Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 447 Negotiation

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Chapter 447 Negotiation

Several awkward minutes of silence pa.s.sed as the Sect Master was slowly tapping her sharp nailed index finger on the wooden handrest of her chair.

The silence was loud, enough that you could hear a pin drop, and every time she tapped her finger, it reverberated through the room making some sort of invisible pressure. She was trying to a.s.sert her position.

Before I could say anything to break the silence, she spoke, "You, have you told anyone anything of…what happened, yesterday?" she asked.

"Not really," I said shrugging.

She then took a breath and relaxed, "Then, it would all remain a mystery if you were to disappear." She said.

Her words were a clear threat, and I'm not good with threats. Especially from someone weaker than me, not my current body, but weaker than my original body.

As I was about to retort in a very rude and frankly very justified manner she sighed and said.


"Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything to you, like I said you saved my life, and we can just consider that as payment," she said.

"Hold on," I said as I approached, "You seem to be mistaken something," I said as I was close to her.

She didn't think I was much of a threat so she didn't even lift her guard up as I approached, in fact the power difference between her and the body I'm using was enough to have her at ease. But not for long.

"You think I came on to you? It was you who did that, don't paint me as the bad guy when your l.u.s.t took the better of you, you're the one who succ.u.mbed to her own desires and I was a victim of your desires, and now you're telling me that the debt between us has been paid, don't f.u.c.king flatter yourself that much," I said.

Probably, since the day she was born, this was the first time she had heard words this direct and rude toward her, especially from the shocked realization, shame, and anger she showed in one expression.

"Objectively speaking, I helped you, treated you, saved you from death twice, and you did whatever you wanted, and you want me to be thankful? f.u.c.k off!" I said.

Her hand crushed the rest on the chair she was on as she stood up, Qi gathered around her as a baleful gale threatened to rip apart the entire building we were on, but that didn't phase me one bit.

"Brave, are you," she said, "Don't you think this bravery of yours, is more like you being an idiotic suicidal man? You want to aggravate me that much? Why? With the clear disparity of our strength, you think you can escape my wrath?" she said.

"I'm a man who never fights a fight he cannot win, but here, I don't see how I can lose, especially to you," I said.

Her mind seemed to reel, in fact, for her, I was nothing but a Soul Formation cultivator, while she was already at the Ascendant Stage. How can a man who can only wield Heavenly Qi even bare his fangs at a person who can control Saint Qi. A question she couldn't answer at the moment, but the confidence in my actions, my eyes were a clear indicator that I was not bluffing.

She sighed once more and sat back down, all the wrath and anger that was roiling seemed to dissipate as if had not been there.

"I'll agree to the terms of the Poison Sect," she said.

"I don't give a flying f.u.c.k," I said.

She frowned, "Shouldn't you be overjoyed, to have the content of your request delivered without a single change? Wouldn't that be a great merit for your sect?" she asked.

"I have no attachment to the Poison Sect nor do I care much of what happens within it, the only thing I care about is my, and my own personal benefit, if you think that I'll lick your feet in thanks for agreeing to the Poison Sect's terms, then you're out of your mind, for what you incurred upon me in loss, you must appease to me, not to my sect," I said.

"Your way with words is rude, very displeasing but at the same time…it leaves one without a way to talk back, very well, I know that you of the Poison Sect like to tame a beast to fight for you, then, how about this," she said and threw me a small pouch she grabbed from her holding bag.

As I grabbed the pouch and opened it, I found inside it several pellets.

"What is this?" I asked.

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"Beast Blood Pellets, they can help grow the Qi and the bodies of beasts, it accelerates their growth and power without any side effects." She said.

"Good, we can consider the debt between us as resolved," I added then turned to leave.

"You'll have people escorting you outside to your temporary residence, as for the final verdict it will be announced in a few days," she said.

Once I left the palace, two gruff and annoyed looking Demonic-Members urged me to follow them, they seemed to not want to be seen with me.

Once I arrived at a relatively decent-looking house at the farthest corner of the Demonic Sect, one of them said, "Your companions are inside, food will be given to you every day. Do not leave this area, and do not speak to other of our sect members unless spoken to first," they said and left.

"Feels more like a prison than a guest stay," I sighed and walked into the large house.

The two idiots were inside, Ai Li for some reason seemed to be annoyed at the sight of me, as for the other guy why I never bothered to know his name he sighed of relief once he saw me.

pαпdα-ňᴏνê|·сóМ "What have you been doing for so long?" she asked.

"I'm not sure what that has to do with you," I said.

"IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH US! We've been sent on a mission and you're going to screw it up because of the thing between your legs!" she said.

"Woah, jealous much?" I teased.

But her red face and even angrier expression made her look even more tease-worthy.

"Anyway, I managed to have the Sect Master agree to allow all the terms through, also it was thanks to the guy between my legs so you should be thankful for it," I said smiling and walked upstairs leaving her fuming.

For now, I'll need to learn more about this Demonic Rest.i.tution method. It seems that it will allow me further and more control over the Demonic Qi I've been ama.s.sing.

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