens for having survived.

"Please enter the next trial area. If you wish to surrender and give up your right to challenge the next trial you may break one marble."

Unlike before, several marbles broke this time. And you could see many cultivators disappearing from the area. These were mostly the heavily wounded, those who knew they couldn't keep going, or those who were outright terrified of this trial.

Once we entered the gate in the middle of the platform, we were able to see our area of arrival. And boy was I too stunned to speak. I was standing along with a few hundred other cultivators at the base of a mountain.

Looking around me, there was nothing but ma.s.sive sized mountain that seemed to pierce the skies, their peaks so high one would think they were about to grasp the very moon hanging up above.

It was night time and the area felt cold, far colder than it should. This wasn't the coldness of the weather since it wasn't snowy or anything, but the coldness of death. It sent s.h.i.+vers down my spine.

The mountains weren't just any ordinary mountains. They stood tall and imposing, towering over the surrounding area like walls. But what lay beyond them was even more intriguing. In the heart of the mountain range was an old, forgotten city. The sight of run-down houses, palaces, and temples scattered all around the area made the terrain look like a complex maze with countless entry and exit points.

The city was built on a ma.s.sive square boulder, surrounded by an endless chasm that looked like a portal to another world. As I stared into the darkness, I couldn't shake the feeling that something ominous was lurking in the shadows.

There were four paths leading to the city, each one starting from the location we were teleported to. As it seems there were only a few hundred cultivators with me, so I a.s.sume that the rest are spread between the four bridge entrances that started from the mountain range and ended at one of the city's four gates.

The voice announcing the trial rules spoke once again

"Once you arrive to the gate's door you'll be given a set of robes a mask and a number tag. Do not remove any of them, you'll receive the rest of the trial's details at the gate."

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It didn't take long for me to realize the nature of this trial. It was a killing trial.

There are three different types of Hunter Guards you must learn their abilities and weakness to have an edge. Do know that you cannot harm, damage or alter in any way a Guard.

If you happen to be spotted by your target, your location will be permanently revealed to them until you or they perish.

You will also be issued a number of your own you must keep it on your chest at all times.

To reveal the general location of your first target you must complete a task.

Your first task is to Eliminate the Giant Black Mamba at the Serpent Wors.h.i.+pper's Temple. Once you have succeeded you'll be given a reward that will aid you in your first a.s.sa.s.sination attempt.

Make sure to move cautiously and prudently, and deciding to trust or betray another is all up to you, but the direct killing of a target that isn't yours will reveal your location temporarily to all the guards and cultivators in the area.

If one of your targets loses their life before you reach them, you will be issued a new target. But the time to hunt them will not be reset. So be quick, fast and precise.

Once you kill a cultivator that has been revealed, the killer will be given immunity from Guards and if they were revealed earlier their marker will be removed.

Now that you've read so far, you may start hunting. Do know that it's not only the Cultivators that you must be wary of in this city, it is forbidden, and for a reason."

'Well... this sounds like fun,'

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