Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 451 Battle

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Chapter 451 Battle

The two Sect Masters shot up forward to block the incoming Fire Cultivator.

"NO!" I shouted, and it didn't take more than a snort for the two sect masters to be shot back down to the ground.

"I find it interesting when flies try and fight back, die," the fire cultivator said as he pulled up his hand forward, it looked charred black and from it an incinerating wave shot out to burn the entire arena.

I raised both my hands forward and shot up every ounce of Qi I had in my body, not to stop or block, because trying to do so and trying to suppress a King Cla.s.s cultivator was nothing short of suicide. But to take control and subvert the incoming wave of fire.

My Veridian Heart Flame was fueled by my Soul energy, and I wouldn't lose to a King Cla.s.s when it's related to flame control even with a weaker cultivation base.

The incoming raging wave of h.e.l.lfire seemed to morph and distort as it came in contact with my own Veridian Heart flame, fully to be consumed and come under my rule.


Yet, that wouldn't save us from what is to come next, the ability to control fire isn't the only thing a King Cla.s.s cultivator has, and since he realized that his flames were of no use, he shot toward me with blinding speed.

Yet before his hand could even grasp my neck, Y's sword swung down aiming to chop it down. The cultivator snorted once again and took a step back.

"What are you?! Who are you and why have you come here!" the Poison Sect Master shouted out as he pulled a cudgel that radiated purple poisonous energy.

"I'm your doom, be grateful that you'll die by the hands of one of the Spears of the Fire king!" he said.

The moment the words, Spear of the Fire King were uttered, I felt the hearts of everyone including the Poison Sect master and the Demon Sect master drop.

"What is one of the eight spears doing here?!" asked the Demon Sect master, "We have no enmity with the Fire King!" she said. Not to mention that this was the Wind Realm. The fact that a Fire Spear came here should be news that would rock many waves in the Vast Expanse. The peace between the four factions was very precarious and this guy came out of nowhere to ruin it.

"Dead Men tell no tales! Die!" he said and snapped his finger, causing a small spark to ignite in front of the Demon Sect master, the spark morphed into a sphere then it exploded creating a giant crater that rocked the entire island we were on.

I stood watching in shock. Is this the power of a King Cla.s.s cultivator? I even fought one, the corpse, but it wasn't this strong!

No, thinking about it, the corpse though was not strong, it was sealed and controlled, and it had just woken up, extremely weakened and not using its full power. Not that it matters, because even if this person in front of me was not using his full power since he was clearly wounded, he was still a power to be reckoned with.

"Oh, impressive, you survived that," said the Fire cultivator in a mocking tone.

Looking at the damage done, and the giant fuming crater, I couldn't even begin to fathom how can someone survive that, but the person coming out of the crater, though bloodied and wounded, she looked pretty much fine.

She had transformed into that succubus form to block the damage. But from what I can see, although she could stand up, it was obvious to anyone that she took in more damage than she is showing.

I sent a divine sense message to both sect masters, "I don't know what he is trying to do, or why he is here, but buy me some time, an hour! If you buy me an hour I can get us out of this mess!"

"Fool! How can we even survive for an hour!?" the demon sect master replied.

"Oh, strategizing between yourselves, quite interesting, I would love to see how mere sheep can come up with a plan, especially if you are all DEAD!" he shouted and chased after one of the disciples who were too slow to realize that the cultivator was coming for him.

The fire cultivator grabbed the disciples by the neck, and unceremoniously ripped his head, spine included, out of his body.

The disciple's eyes couldn't believe what happened as he struggled to get words out of his mouth. The Fire Cultivator opened his mouth and sucked in the very soul of the dead cultivator, absorbing it and visibly healing some of the damage.

The young cultivators realized it immediately, this man was out to get them. Those who thought themselves the smarter of the bunch immediately dispersed in different directions, there was no need for them to die here, but with several finger flicks, ethereal skulls shot out of the fire cultivator's hands toward them eating the disciples and leaving nothing but ash.

"No one is going anywhere! I'm hungry and I hate it when my food tries to run away!" he said as he licked his lips.

The two sect masters and the elders realized that if they don't put up a fight here and fight with everything they have on the line, only death awaits them and so they did, but it was almost futile.

