Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 465 Carnage

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Chapter 465 Carnage

The scene was a gruesome sight, the metallic smell of blood and the reek of fear lingering in the air. The bodies of the cultivators scattered around, their twisted limbs and frozen expressions a testament to the horror they had experienced. The Nargacougars moved with deadly grace, leaving deep gouges in the stone floor with their sharp claws. The survivors, their eyes darting nervously, cowered together, hoping to avoid the attention of the predators.

As I navigated through the chaos, every sense on high alert, I felt a p.r.i.c.kling sensation at the back of my neck. I whirled around, ready for anything. I was sure it was not a Nargacougar, since those creatures move with such fearsome and terrifying stealthy grace, they would be undetectable until they strike.

There was someone behind me, hidden by a mask and the shadows cast by the hovering platforms littering the s.p.a.ce inside this giant cube we're in. I braced myself for whatever was to come.

"What do you want?" I snarled, my voice low and menacing.

The figure stepped closer, their movements measured and deliberate. "Let's pair up," they said, their voice m.u.f.fled by the mask.

I studied them with narrowed eyes. They were looking for safety in numbers, hoping that we could protect each other from the Nargacougars. But I knew better than to fall for such a desperate ploy. Pairing up would only make us easier targets.

"No need," I said coldly, my voice final. "I prefer to operate alone."

I turned on my heel and strode away, alert for any sign of danger. Survival was all about calculated risks and strategic moves. With luck and a well-executed plan, I would make it out of this alive.

I a.s.sessed the situation with a cold and calculating gaze, taking in every detail of my surroundings. The room was vast, with towering walls that seemed to stretch up to the sky. I knew that I couldn't waste any time if I wanted to survive. With Nargacougars and other cultivators lurking around, I had to be quick and efficient.

I jumped from one hovering platform to another, my movements fluid and precise. I scanned the area for any signs of danger. I already pulled my hand gun, ready for anything, and it was there when I sensed it. A Nargacougar was nearby. No it was actually on this very platform I'm on, I didn't hesitate to take action.

I fired my gun, the sound echoing through the room with a deafening roar. The Nargacougar recoiled in pain, its invisibility stripped away for a moment. I took advantage of the opportunity and threw a specially designed pill that contained a potent nerve poison. The creature howled in agony, its nerves on fire from the poison.

It stumbled back and fell to the far away ground, wounded and vulnerable. But I wasn't the only one who had noticed. The Steel Fanged Wolves, fierce predators in their own right, howled in response and rushed towards their fallen prey. I watched the scene with detached interest, studying the wolves as they tore into the wounded Nargacougar with savage efficiency.

They tore its flesh as it screamed in agonized pain, bit by bit, starting from the Nargacougar's thin leathery wings, to its ears, and once it made the mistake of falling on its back, the Nargacougar's belly was up for grabs for the first wolf to sink their fangs in. A single jerk was all it took to spill the insides of the creature, steaming intestines littered the ground.

It was a brutal display, but it was also a reminder of the harsh reality of this world. In a place like this, it was kill or be killed. And I was determined to be the one left standing at the end.

The Nargacougar's screeches filled the air as it was torn apart by the savage teeth and claws of the creatures attacking it. Blood and flesh flew everywhere, creating a gruesome scene that would haunt anyone who witnessed it.

But amidst the chaos, I remained focused on my goal. With a quick motion, I summoned four robotic arms that I had created for Shen Bao's main body. These arms were specially designed to help me navigate difficult terrain and a.s.sist me in combat, and I knew they would come in handy now.

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Using these arms, I leaped up to the ceiling and clung to it with two of the arms while the other two held two powerful miniguns. I was determined to be ready for anything, especially since I couldn't figure out where the Nargacougars might be hiding. But with my weapons at the ready, I knew I could defend myself if they came at me.

That only lasted for a few seconds before the poison from the bullet inside its body began acting, the lethal toxins spreading through its bloodstream like wildfire. The creature began spasming on the wall, its body wracked with pain, shuddering and shaking, screeching as if it was being torn apart from the inside. Then it began slamming its forehead into the wall, once, twice, and thrice, before blood began painting the wall, a final testament to the creature's last moments of agony.

The scene was one of utter chaos and confusion, as the once fearsome Nargacougar lay convulsing on the ground, its body writhing with pain. The sight of the giant fungi emerging from its eyes, mouth, nose, and ears was both grotesque and mesmerizing, and the cultivators watched in awe as the creature suffered its final, horrifying moments.

But their fascination was short-lived, as a pack of hungry wolves descended upon the fallen beast, eager to take advantage of the opportunity for an easy meal. The wolves charged forward, their teeth bared and their eyes fixed on their prey, but as they drew closer, they seemed to sense that something was amiss.

With cautious curiosity, the first wolf approached the Nargacougar, sniffing tentatively at its strange, fungal-covered body. And then, without warning, the wolf sneezed violently, shaking its head and revealing bloodshot eyes and foaming jaws. It was clear that something was very wrong with the creature, and the other wolves hesitated, unsure of what to do.

But as the first wolf turned on its own packmate, biting and snarling in a frenzy of madness, the other wolves quickly followed suit. In an instant, the once-proud pack had turned on itself, each animal consumed by the same uncontrollable rage and bloodl.u.s.t that had infected their fallen prey.

It was a harrowing sight to behold, as the wolves tore into each other with abandon, their once-proud pack reduced to a writhing ma.s.s of snarling, biting bodies. And as the chaos and violence escalated, it became clear that there would be no survivors in this brutal, unforgiving battle for dominance over nothing…

The Nargacougars saw what happened to their companions and wisely decided not to attack me again. They didn't want to suffer the same fate as their fellow beast who went mad and hurt itself against the wall. They knew it wasn't worth the risk to go after someone who was already difficult to reach, and they opted for easier prey instead. They also avoided the rabid wolves, as they weren't appetizing and not worth the trouble to hunt.

The once-calm screams of the cultivators were now drowned out by the sounds of more pain and distress in the room.

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