Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 454 Movement

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Chapter 454 Movement

Leaving the two Sects to deal with the aftermath of the battle, I headed to the Dark Forest where the Heavenly Dark Tiger lives. Once I arrived I went into my allowed s.p.a.ce right under my territory given by the tiger. A tree.

Once underneath it, I called upon the Lord of Lords paG.o.da and headed inside it, the third floor, the white s.p.a.ce.

I placed Shen Mo's wounded body on a table and began applying treatments.

Using the Divine Sense I could see all the damage done to this body, and frankly speaking, I was impressed that it didn't die… again.

The corps had a few broken bones, some damaged internal organs and several ruptured arteries, and heavy bruising. And to my surprise, the majority of the damage was not from the Fire Cultivator, but actually from forcing the Fist of Demonic Roaring Ki out. It caused many meridians to take damage. A bit more and Shen Mo's cultivation base would have dropped.

But, since I was proficient in treatment methods, it took me but a little bit of effort to fix him up. Starting with making bone-strengthening pills, and applying some herbal mix to his wounds, then making the corpse drink an extract of several herbs that accelerated the reconstruction of muscles and fibers.

The bruising would go away in a few days but the majority of the damage would be healed up in at least a few months.

With the first aid and all the necessary medications given, I left my original body and possessed Shen Mo's body once again. Almost regretting it.

The pain from the battle shocked my nerves as I just gained feeling in this body, it was not a fun experience.

I got up and moved out of the lord of lords paG.o.da. Once I was out, I looked around and spoke, "Guess you're here again," my words brought out darkness from within the darkness and two golden eyes appeared right before me.

"It is my land, I am everywhere," the Dark Tiger said.

"I suppose, thank you for giving me this place. I needed it," I said.

"You earned it, use it as you, please. Hmm, I sense that the Dark Beast had grown greatly since the last time I've seen it," he said.

"I don't feel like it changed much," I said as I pulled out the small furball. Kyuu immediately jumped from my hand to stand atop the Heavenly Dark Tiger's head.

"Hmm, she grew, I can sense it, she needs some more time she'll evolve. What have you done to her to grow this fast? Usually, it would take hundreds of years.

"These," I said as I pulled the pouch of Beast Blood Pellets."

The Tiger scrunched up its nose and said, "You two-legged walkers are cruel," he said.

"What? Why, what did I do?" I asked, concerned.

"You don't see the agony and pain of the beasts in your hands? Or perhaps you do not know the origin of these things, you didn't strike me as a person without a heart…" he said.

"No, I have no idea where these came from, I got them as a gift, are they bad?" I asked.

"In honesty, they are not, they are great as nutrients for this child, but the way to make them is not by any means great," he said.

"You can only make one of these once you slaughter and condense the blood of a hundred Demonic Beasts. They give far less value than if your own pet were to hunt these hundred beasts itself, but it is easier and faster to improve its cultivation base. I'd recommend you stop giving it to her for the time being, because she will grow, but will grow without having honed her instincts. Now that she is still a beast without sentience, give them to her as a reward when she earns it, otherwise refrain from feeding it to her, or you'll end up with a fangless clawless cat instead of a mighty Dark Beast," the tiger said.

"Noted," I said "I'll keep it in mind," then I hid the pellets back in my pouch.

"Do you have any idea where I can train her?" I asked.

"She may hunt here, I have no objections to it, but do know that you must not help aid, or a.s.sist her in her hunts."

"So basically leave her to fend for herself?" I asked.

"Yes, if it's a life-endangering situation, I'll middle in, but if she were to lose her life… then so be it, this is the wild, and only the mighty can survive it," he said.

I sighed then placed Kyuu on the ground, "You heard him, how about you go and hunt for yourself, I know you've been wanting to use those tiny claws of yours for a while now," I said to Kyuu.

And just as I finished my words, Kyuu turned and shot forward into the forest disappearing from sight.

"d.a.m.n she is fast," I said.

"That is the bare minimum," the Tiger said.

"I'll be leaving, I still need some time to recuperate," I said.

"Come again when there is anything interesting, especially like the fight you just went through, it was fun to watch," he said.

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I frowned, "How did you see the fight? It was really far away," I said.

As for the other spear that Died, it was none other than the third strongest Spear, and only the mightiest of the Water Realm could ever cause him a problem, but he died without even being able to relay a message or warning. As for the Water Realm royalty, all of their members were located and were far away from the general location where the Spear died. So it must have been an Eccentric cultivator that did this.

More and more problems were piling up without many being solved. Hopefully, the general thought, is that everything will be figured out before the Fire Lord comes out.


On another planet, darker than the blackness of the night, where even if the sun was to s.h.i.+ne upon it, no light would be able to pierce its dark clouds. A young man not older than a teenager seemed to be humming a joyful tune as he was sitting on the ground.

The child looked carefree as he sat down several books before them.

If Shen Bao was here he'll be immensely shocked to see the books. There were five of them in front of him. They were all of different colors but they all shared one thing in a comment that was written in bold gold.

Poison G.o.d's Heritage.

"Good, with this I only have a few more to get when I'm done," he said as he looked up at the black skies.


"I really like this poison, seems that poisoning an entire planet isn't that hard after all. With this," he said as he raised his hand up, "Come,"

A small twister manifested over his open palm and then began growing, and growing. Slowly at first, then it became a raging tempest that could be seen from outside the planet. Every dark cloud seemed to merge with the rising hurricane that was roiling atop this child's hand.

And then soon the clouds were sucked in. and if one were to look closely at the clouds they'd see that they were not really clouds, but actually Souls, Souls dammed to eternal agony and pain, poisoned souls that had no choice but to merge together and be infused into the cultivator.

"Ah, how I love this specific Heritage. The Heritage of Devouring. I wonder why Du Shen didn't use this often, with such power one can Devour the whole of the universe!" the child said as he stood up watching as the dark skies disappear into him and thus the planet which was pitch black finally had some light upon it.

But, as if to mock the world, one would think it would have been better if the skies of this sordid and pitiful planet were still black. Because once the youngster had finished consuming everything, nothing but the death remained. The rivers had dried, and the seas were no more than stagnate waters. The creatures of the land air and sea had perished, and all life form was nothing but ash and death. A beautiful bountiful and splendid planet was turned into nothing but a sp.a.w.n of death and misery.

"What a powerful Heritage. Now, with five in my hand, I don't need to wait for the Opening of the Trial now do I," the youngster said as he held his head to the northern part of the sky.

"I'll have to brute force my way in, this should call all the users of the Poison G.o.d's heritage, and once they're all there, I'll consume them too!" the youngster spoke in a gleeful childish-like tone, smiling and laughing as if he had nothing to worry or care about in the world. After all, only he has this many books in hand and only he can be the true Heir.

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