The elder's flashy attacks found no target as many began falling down like flies as the Fire Cultivator was killing them left and right.

Y's swords came down toward the Fire Cultivator at wind-cracking speed. But the fire cultivator was ready as he easily deflected the swords with a wave of his hands, "That won't work twice on me!"

"I know," I said as he was rattled by something that struck him on the side. Before he could even realize what it was an explosion echoed.

The speed of the projectile was faster than the explosion it created.

A small former-sphere-like object fell down, it was now nothing more than a crushed black disc on the ground.

"That one stung," he said as he turned to see X with a giant rifle aimed at him. there was another bullet like that in the chamber. X, locked and loaded, shot the remaining bullet toward the cultivator who easily held his hand forward and grabbed the incoming projectile.

"You'd think I'll be hit with something this slow?" he grinned.

"Of course not, I was not intending to land it on you anyway," I said.

Before he could even figure out the meaning of my words, the projectile he grabbed in his hand cracked. After all, this was not a normal steel bullet.

A pungent and potent poison blew up from it, but unluckily the cultivator jumped away from the explosion range and looked at his own arm in disgust.

"Not bad," he said and without an ounce of hesitation, chopped his left arm off.

's.h.i.+t, if only he was greedy,' I cursed inwardly. This person is smart, he already realized that if he allowed that poison in, he'll die without knowing why, and he opted to remove his arm than lose his life.

"It's been a while, since someone forced me to cut my own arm, for you, I'll prepare a special place! IN h.e.l.l!" he roared and charged me, while I was looking, his torn arm visibly grew back, a new one too.

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"Are you a f.u.c.king squid!" I cursed as I jumped back throwing several pills on the ground that blew up creating a powerful gust of poisonous gas.

The platform was made thanks to the demon sect, and they could control it, the fact that he stumbled canceled his crus.h.i.+ng stomp and allowed my law to form.

"Domain of Delusion! Fake and Real!" I said and with this the enter law lines formed into a ma.s.sive dome and the dome turned to a black half sphere that allowed no light to come in or out.

With a wrathful cry, the cultivator burnt the remaining seals and tattoos on his skin and sent out a powerful shockwave inside the Domain sphere. But nothing seemed to cross a distance as the flames he shot out bounced off randomly invisible and at the same time inexistent objects.

The flames surged erratically, without a proper destination in sight.

This caused the Cultivator to frown and think for a moment.

He raised his hands up, hardily, and tried to move, but everything seemed strange for him.

"Ah, what an interesting Domain, you're able to flip understanding completely. Up is down, down is up, back is forward, and left is right, for a cultivator with lower understanding and talent, they'll easily be confused, but you're facing the worst opponent. Spear!" he said and held his hand forward with difficulty.

A flame spear manifested in his hand, and all he did was let go.

"Though your law affects the physical body, it cannot affect my skill, and this spear will come to find you, no matter the distance, no matter the time. Aim for his heart!" he said and as he told the spear shot forward unperturbed by the laws that flipped the rules of s.p.a.ce to my advantage.

If I were to take this spear head-on, I will die. Since it's far stronger than anything I can block or stop, yet, he made a small mistake.

I grinned as the spear approached me with terrifying speed.

"I applaud your courage, not many cultivators have the same clearness of mind to do what you did, and trap me in their domain, but you are far too weak to even touch my robes." He said.

"You're right, I can't harm you, but you know who can," I smirked as the spear was no more than a few inches away from my heart.

"Only you can hurt yourself," I said and immediately both our positions were switched.

Since I ruled over this domain, my control of s.p.a.ce is absolute.

The sudden realization of both our locations had swapped made the fire cultivator stagger as he desperately grasped the flaming spear with both hands, the tip of it already embedded into his chest, but it was not deep enough to reach his heart.

's.h.i.+t, I thought with the laws inverted, the moment he'd try to raise his hands to grab the spear they'll go down, especially if it was as a reaction but the f.u.c.ker actually controlled his own reaction and lower his arms so they can go up and grabbed the spear.'

"What a scary young man! I like you!" he said.

"Sorry, not judging but I like chicks!" I said then called upon the darkness of the s.p.a.ce of my domain to hid my presence.

'I only need to buy time, if I were to fight him I'll die, so let him remain here, confused and unable to leave.'

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