Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 453 Roaring

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Chapter 453 Roaring

"Let me show you the difference between us!" the fire cultivator said as he dashed forward in the air aiming to once again grab me by the neck.

I allowed him this time.

The moment his hand latched onto my neck, he grinned, "All of that talk and you still were caught oh so easily," he said.

"Who said I tried to dodge in the first place," I smiled.

Just then, he realized that he couldn't feel his hand.

I am poison.

The most devastating, most excruciating, wildest, and rare of poisons seeped into the palms of his hands and were traveling through them.

Once again, with a clear mind and perfect judgment he sliced away at his arm before the poison could spread even further.

I grabbed the hanging arm and said, "Well, that's the second arm you lost today, I wonder how many times can you regenerate."

With that I dropped his arm down, and it turned to dust before it touched the ground from the potency of the poisons.

I then took a ma.s.sive breath and spat out toxins and poisons so dense and condensed, that the moment they were in contact with the air, they spread in all directions.

The Fire cultivator erected a barrier to protect himself from the poisons and began summoning his flames to snuff them out.

"Your avatar may have had the ability to control flames! BUT NOT YOU!" he said as he pointed his palms forward "BURN EVERYTHING!"

His palms shot two geysers of flames that merged together like two coiling dragons and shot towards me.

In the same moment I clapped my hands forward, and manifested two small spheres of fire, Heart Fire, Veridian of course.

The sight of the Heart Fire caused great confusion to the Fire Cultivator, since it was already rare to see someone with an Emerald Heart Fire, but now me, and my avatar both had it, it was not something he expected.

With the two spheres, I easily separated the two flames then caused them to pa.s.s harmlessly behind me.

I then shot forward.

The fire cultivator, enraged and clearly p.i.s.sed off did the same. The two of us were on an impact course.

I pressed my palm forward to block his, and before contact I knew for sure that I would lose in term of power, thus I cheated.

Instead of clas.h.i.+ng, I allowed his palm through while I slid mine under his, a simple touch to the bottom part of his arm caused more poison to spread out.

Yet this time he was ready, and instead of cutting away his second arm, he ignited it burning the poison on contact.

But that was all I needed, I didn't want him to fight me head on and be wary of me, so I pressed the a.s.sault.


"Fist of Roaring Ki! Divine Impact!" immediately, energy surged out from my body like an erupting volcano, my palm which had parried the Fire Cultivator's fist now was directly against his chest. And with the application of Saint Qi to the Fist of Roaring Ki, I saw a new upgrade to my palm blow.

A ma.s.sive t.i.tan like golden palm emerged from my own palm, and smashed down the cultivator into the ground, so hard and so deep that the island itself seemed to sink a bit.

I then shot down, "Fist of Roaring Ki! Fists of Eternal Gold!" both my fists materialized gauntlets of pure golden aura and slammed into the fire Cultivaotr's chest who was already pinned to the ground.

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His meger Qi barrier shattered upon contact as blow after blow rammed his chest, head, legs and every part of his body that I could strike.

Thankfully, the younger generation of the Poison Sect and the Demonic Sect didn't lose too many members.

The two sect masters approached me warily.

"Who might you be?" the Yao Hua asked.

"I'm Shen Bao," I said.

She frowned, "Are you his father? Shen Mo I mean," she said.

"Oh, no, Shen Mo is dead," I said as I yawned.

My words dropped like an anvil upon their heads, I could feel the desperation and agony over the loss of Shen Mo.

"Ah, just kidding, he is well and healing, once he is cured I'll send him back. Now since you all were doing a tournament here do you still wish to proceed?" I asked.

The two looked at each other, "Not with the casualties we suffered," sighed the Poison Sect master. "But, it doesn't matter, we've faced a stronger foe and fought together, this ordeal showed us that our struggles for the past thousands of years were for naught. If we had learned from each other and grown together we wouldn't have suffered this much. If it was not for Shen Mo, and you good sir we would have probably perished, for that, I thank you with all my being," he said as he bowed to me.

The Demon sect master also bowed.

"Good, just make sure to treat little Mo right, anyway, I'll be leaving soon," I said and took the hoverboard and left.

Thankfully they didn't realize that both I and Shen Mo are one and the same. And I could already know what their train of thought is.

Since they knew that Shen Mo's ability was already great, power, alchemy, and cultivation, they must have suspected him to have a mentor or a dharma protector, and with my original body appearing, they must have confirmed it. Which works well for me. Now, I'll need to treat Shen Mo's body since he took too much damage in this battle.

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