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Chapter 450 Invader

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Chapter 450 Invader

Arriving on the deserted island took exactly ten days, which made us arrive on the same day as the Demon Sect.

The two sects each had ma.s.sive beasts they rode on, ours was this phoenix-like creature, who I learned during our travel was actually a sub-species of the Suzaku, a distant relative to the almighty phoenix. While the Demon Sect rode on a giant winged gray whale.

Yes, a whale with eighteen wings. The two ma.s.sive creatures were adamant on facing each other the moment they were face to face. But with each of the sect masters applying a great deal of submissive pressure, the two beasts decided it was better that they don't fight.

The two creatures were ordered to go down, on each side of the island, then soon both of the Sect Masters, and the elders were to meet in the middle of the island to prepare for the 'friendly' compet.i.tion that will be the reason to bury the hatchet and put a stop to this wheel of vengeance and pointless deaths.

"Greetings," spoke the Poison Sect's master first as he clasped his hands to the Demon Sect.

Yao Hua, the Sect Master of the Demon Clan did the same as she clasped her hands towards him.

Then without realizing she glanced my way and frowned.

"Ah, you must be wondering why I brought a disciple alongside the elders," said the Poison Sect Master.

"No," Yao Hua shook her head, "I know this person, and his ability, it's not a wonder that he'd be accompanying the elders of our sect. Anyway, since our sect is more attuned with nature, we'll be responsible over reconstructing this area, give us a day, and we'll make it fit for a compet.i.tion," She said.


"Then we'll leave you to it, if you need any help or working power we'll provide all and any help. As for now, we'll keep to ourselves on the other side of the island not to bother you," said the Sect Master.

"Good then, we'll proceed with building the arena," Yao Hua said and clapped her hands.

Soon, several disciples began moving, using their Qi to manipulate the ground, dirt and stone to shape it into platforms and pillars.

They were working hard, and since no issues happened, we're better off going back.

As we were heading off, one of the elders spoke to the sect master, "We shouldn't have acted so meekly in front of them," he said.

"And then what?" replied the Sect Master, "This isn't an event that we can afford to be haughty or arrogant, it's a b.l.o.o.d.y war that we're bringing an end to, if anyone dares and disrespect or cause any issues with the Demon Sect, they'll have me to answer for, this isn't something we can ruin by being petty or prideful, mind your words and manners," the Sect Master spoke.

And I agree with him, there is no point in making a fuss or being annoyed or even trying to act as the top dog when all everyone wants is just peace.

After we headed back, we found that the disciples already set up camp. Some were practicing and some were meditating, tomorrow's event was going to be a great opportunity to prove one's prows and gain 'Face' for their sect. So everyone was excited and anxious at the same time.

I went to rest and made some final checks on my 'toys'.


The next morning the two sects met together in the middle of the island. The Demon Sect had proven their ability by having reformed the open empty lot of yesterday into a giant arena that could host thousands of spectators. A ma.s.sive squared platform in the middle of the round arena where the combatant will face off. And two honorary booths to seat the sect masters one on each side of the stadium.

The squared platform also had a giant barrier to protect spectators and hold off any sort of ability from harming the spectators.

The arena was almost completely empty since only twenty people on each side had arrived. The arena was built in hopes of having more compet.i.tions in the future where the future generations of the Demon Sect and the Poison Sect could challenge each other here without needing to spill blood in a useless war.

Just as the few members of each sect sat in their respective seats. One of each sect's elders approached the arena. They greeted each other and asked one of each of their sects to come forward.

The first fight was bound to be the most exciting since the first to come up from the poison sect was the man named Xu Tian, the man that Ai Li was considering her older brother and the strongest of the current generation.

pαndα noνɐ1,сoМ As for the one he was facing, it was surprisingly none other than our former guide Yun s.h.i.+.

"Filthy traitor," spoke Xu Tian. Not the best icebreaker when we're trying to establish a truce.

As for Yun s.h.i.+, he just shrugged and pulled out a dagger, "You can't call me a traitor, I was a demon clan member all along, now let's see how the infamous Xu Tian fights," he said as the two of them were ready for battle.

"There will be no killing here, any intentional harming or brutalizing of the opponents will immediately disqualify the a.s.sailant. Fight, but do not claim your opponent's life nor destroy their cultivation base! You may begin!" one of the elders said and the two of them stepped away from the arena, eyes peeled and ready to intervene at the drop of a hat.

The two disciples began by slowly moving in circles around each other.

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"Who do you think might win?" asked the sect master, and since I was also in the booth next to him, I replied, "It's probably Xu Tian's loss, even considering his strength is higher than Yun s.h.i.+," I said.please visit pαпᵈα-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

Reluctantly, Xu Tian cursed as he left the arena with his tail behind his back. As for Yun s.h.i.+, since he won his first match he could still stay on the arena.

Another challenger needed to go up and take him down.

"Lucky guess," spoke the elder behind me.

"I would have actually let it go if you didn't talk, but I told you so," I said grinning.

"This next match is going to be even worse," I added.

The opponent this time was Ai Li who looked to be fuming, with rage at the loss of her 'precious' older brother, she is bound to make mistakes and act rashly especially since I know how she behaves.

But just as she took the first step on the platform I sprang up, "X Y COME OUT! EVERYONE PREPARE FOR BATTLE!" my voice echoed like the booming of thunder.

It took a second for everyone in the arena to look at me weirdly, and another second before the Sect Masters of both sects stood up, sweat dripping on their foreheads.

A meteor-like projectile seemed to head directly toward the arena and just as it was close to impact, Y was already up to face it, with his ma.s.sive s.h.i.+eld Mask at the ready.

An explosive impact shook the very s.p.a.ce above the arena as echoes of sound and vibrations rattled the ground we stood on and rose dust for hundreds of miles outside of the island causing the very sea around the island to shudder and move away.

A man wearing black and red, the attire identifying him clearly to everyone who saw him. A member of the Fire Palace. And a high-ranking one at that too.

Not only that, this man, though looked wounded, exuded Qi that was far too oppressive for anyone here. This man was a Saint Cla.s.s cultivator… No, he was a King Cla.s.s that had his cultivation base drop due to injuries. But that doesn't make him any less dangerous.

Y's entire body was run into the ground, cratering it, though he didn't receive any damage on his mask or his body, he was out of order for a few seconds for sure.

All of that power came from a single finger that this cultivator used to stop Y.

"s.h.i.+t…" I cursed. This is not going to end well.

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