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Chapter 449 Trouble In The Horizon

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Chapter 449 Trouble In The Horizon

In less than half a day, we were already at the Poison Sect's gates, and next to me were the two idiots, who seemed to have never flown at these speeds.

Ai Li's elegant, usually charming, and head-held high disposition turned to that of a ragged-looking, puffed hair, and nauseated appearance. The moment they stepped on solid ground, our beast tamer clenched the dirt hard, he felt as if his body arrived before his soul and remained there for a while, while she on the other hand seemed to be vomiting stuff she ate at least a month ago.

I grinned as I stepped down from the hoverboard and headed to the inner sect.

Once I arrived to the Sect Master's humble hut, I was met with a surprised-faced Sect Master.

"What is wrong? Did you forget something? Or did you encounter troubles as you were heading to the Demonic Sect?" asked the sect master.

"No, we're already back, and the mission details have been approved. The truce will be held and the tournament to appease the ancestors will be in one month at a region they called neutral, its here," I said as I pointed at an island in a faraway region of the planet.

"That's… impressive, unbelievable but impressive, how did you manage to cross such a great distance back and forth in less than ten days? I a.s.sumed it would take you at least a year's worth of travel time just to come back," the Sect Master asked.

"It's thanks to a ride I own. Anyway, with this mission complete, I could a.s.sume that I'll be left alone?" I said.

"Of course, we'll need to have a banquet first! Since peace hasn't been something we ever thought possible, and you made thousands of years of warring end in ten days, it's a day to be joyous about! Not only that, you will also obtain the full support of the poison sect, from pills poisons to anything you wis.h.!.+ This is a grand day! HEAR YE!" shouted the sect master.

And his voice revibrated through the entire Poison Sect.

"Shen Mo had done great merit to the Poison Sect, we can now hope for peace with the Demonic Clan! Yet we will not show weakness or be tame! The strongest of the sect, the inner cultivators and outer cultivators! Make sure you battle amongst each other! Prove your worth and value, and prove to me that you're among those worthy to represent our sect in the upcoming compet.i.tion!" he said.

I took a few steps back because I knew where he was going with these words.

"As for you Shen Mo, since you have done such a great deed for the sect, you need not even bother with showing your strength, you'll come with me, and be one of mine. Among the elders to watch the tournament," he said.

"Can I like…refuse, I have a lot of stuff to do," I said.

"No need to be humble! I know you feel like you have earned the right to attend this event without deserving it, but believe me, no one had done any deed greater than yours, and if someone dares and says otherwise, they'll have me to answer! Go Shen Mo, rest up, eat well, and train using all of the sect's resources that you can use. You're worth at least that much!" he said smiling.

'd.a.m.n, after an offer like that I can't say no,' I sighed.

"I'll take you up on your offer," I said and then I was heading out.

"Hold on, you don't have a home of your own, you may use this hut, no one will bother you in your training," he said.

"Huh? What about you?" I asked.

"I have many other palaces, I only use this place to meet with disciples of the sect, now it is yours," he said.

"Right then, I'd appreciate that," I said since I needed a place to stay anyway.

The sect master left and just as he did I called Kyuu out, he was feeling bored clearly inside the lord of lords paG.o.da, and just I called him out he began hopping over the furniture and jumping as he was exploring new areas.

"Come here," I said as I pulled out one of the Beast Blood Peletts.

The moment Kyuu saw one, he jumped at it like a flash of lightning, chewed and swallowed it before he even landed on the ground.

"d.a.m.n, you must have been hungry, want another?" I asked as I threw another in the air, Kyuu immediately jumped gobbling it up.

I played with Kyuu for a while, and soon, he seemed to be too lazy to move. He curled up and went to sleep.

I smiled and went out of the hut, I had many things to prepare. And among them were to restock on my firepower. Not that I need it, but you never know when s.h.i.+t can go down, and it's always good to be prepared.


After twenty days, many things had happened.

I spent a great deal of time inside the Lord of Lord's paG.o.da, and thanks to its time dilation, I was able to make a lot of upgrades and restocked on many of my explosives and poison pills. The fact that I was able to use time to my advantage helped me greatly.please visit pαпᵈα-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

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I also increased my cultivation level by a small realm, and was at the sixth level of the Soul Formation, three more and I could climb up to the Soul Transformation level and become a powerhouse in the Poison Sect.

There was no need for me to use the hoverboard actually, I already brought Y with me, hidden inside the Poison G.o.d Book's storage. The board, however, I kept hidden inside the hut.

In case I ever needed my original body, I won't have to wait for it to come flying since it will take much more time than using the board's full speed.

Once the bird took a flap of its wings, we were already hundreds of meters above the ground, it screeched and then shot forward with relatively decent speed.


Within the vast expanse at the northern side of the starry skies was a lone cultivator who had heavy wounds on his body.

The cultivator was flying at full speed forward without a destination in sight and cursing.

pαпᵈα-noνɐ1·сoМ "d.a.m.n vagrants, this is going to slow me down too much I need rest," he sighed.

This cultivator had red and dark robes, he was a member of the elite forces of the Fire Lord. A few years ago, the Fire Lord, enraged at the disappearance of one of his 'foods' he ordered the majority of his forces to go and look for him all over the vast expanse.

The majority of the elite cultivators have spread all over the vast expanse, heading to the Earth, Water, and even the Fire domains, but they didn't dare go into the realm of the Wind King since his wife had absolute power within this domain.

Yet only this cultivator decided to go here, since though it's a farfetched location due to how far the Fire and wind realms are from each other, if he were to find traces of the escaped person, he'll be heavily rewarded. Not only that, he also had a great treasure that could completely hide his presence from the most powerful of divine senses. So even if he were to infiltrate into the Wind Realm, he'll never be caught if he was careful.

As he was traveling, he found traces of Divine Fire Qi. It was so pure that it felt like it was nothing but the birth of a heavenly treasure, yet the moment he arrived to the location where the traces of this Qi was, a huge battle had occurred. Many cultivators had discovered this place, and since no one wanted to relinquish their right to investigate a fight was bound to happen.

The Fire Realm cultivator however was powerful and managed to break and kill many of these vagrants. But it still cost him damage to his body, the worst part was, that the traces were a bit old, and no treasure was to be found beside the remains of some fractures in s.p.a.ce that seemed to have mended over time.

Thinking about it for a while the cultivator came to the conclusion that the treasure was probably so powerful it opened a rift in s.p.a.ce and was sucked into the s.p.a.ce between s.p.a.ce itself. That was nothing but a death sentence if he were to open it and go inside to search since it was completely empty.

So the cultivator had to take the loss and leave and found one large planet that seemed to have more forest and land than it had sea.

The cultivator decided that it would be a good idea to go down and heal up before he would continue his search…

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