Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 452 Arrival

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Chapter 452 Arrival

You could see the veins on the Fire Cultivator's forehead pulsating from the utter rage at being trapped in this domain without being able to do anything.

But surprisingly the rage and wrath were no more when he took a single breath out and seemed to fully cool down.

"Ha, HA HAHAHAHAHAH!" he began laughing like a third-rate villain immediately after.

"I have to admit, you played your cards pretty well, if it was any other, you might have had them in the palms of your hands," he said.

I'm not going to indulge him with an answer, let him speak, the more he monologues the more time I gain.

"But, you made one fatal mistake," he said as his face snapped to my location.

s.h.i.+vers ran down my spine, how the h.e.l.l did he know where I was, everything from his perspective should be completely dark and black.

I was even using the Traceless Steps to make sure that my entire body is hidden along with my Qi.

"Your Soul! I can smell the stench, it's putrid, like the soul of those who suffered thousands of years of torture, it stinks of indignation, discrimination, pain, and agony, your soul darker than coal is as bright as a lamp in the pitch of the darkest night," he said.

'The f.u.c.k, are you a dog!'

"But, that isn't enough to break me out of this place, just knowing where you are, you could still escape." He said as he looked around, "That is of course if this was 'Your' Domain," he grinned.


's.h.i.+t! He is bruit forcing his own domain!'

Immediately after he uttered his words, the temperature inside of my own Domain of Delusions grew exponentially so.

"You know full well that fire won't work on me," I said.

"Yes, I do know, since you're an owner of a Heart Flame. But, can your meager understanding of Law stop my flames?!" he said and more flames surged out, consuming the darkness itself.

's.h.i.+t!' I cursed, not at the heat but I finally understood what he was trying to do. He wasn't attacking me, he was attacking the domain, trying to overload it.

"You finally get it fake one," he said.

'Fake one?'

"You're not the owner of this body, your incompatible, your own understanding of Spatial Law is weak and flimsy, what, did you die and decide to possess this boy? Sloppy work! For those who possess another body cannot use their original domain, if you had learned a Demonic Domain I might not have had this opportunity!" he said "BURN!" he roared as he raised his hands up, and magma-like the floods shot out from everywhere around him, going up as if it was a tidal wave that wanted to consume the whole world.


Looking up, a ma.s.sive fissure appeared on my Domain of Delusions. He was right, this body cannot fully express the Domain of Delusions as can my original body. It isn't attuned to it, it cannot fully use it. No, not the body, the Soul itself since the understanding of Domains is saved within the soul, only my original body with my original soul can.

This body has a part of my soul that allowed me to even manifest the Domain of Delusions, but it was not the original soul, it's a twisted, damaged and fully murky, and corrupted Soul, it cannot use the Domain of Delusions to perfection, and because of that…


The domain shattered as I was overtaken by the Fire Cultivator's domain. The tables were turned…

"Now, welcome to h.e.l.l!" he said as his domain fully consumed mine.

"Fall to despair, knowing that you although halted my advance for but a few minutes, still failed, Die in the pits of h.e.l.l, courtesy of the Fire Lord!" he said as he pointed his finger forward causing the waves of magma created from his domain to surge towards me.

I sighed, "d.a.m.n I didn't think I'll have to do this now," I said as I closed my eyes.

"Already given up I see, then farewell!' he spoke.

But all I needed was open my eyes once again and I was already outside of his domain.

I immediately shot forward while the fire cultivator's eyes were still adjusting back to reality, unable to understand how his own domain was shattered without an ounce of resistance.

"Fist of Demonic Roaring Ki! Devil's Impact!" my right fist, seared and smoldering in a surcharge of Demonic Qi, manifested a gauntlet of force that had a reddish jet-like thruster of Qi to further enhance and empower the blow.

My Fist connected to the Fire Cultivator's chest fully and completely, and then I heard a crunch.

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The fire Cultivator's eyes opened then he looked down, seeing my fist landing against his chest.

Just as the tornado was about to eradicate everyone in the arena. The projectile blocked its way and manifested a giant dome that covered the entire area. Causing the tornado to sear the ground and burn against the raging sea. Steam blew up as cold and hot met and created a fog that hid the view of the sun itself.

A dark shade hung upon the island as the only two things hovering in the skies were the fire cultivator and a person, the person was sitting in the lotus position with eyes closed on top of a steel board.


"Who… is this man?" asked the Poison Sect master.

Everyone looked up, they didn't understand who this person was.

"Man, I barely made it, one hour was really hard to steal," I smiled.

"One hour?" the Fire Cultivator spoke, looking warily at the motionless sitting corps. "It hasn't been more than an incense stick's worth of time since I came here," he said but then looked up and frowned.

"The sun had moved…" he then looked at me and realize I was smirking. "You…you not only controlled s.p.a.ce, but you also controlled time? In that domain? What frightening talent… I cannot allow something like you to live!" he said.

"I didn't control the time that's in the domain of deity, I only controlled your perception of it. In my domain, I control senses, and making you think that time hadn't pa.s.sed was as easy as turning my palm," I coughed again.

"But then what, I can feel that this corpse you called is not even stronger than the other two saint cla.s.s cultivators, you think that just adding another person that you'll live," he smiled.

"Well, how about we see if you're right about that?" I closed my eyes. And Shen Mo was out of service.

I took a breath, this time my point of view was far higher than the almost corpse-like shape of Shen Mo, well he is technically a corpse. But with damage that severe… d.a.m.n, it's gonna take some time to fix it.

My emerald eyes met the Fire Cultivator's eyes.

"A Poison G.o.d Acolyte!" the Fire Cultivator's skin shuddered.

"Oh, so you know, then, Let's play!" and then I slapped both palms together.

"Now now, it's been a few years since I last moved in this body, let's see if it's still works the same!"

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